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HP TouchPad Not Working

A Touchpad in any HP Laptop model is a touch sensitive pointing device that helps the navigation while the cursor functions in any pointed direction as commanded. It does the same job as the mouse does on the PC and is used to control the cursor. There are times when you encounter ‘HP Touchpad not working’ issue due to any anonymous reasons. We have curated some of the HP models in this list to provide all kinds of support and assistance related to TouchPad glitches. 


HP Elitebook TouchPad not workingHP Envy TouchPad not workingHP Envy x360 TouchPad not workingHP Chromebook TouchPad not working
HP Spectre TouchPad not workingHP Elitebook 840 g5 TouchPad not workingHP Probook TouchPad not workingHP Elitebook 840 g1 TouchPad not working
HP Spectre x360 TouchPad not workingHP Stream TouchPad not workingHP 9470m TouchPad not workingHP Elitebook 2170p TouchPad not working
HP Elitebook 8440p TouchPad not workingHP Elitebook 850 TouchPad not workingHP Omen TouchPad not workingHP Pavilion Dv4 TouchPad not working

These glitches could abruptly arise from outdated, corrupted and mismatched touchpad drivers or maybe a wrongful configuration of touchpad drivers is also the major cause of HP Laptop Touchpad not working. Don’t worry! In this post, we will provide you the numerous ways or methods to fix this issue.
Also if your HP model is not on the list and still you have the touchpad related issue, this article is still relevant to you. Let’s start!

Methods to Fix HP Laptop Touchpad Not Working Issue

Sol 1 – Your System Needs a Driver Update!

At times you have realised that your HP Elitebook TouchPad or any other laptop device is not working, and this is where it might require a driver update. Though our system automatically updates our drivers when it is connected to the internet, at times due to the installation of antivirus or deactivation of windows firewall doesn’t let our essential drivers update on our system. 

In this method, all you need to do is change the setting so that the next time your drivers would get updated automatically when it requires to. Try these simple steps to update your drivers when your HP Laptop TouchPad not working. 

Please note that this fix is meant for HP Laptop Touchpad not Working Windows 10 and above. Connect HP Laptop to WiFi and proceed with the following steps : 

  • Press Window Key and X together to open Device Manager.
Press-Windows-Key-X-then-select-Device-Manager-hp touchpad not working
  • Amongst the options, click to expand Mice and other pointing devices.
  • Right click on your HP TouchPad and click Properties
Right-click-on-your-HP-Touchpad-and-select-Properties-hp elitebook touchpad not working
  • A popup box will appear that says HID-compliant mouse Properties
  • From the multiple tabs at the top, click Driver tab and click Update Driver
Switch-to-Driver-tab-and-click-on-Update-Driver-hp envy touchpad not working
  • Now select Browse my computer for driver software and the system will search for the location in your PC where the driver file is stored.
browse-my-computer-for-driver-software-hp envy x360 touchpad not working
  • Select Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer and click Next
let-me-pick-from-a-list-of-device-drivers-on-my-computer-1-hp laptop touchpad not working windows 10
  • A pop up will appear where it asks you to select the model HID compliant device
Select-HID-compliant-device-from-the-list-and-click-Next-hp chromebook touchpad not working
  • After the driver is installed, your need to be restarted to save changes.
Restart-your-PC-my touchpad is not working hp

In case, HP laptop touchpad not working Windows 7 or Windows 8, the above mentioned steps will remain the same. 

Sol 2 – When Is the Last Time You Did PC Scan?

Wondering why my touchpad is not working on HP or any HP TouchPad not working? The answer lies in the fact that your PC is in need of the scan to diagnose and fix the pertaining issues. A scan is a routine check on your system that tells you if your system is reeling with the damaged or corrupted files. It also tells you whether your HP system is infected with a virus or not. 

Start-Scan-hp probook touchpad not working

The reason ‘HP mouse touchpad not working’ error arises is because the drivers’ file is affected due to a virus and it is corrupted. The ‘Full System Scan’ screens every local drive, files and folders on your system. It gives all the other information that is required to fix the issues in your system.

Sol 3 – At Times Mouse Driver’s Reinstallation is the Key!

Another method to fix if HP Laptop TouchPad not working is to remove and install the HP Synaptics TouchPad driver. At times, the reinstallation works in case the driver’s configuration mismatches. It happens when you update to a new generation of Windows operating system but the existing drivers installed in your system are not compatible with. 

For instance, you have upgraded from Windows 7 to a brand new operating system of Windows 10 Pro, the existing hardware drivers on your PC are carried over to a new operating system except few drivers which come with a new feature on your PC or laptop. If the HP Chromebook touchpad is not working, it is because the drivers are originally controlled and updated by the HP. 

Such technical glitches require a driver’s reinstallation as the permission of such would be granted by HP itself. Please go through these steps for such issues.

  • Press Windows Key + R, a popup box will appear. Type Control and hit Enter.
control-pannel-hp laptop keyboard and touchpad not working
  • A Device Manager box window appears. 
  • Click and expand Mice and other Pointing Devices.
  • Right click on your TouchPad to select Uninstall devices.
Right-click-on-your-touchpad-device-and-select-Uninstall-hp laptop touchpad not working windows 7
  • Select Yes to confirm.

Once done, restart your PC again. An existing Windows operating system will detect the suitable drivers from the Internet, give a notification for the same to its users and install automatically. 
In case, you did not receive any notification for the synaptic HP TouchPad Driver on your PC, visit www.123hp.com/setup and download and re-install the required MousePad driver from there.

Sol 4 – Enable TouchPad using Function Keys

HP TouchPad not working issue could arise due to a human error when you have mistakenly disabled it. It usually happens when you do a lot of typing or play games on your PC which mistakenly makes your HP laptop touchpad disabled.  It depends upon laptop to laptop for a function of touchpad to enable or disable. In some PCs, it is the touchpad emoji on one of the function keys. Once you get that, try the function key combination if it got disabled due to that. 

Use-the-Function-Keys-to-Check-TouchPad-mouse touchpad not working hp

It works on all the HP models, for example, an HP Envy TouchPad not working issue could be fixed with this method and you can check by double-tap on their TouchPad indicator at the top-left side where the lights turned on and off says whether it is enabled or disabled.  

Sol 5 – Your HP Requires a Fresh-Boot!

It happens sometimes that your HP Touchpad not working issue pops up due to the installation of third party software on your PCs. For example, it could be an anti-virus that makes your brand new HP Envy x360’s TouchPad not working or a newly downloaded game that ruined your default settings. 

Selective-startup-in-system-configuration-hp spectre touchpad not working

Chances could be that your HP laptop keyboard and touchpad not working because HP Laptop won’t boot up any newly installed software which requires synchronization unless it is restarted once.  In such cases, you need to perform a clean boot in your laptop which automatically fixes any required glitches step by step.

Sol 6 – Reset Your BIOS!

It usually happens when you buy a brand new laptop and the BIOS configuration has not been set up. In that case, you do not have to visit any help center. You can do it on your own. So let’s say that HP Spectre x360 TouchPad not working issue is barring all the important works you are required to do. 

Enable-Toucpad-from-BIOS-settings-hp spectre x360 touchpad not working

All you need to do is enable the TouchPad from BIOS. Make your system ready for reboot and once you reach the Boot Screen press F2 or Delete Key. For all the HP touchpad features, the BIOS setting has the option called TouchPad where you can see if it is enabled or disabled. If it is disabled, fix the issue by enabling it and let the reboot proceeds. It will by default save the changes for you. 

Sol 7 – Windows Troubleshooter

If you have tried all the above mentioned methods and still you’re getting the same HP TouchPad not working issue, at last, you can try to run the Windows Troubleshooter to fix it. You are required to follow these simple steps :

  • Step 1: Click the Start button and click Settings
Start-button-hp stream touchpad not working
  • Step 2: Type Troubleshooting and a device manager will pop up.
Type-Troubleshooting-hp 9470m touchpad not working
  • Step 3: Click on Hardware and Sound followed by Hardware and Devices.
Hardware-and-Sound-hp elitebook 2170p touchpad not working
Hardware-and-Devices-hp elitebook 840 g1 touchpad not working
  • Step 4: It will ask you to click on Next and the Windows Troubleshooter will automatically start identifying technical issues.
click-on-Next-hp elitebook 840 g5 touchpad not working
  • Steps 5:  Wait for the process to get complete, and the box will be displayed that gives recommendations for solutions. 
  • Step 6: Click Apply this fix to resolve and further complete the issue.

My HP TouchPad Is Not Working. My issue is not in the above-mentioned list. What to do now?

Don’t worry! We got you covered on that. You may be getting a different kind of issue which is not related to your system’s TouchPad but it could be an internal hardware or software issue due to which your HP mouse touchpad is not working, this giving you a hard time. In such scenarios, call us at our 24*7 ErrorsDoc customer support at +1-844-414-5222. Or you can also chat with us by clicking on this link. 

Might get the glitches in your HP laptop, in such case,  just reach out to the ErrorsDoc to fix the ‘mouse touchpad not working HP’ issue. Please refer to the following models below to see whether it is one of HP models you are using and you are facing the same issue.