EA Play to be available on PC from Tomorrow for Xbox Game Pass Members

EA Play to be available on PC from Tomorrow for Xbox Game Pass Members

It is surprising to see how patient the PC community has been while awaiting EA Play. Every moment, actions were being planned to ensure these members with an improved gaming experience. The Xbox Game Pass Team had been making active efforts to combine with Electronic Arts for benefitting the PC members, as well as the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members, with the membership for EA Play. The most exciting news coming right now expresses that the efforts of this team have succeeded. These members will be getting the membership of EA Play with no costs involved.

March 18 onwards, the Ultimate members, as well as the members of the Xbox Game Pass PC, will not have to wait any longer. Right after 2.00 p.m., the splendid advantages of EA Play will be available on Windows 10. The most popular and perhaps the biggest PC games of EA will be available. As the news unfolds, 60+ games can be expected by the members. To give you a hint, these games will be as great as FIFA 20, Need for Speed Heat, and Fallen Order. Certain titles like those ranging from Command & Conquer to Battlefield will also be seen.

EA Play available on PC for Xbox Game Pass Members

As a part of the advantages, these EA games will yield you rewards too. What all can you win? From Gold Team Fantasy MUT packs to the Apex Legends’ N7 Weapon Charm, you can win many unimaginable things. Beginning right from the EA Play’s first day, the members with the Xbox Game Pass on their PCs will have their hands on an unexplored list of titles. This will be inclusive of Star Wars: Squadrons, available on both console and PC. You can enjoy the exciting piloting experience to get the complete feel of enjoying the title. Additionally, you can be amused by the dogfights using the multiplayer space option.

The EA Play on PC will introduce you to multiple challenges within the game, followed by incredible rewards. You can also check out the content that is exclusively for the special members. For the EA purchases that are digital and have been made through the EA Desktop application beta, discounts can be grasped. Games trials relating to the most popular titles too can be explored for as many as 10 hours.

To continue with the membership of EA Play on your PC, all you need to do is get the EA Desktop application downloaded. Along with that, you’ll also need the next-generation PC platform of EA. At present, you’ll find it in open beta. After this, you can either log in to your existing EA account. Alternatively, you can make a new account for signing in. When you have accessed your EA account, you need to link it with the Xbox account when you are asked to do so. Then you can wait for the Xbox application to give you a tour of the process to set up everything after the game has been downloaded. The app may take some time to download as well as connect the accounts. Afterwards, you can glance at the library of EA Play to pick the game that appeals the most to you. Then you will be all set to enjoy it with your friends.

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