How to Delete a Budget in QuickBooks, QB Online, & QB Desktop?

How to Delete a Budget in QuickBooks, QB Online, & QB Desktop?

QuickBooks is useful for creating a budget. As a result of some reasons, you may no longer wish to keep a budget after creating it. The accounting software provides its users with the option of deleting it. In QuickBooks, you can delete a budget in no time from its settings. Using options like Planning & Budgeting or Budgeting, a budget can be removed from QuickBooks Desktop as well as QuickBooks Online. 

Through the methods included in this blog, we will be explaining in detail how to delete a budget in QuickBooks. Additionally, we will look at some of the reasons why deleting budgets in the software may be required.

A brief summary of the main sections of this post can be found as follows:

Reasons to Delete a Budget in QuickBooks

Here we have accumulated a list of reasons why the users of QuickBooks delete a budget:

  • The budget may not be carrying the correct values.
  • Multiple errors may have been made in the budget in QuickBooks. Correcting those errors may take more time than creating a fresh one.
  • A particular budget may no longer be needed in the accounting software.

Note for You: Prior to deleting a budget in the QuickBooks software, you may prefer editing it. Sometimes, when you are removing it due to minor errors, you can make use of the “Edit” option. In “Budgeting” in “Settings”, you can start finding your budget. The dropdown menu available near it will carry the “Edit” option. Select it to make the changes or correct the errors. 

Tip: You may want to make a new budget after deleting an older one. To create a budget in QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop, you can go through this reading to get help.

How Do I Delete a Budget in QuickBooks?

When you wish to remove a budget in the QB program, the option to do so can be found in its Settings. Here, you will see Budgeting written. Through this option, you can reach a list that comprises all the budgets that you have made. You can decide which budget is not needed. Then you can go to the dropdown next to Action and select Delete. 

  • Press the icon of “Settings” in the software.
  • Now, choose the option that says “Budgeting”.
  • A list will appear. Look for your budget in it.
  • Now, press the dropdown button next to “Action”.
  • Tap on the “Delete” button.

In case you would like to delete a budget in QuickBooks other than the chosen one, you can perform Steps 1 to 5 again. 

How to Delete a Budget in QuickBooks Desktop?

To delete a budget in QuickBooks Desktop, you can locate the option of Company. After selecting it, choose Planning & Budgeting. Accompanied by this, you have to make a selection for Set up Budgets. Soon, a dropdown will be seen for Budget. Using this, you have to pick that budget that may not be needed in the future. Now, you can delete it.

Let us now look at the complete steps for removing the budget in QB Desktop.

  • In “QuickBooks Desktop”, select “Company”.
  • Opt for “Planning & Budgeting”.
  • Look for “Set up Budgets” and pick this option. 
  • Click on the dropdown for “Budget”.
  • Select the budget that has to be deleted.
  • The option of “Class or Customer: Job” can be designated only if needed.
  • Tap on “Edit”.
  • Choose “Delete Budget”.
  • Press “Yes”.

Tip: Before you delete the budget in the software, you may use the option of “Print”. Should you require this budget for any purpose in the future, its printed copy shall be of use.

Can You Delete a Budget in QuickBooks Online?

QuickBooks Online allows its users not only to create budgets but to delete them as well. To delete a particular budget in this Intuit software, please choose the Gear symbol given in the toolbar. Head to Tools and then utilize the Budgeting option. Ensure that you correctly pick a budget prior to removing it. Then find the Delete option in the Action dropdown. After confirming your action for this budget, it will be completely removed from the accounting software.

To understand how to delete a budget in QuickBooks Online by following the correct steps, please read further:

  • Ensure that “QuickBooks Online” is running on your system.
  • Press the “Gear” icon in its toolbar.

Tip: Some of you may be unable to find the “Gear” icon in QuickBooks. To know where it is exactly located, reading this blog will be suggested.

  • Using the icon, open “Tools”.
  • Head to the “Budgeting” option and select it.
  • Find that budget that needs to be done away with.
  • Tap on the dropdown available for “Action”.
  • Hit the “Delete” option.
  • If any prompt emerges for confirming the deletion of the budget, press “Yes”.

Coming to an End,

Deleting a budget in QuickBooks is of use when it has multiple errors or is not required. With the methods included in this post, removing them will only take a few minutes. As a suggestion, we will say that before deleting any budget, see to it that the correct one has been chosen. Also, be sure of the action before executing these methods.

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