Intuit GoPayment Card Reader Not Working? Here is the Fix

Intuit GoPayment Card Reader Not Working? Here is the Fix

Intuit QuickBooks GoPayment service is the right solution for all the business owners as it provides you various features. It includes GoPayment flexible pricing preferences, diverse methods to accept payments, wide-ranging GoPayment device compatibility, Intuit GoPayment virtual online terminal and more.

However, GoPayment users may encounter a few problems with the GoPayment card reader. One of the problems is when your GoPayment reader is not working properly. And, there can be various reasons for that. So, to resolve it, you are going to find the possible solutions in this article.

Common Issues While Accessing the Intuit Merchant Service Center

If your GoPayment reader not working then you need to fix it. Before that, you have to go through the following problems that you face while accessing Intuit merchant service center.

  • Errors while logging in to your GoPayment account. This shows a message on the screen : “You don’t have permission to access this site”.
  • GoPayment “Need a confirmation code”- problem while you access Merchant services.
  • Pages display incorrectly or do not display in Intuit Merchant Service Center. This can be caused by unreachability.
  • Missing or incorrect data can be caused when the payments get cancelled in GoPayment.
  • Issues printing from Intuit Merchant Service Center. This happens due to connectivity issues.
  • GoPayment Script errors. It occurs when there is a problem in executing the command QuickBooks app or its component requires to access the web-based feature.
  • While there is a problem exporting the data from Intuit Merchant Service Center. This may happen due to sync problems.

How to Fix GoPayment reader not working issue?

You can fix the “reader not working” issue by performing different actions such as clearing browser cache, resolve Intuit Merchant Service Center issues, fix problems in GoPayment mobile apps (Android and iOS), and troubleshoot Bluetooth reader pairing issues.

  • First of all, you will have to enable Cookies.
  • Next to this, you need to redefine the role of users in case of multiple user access to Intuit Merchant Service Center.
  • Then, you can sign in with a particular email address to which your GoPayment feature is linked.
  • Thereafter, the GoPayment Multi-factor authentication should be temporarily disabled.
  • Next to this, you can use Internet Explorer to diagnose the issues.
  • After that, you can clear the browser cache. To do so, press Ctrl + Shift + Del keys altogether on your keyboard.
Ctrl + Shift + Del - gopayment reader not working
  • Then, you are required to change the internet configuration and then add and as trusted websites.
  • Now, you can active the override automatic cookie handling option.
  • As the last step, you need to update Flash (Adobe Player) and Java because Intuit online app uses these components.

After you follow these steps, you can fix the connectivity issues for QuickBooks card readers. This issue can also occur when QuickBooks card reader is not properly connected with your GoPayment app. So, let us fix that.

How to Fix Problems with GoPayment Mobile App Card Reader?

If your GoPayment card reader not working then you can resolve issues with the GoPayment mobile app card reader. For that, you can follow the solutions mentioned below.

Solution 1: Disconnect and Connect the Card Reader Again

After you are signed in to your GoPayment mobile app, you might see a Green or Blue color interface.

In the case of Green GoPayment, you need to follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Firstly, you can go to settings from the menu.
  • Next to this, you are required to select Card Readers. Then, select the card reader to disconnect it.
  • Then, you can go to Reader Action from the drop-down and select Forget Reader.
  • Later, you can connect the reader again.

If you see the Blue GoPayment, you are required to go through the following steps.

  • First of all, click on the More option and then select Hardware.
  • Then, you can go to the Card Readers option and select the card reader you wish to disconnect.
  • Now, you can select Readers Actions from the drop-down and select Forget Reader.
  • Thereafter, you can reconnect the reader.

Solution 2: Bluetooth Should be Turned On

Bluetooth card readers connect to Bluetooth compatible devices only so you need to make sure that the Bluetooth is on.

Solution 3: Turn On/Off Mobile Card Reader

To turn on the card reader, you need to press and hold the power button of your mobile phone until it is green. You can then take out the device from its dock before you use the power button.

Solution 4: Update QuickBooks GoPayment Mobile App

As mentioned earlier, GoPayment supports multiple devices. To check the update on supported Android devices, you can go through the following steps and install updates.

  • First of all, you need to push the Home key and then go to the Menu button.
  • Now you can jump to the Settings option.
  • At this point, you can scroll down to select the About or About Phone option.
  • Thereafter, tap on System Updates option.

This will check for the latest updates on your Android device. If the update is available then you can download and install it on your phone.

To check the updates on supported Apple devices.

  • To look for the updates on iOS devices, you can go to the phone’s Settings app.
  • Make sure that your device is connected to the power source. It is recommended to use WiFi connection.
  • Now you can select the General option.
  • Then, click on Software update.

If there will be any software updates available, you can download it. And, if your device is connected to the WiFi then the update starts downloading automatically.

Troubleshooting Steps If GoPayment Reader Not Working

QuickBooks GoPayment Connection error occurs when there are some issues with Bluetooth reader pairing. If there is any QuickBooks card reader connection error then you can proceed with the troubleshooting.

Below are the following steps that you can follow.

  • As the first step, you can go to the Settings from the top-left corner.
  • Now, you can select the card reader and click on Type. Then, you can modify the settings to Bluetooth Reader and then go back.
  • Thereafter, you need to reboot your phone and turn on the Bluetooth. After this, your device should discover QB21 Device.
  • In order to allow your device to detect the reader, you need to select Add New Reader.
  • When you swipe the reader again, it should be visible under My Card Reader.
  • After a while, you can process the payment and check if it works fine.


If you are facing the GoPayment card reader not working issue then you can resolve it by following the aforementioned solutions. The issue can be caused by the browser’s cache or outdated version of the app. With the aforementioned solutions, you can fix the problem. This would surely make your GoPayment reader work again.

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