QuickBooks Error Code PS077 or PS032 during Payroll Updates Fixed in Simple Ways

QuickBooks Error Code PS077 or PS032 during Payroll Updates Fixed in Simple Ways

In QuickBooks, the error PS077 or PS032 may suggest that there is a problem relating to payroll. Sometimes, when the updates for this service are being downloaded, some failures may occur. Due to these failures, the error may be found. In other situations too like incomplete QB registration and corrupted software, such an error can be found. To troubleshoot the QuickBooks error code PS077 or PS032, the users should ensure that the registration of QuickBooks is complete. Also, it will be helpful to download tools like QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool for troubleshooting the PS032 or PS077 error the moment it arises.

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Causes of QuickBooks PS077 or PS032 Payroll Update Error

The payroll update PS032 or PS077 QuickBooks error may be seen because of the following:

  • The table file may either be damaged or corrupted.
  • QuickBooks registration may not be complete.
  • The information included in billing may either be incorrect or outdated. 
  • Your QB company files may not be error-free.
  • Malware may be corrupting the accounting software.
  • QB may have become corrupted at the time of downloading it.

Fixing QuickBooks Error Code PS077 OR PS032

QuickBooks PS077 error or PS032 error can be fixed by completing the registration of the accounting software. Since this is a payroll-related error, the service can be updated in the correct way. Sometimes, when this error emerges while opening your company file, new credentials should be used. In addition, the QB Install Diagnostic Tool can be implemented for fixing the error.

Fix 1: Complete QuickBooks Registration and Update it

The registration of QuickBooks may not be complete. This may result in the QuickBooks error code PS077 or PS032. Therefore, you will be suggested to check that the registration is not incomplete. Then go through the billing details. Ensure that they are correct as well as updated. After this, try disabling User Account Control. 

Now, let us study this fix in detail. 

  • Check that the registration for QB has been done.
  • See to it that you are using an updated version of the accounting software. The version should be the most recent one.
  • Make sure that the billing details are correct. Also, check that the details are updated.
  • Ensure that “User Account Control” or “UAC” is disabled on Windows 8/7/Vista.
  • Now, try updating “QuickBooks”.
  • After this, go to “QB Home”.
  • Press “F2” to view “Product Information”.
  • The “License Number” should appear. Write it down.
  • Exit “Product Information”.
  • Press “Ok”.
  • Lastly, check that only a single version of the accounting software exists on your system.

Fix 2: Download Payroll Updates and Repair QB

Since the QuickBooks PS077 or PS032 can indicate a payroll update error, downloading the updates for payroll may help. In addition, repairing the accounting software will greatly help in removing the error. 

To download the payroll updates, sign out of your account in QB. Exit every window, especially that of the accounting software. Through the Task Manager, the verification of QB’s opened windows has to be done. Now, run the software and start updating the payroll. After this, you can use the option of Utilities. Now, the software can be repaired.

  • Check that you’re not signed in to your account in QuickBooks.
  • Close all the windows that are open. Check that no window for QB is open.
  • Go to “Windows Task Manager”.
  • All the windows of the software that are open have to be verified.
  • Again open “QB”.
  • Start downloading the updates for the payroll.
  • Now, enter the “File” menu.
  • Choose “Utilities” from the menu.
  • The option of “Repair QuickBooks” has to be chosen.

A process for repairing the accounting shall now be initiated. Without interrupting the process, let it make corrections to the software. 

Fix 3: Use New Credentials for Signing in to Company File

The QB users often require their company files. However, while accessing them, the PS032 or PS077 error may emerge. To fix it, new credentials can be used for signing in to your files. To start this fix, you can click on the Company menu. Choose Set up Users and Passwords. Then tap on Set up Users and find Add User. Select the option for this and then enter your Username along with its Password.

  • In “QB”, run the menu for “Company”.
  • Choose “Set up Users and Passwords”.
  • Tap on the option of “Set up Users”.

Note: If you are using “QuickBooks Enterprise”, select “Company”. Then click on “Users”. Choose “Set up Users and Roles”.

  • Press the “Add User” option.
  • Now, you have to provide your “Username”. Additionally, enter your “Password”.
  • Select “Next”.

Note: Make sure that the “Username” and “Password” are correctly provided by you.

  • The user may be customized as per the requirements.
  • Select “Finish”.
  • Head to the menu for “File”.
  • Opt for “Close Company/Logoff”.
  • Now, the new credentials have to be used for signing in to your “Company File”.

After signing in via your new credentials, the error PS077 or PS032 in QuickBooks may not be found. The company file can be used 

Fix 4: Add a New User Account

In some instances, your computer may be responsible for errors like the PS077 or PS032 issue. A new user account should be made for solving it. From the Settings of your PC, head to Add Someone Else to this PC. The option stating I don’t have this Person’s Sign-in Information has to be clicked on. You can add the name for this account. This user account should be used for signing in to your system. Now, QuickBooks can be used.

  • Press the “Windows” key.
  • Click on “Settings”.
  • Choose “Add Someone Else to this PC” in “Other Users”.
  • Tap on “I don’t have this Person’s Sign-in Information”.
  • Now, “Add a User without a Microsoft Account” has to be chosen.
  • The new account has to be assigned a name.
  • Press “Finish”.

Note: You may add a password for this account later.

  • Choose the account that you have created.
  • Make a selection for “Account Type”.
  • Click on “Administrator”.
  • Press “Ok”.

You can open QuickBooks now. Your company files can also be opened. Hopefully, the QuickBooks error PS077 or PS032 shouldn’t emerge this time.

Fix 5: Consider Using QB Install Diagnostic Tool

During the installation of the QuickBooks software, certain errors or corruptions can occur. An outcome of this can be the PS032 or PS077 QuickBooks error. For dealing with problems during the software’s installation, the Install Diagnostic Tool has been designed. This tool can be accessed via QuickBooks Tool Hub. In the tool hub, the Installation Issues option has to be chosen. Now, choose QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool to start mending the PS032 or PS077 error.

  • In the first step, exit the accounting software.
  • Open your browser.
  • Look for “QuickBooks Tool Hub”.
  • Download the tool’s file after saving it in any location.
  • Visit that location and find the file titled “QuickBooksToolHub.exe”. Open this file.
  • Start installing the tool from the file. 
  • Accept the terms as well as conditions.
  • Let the installation process finish.
  • Visit your “Desktop”.
  • Find the icon that is representing “QB Tool Hub”.
  • Press this icon two times. The tool hub will open. Another easy way to open it is from the “Start” menu. You can look for the tool and then launch it.
  • After opening it, the tab saying “Installation Issues” has to be clicked on.
  • The tab will carry “QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool”.
  • The tool shall start running and may take at least 20 minutes to fix the error. 

You can patiently wait for the tool to stop functioning. Then you can turn off your system. After this, you can turn it on and start it as usual. Following this, the accounting software can be opened. The error would have been fixed in the software.

Fix 6: Shift Company Files in a New Folder

Sometimes, the location of your QB company files may be a source of problems. These problems may limit you from opening your files and further display the PS077 or PS032 QuickBooks error. The location-related issues can be dealt with by moving your company files to a new folder. For this, a new folder can be made on the Desktop. The folder can be assigned the title QBTEST. The company files have to be moved to this folder. Then they can be opened from the new location. 

  • Open “Desktop”.
  • Right-tap anywhere and choose “New”.
  • Select the “Folder” option.
  • Name the folder as “QBTEST”.
  • Now, visit the folder in which your “QuickBooks Company File” is located.
  • Right-tap on your file and pick “Copy”.
  • In the new “QBTEST” folder, paste your file.
  • Now, open the file placed in the new folder. 

Fix 7: Rename “QBWUSER.ini” and “EntitlementDataStore.ecml” Files

A useful fix for troubleshooting the payroll error PS032 or PS077 is by renaming certain files. Files such as QBWUSER.ini and EntitlementDataStore.ecml can be renamed. Followed by renaming them, you can choose any sample file of QuickBooks. Also, a copy of this file has to be made and placed in any local folder but not a network folder. From the new location, you can check whether the sample file is getting opened. Should the file get opened, the same approach can be followed for the company files. You can move them to a new location and then try opening them. 

  • On your system, find where the “QBWUSER.ini” file has been saved.

Note: You may not be able to find the folder where the “QBWUSER.ini” file has been kept. You should consider enabling the hidden folders or files. This may help in finding this file or the folder where it has been placed.

  • After finding it, right-click on the file.
  • Choose “Rename”.
  • In the existing name, write “.old”. This has to be added at the name’s end.
  • Now, change the name of the “EntitlementDataStore.ecml” file. You can find the file and select the “Rename” option for doing so.
  • Next, run “QB” on your computer.
  • Access any sample file.
  • Make a copy of this file and keep it in a local folder.
  • Visit that folder and then open your file.
  • When the sample file easily opens, check whether your company file is also opening. If not, then the file’s folder may be damaged or its permissions may be having issues.
  • Use any other location for opening your QB company file.
  • For not being able to open the “Company File” even now, restore its backup.
  • Then use the backup for signing into your file.

It is believed that the QuickBooks payroll error PS077 or PS032 will have been resolved by renaming the said files. Also, after shifting the company files to a new location, the chances of seeing this error would be reduced.

Thoughts in Conclusion

The payroll update error PS077 or PS032 in QB is not an issue that cannot be fixed. Rather, only simple ways can be implemented for troubleshooting it. Ensuring that the information of the bills in the software isn’t outdated is one way of fixing it. In addition, you can check that the registration of the software is complete. The error may also come due to a problem with your computer. A new user account should be made to sign in to your computer. The account will help you to not come across any system-related problems. Hence, the error may not emerge then.

While performing some tasks in QB, certain mistakes may be made. To erase or mend these mistakes, the revert option can be used. To get better information about what does revert mean in QuickBooks, you should click here to read.

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