What is Salesforce QuickBooks Integration and How to Do it?

What is Salesforce QuickBooks Integration and How to Do it?

Integrating QuickBooks with Salesforce simply means that you can initiate a collaboration between the two. With this collaboration, data can be easily transferred to the accounting software and this CRM. This integration lets you access numerous features such as syncing your contacts and invoices. Additionally, you can easily reconcile your payments with Salesforce QuickBooks integration. This indicates that this move can also be beneficial for your business as it will become easily manageable. 

With this integration, the users of QuickBooks Online Advanced, QuickBooks Desktop, and QB Enterprise can benefit the most. To avail of these features and benefits, you should know how to integrate QuickBooks with Salesforce. In this reading, we will be explaining the methods and apps that can be used for integrating them. You can also learn more about the features, benefits, and reviews of their integration with us.

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What does Salesforce QuickBooks Integration Mean?

The integration of Salesforce with the QB software refers to the coming together of 2 platforms. Through this integration, the CRM and this Intuit accounting software can work in collaboration. As a result of this, data can be easily shared between accounting and sales. In addition, information relating to customers, expenses, invoices, and sales orders can be added with Salesforce and QuickBooks integration.

Features of Salesforce and QuickBooks Integration

Let us look at the features that are made available as you integrate Intuit QuickBooks with Salesforce.

  • The products, contacts, opportunities, and accounts in Salesforce can be integrated with the estimates, products, invoices, jobs, and customers in QuickBooks.
  • You can get access to A/R analytics for working better.
  • Opportunities can be easily integrated into your invoices in QB.
  • Calculation of commission can be possible with this integration.
  • By integrating QB and Salesforce, you are also able to integrate your inventory.
  • Your outstanding balances can be tracked. In addition, you can also collect them.
  • Commissions with respect to sales can be calculated in Salesforce as and when you receive cash.
  • Coming to the reconciliation of your data, you will save both money and time in the process.
  • Auto-reconciling your payments, as well as invoices, becomes easier.
  • Other features of this integration can include the use of Expense Integration, A/P, A/R, and Timesheet.

Note: You are most likely to access a majority of these features with QBOA and QuickBooks Online Salesforce integration.

Best Salesforce QuickBooks Integration Benefits

These are the benefits that you can expect by integrating Salesforce with the Intuit QB program or its versions.

  • You can understand better the functioning of your business. 
  • Users can find out the areas of improvement in the businesses.
  • Sharing data between the QuickBooks software and Salesforce CRM is the major benefit of their integration.
  • When you are able to integrate the two platforms, the scope of duplicate entries of data narrows down. Thus, the chances of making errors will also be less.
  • Most importantly, integrating Salesforce and QuickBooks can add to your productivity.
  • For automating the estimates, payments, or invoices in QB, you will not need any developer.
  • You can make customizations to the software and make the workflow scalable.

How does Salesforce Integrate with QuickBooks Online Advanced?

Salesforce Connector by QuickBooks is the name of the application that lets you integrate QBOA with this CRM. This application has to be downloaded for integration purposes. To download it, you can sign in to your account in QuickBooks Online Advanced and find this app. Using the Get App Now button, you can download it. After this, you will have to add the Salesforce products and fill in the QB Sales Form.

The other instructions relating to how to integrate Salesforce with QuickBooks Online Advanced can be read here:

  • Open “QuickBooks Online Advanced”.
  • Log in to the software as its administrator.
  • Using the search option, find “Salesforce Connector by QuickBooks”.
  • On finding the application, press “Get App Now”.
  • You will be asked to make some choices in the software. Make them.
  • Now, decide which services, as well as products, of Salesforce need to be added to QBOA. Then add them.
  • Go through “QuickBooks Sales Form”.
  • You will find certain fields in this form. Provide the information of Salesforce in these custom fields.
  • Now, look for opportunities in the accounting software.

Now, your QuickBooks Online Advanced account will have been integrated with Salesforce. The accounting software will auto-download the opportunities of the CRM. Along with this, draft invoices will be created for the same. These invoices will be made on the basis of your data. You will be required to review them. After they have been reviewed, you can add them to the software. However, prior to doing so, it should be understood that this process will be the most suitable for the Enterprise and Professionals plans of Salesforce.

How to Execute Salesforce and QuickBooks Desktop Integration?

QB Desktop can be integrated with Salesforce using third-party platforms like DBSync. It lets you integrate the CRM with the software as well as gives you access to various features. Synchronizing your contacts, opportunities, inventory, etc., becomes possible via DBSync. Along with these features of QuickBooks Desktop Salesforce integration, you can also expect this platform to provide you with updates for real-time, automate your sales orders, and manage the inventory.

How can Salesforce Integrate with QuickBooks Enterprise?

Commercient SYNC is an application that is apt for QuickBooks Enterprise Salesforce integration. As per the reviews of this application, it enables the smooth integration of the two platforms. Being a third-party app, you may be required to submit certain charges prior to using it. This app also provides you with a range of benefits that help in managing your business.

Salesforce QuickBooks Integration Reviews

QuickBooks is among the most used accounting software programs. Interestingly, Salesforce has also been the choice of many business owners. Integrating the two has doubtlessly been beneficial, as can be inferred from the reviews of the users. From syncing contacts, opportunities, and products to tracking the outstanding balances in one place, a multitude of users have not only benefited from the integration but also leveled up their productivity. As has been inferred from Salesforce QuickBooks integration reviews, making improvements in business has also been possible.

On the Whole

QuickBooks is useful accounting software. Likewise, Salesforce is the best CRM that makes your marketing and sales work easier. By integrating the two, you are able to use the benefits of Salesforce and QuickBooks in one place. From reducing the discrepancies in entries to boosting your productivity, you can expect much when you integrate Salesforce with QuickBooks Desktop/Online/Online Advanced. We believe that the methods added here will be of much use while you integrate the software with Salesforce.

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