Methods for Square QuickBooks Integration, Features, Advantages, & Reviews

Methods for Square QuickBooks Integration, Features, Advantages, & Reviews

The integration of QuickBooks and Square is for business or company owners who want to make their payments organized. This integration indicates the syncing of these two platforms to maintain transactions. Square and QB can be integrated via Sync with Square. Free of cost, this app lets you integrate the payment processing platform with QuickBooks Online. For QuickBooks Desktop, QBPOS, and QuickBooks Self-employed, apps like Commerce Sync can be utilized. As you integrate QB and your Square account, you get certain features and advantages.

To be more informed about Square QuickBooks Integration, the methods to do it, and other things associated with it, you can read more. We will also disclose the cost and reviews of this integration.

Here is an outline of this post:

What is Square and QuickBooks Integration?

The integration of Intuit QuickBooks with the Square platform refers to their synchronization. This synchronization makes it easy for the users to move the transactions of Square into the accounting software. This integration is available for the users of various QB versions. So, integrating Square with QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, QB Point of Sale, QB Self-employed, etc., is possible.

Features of Square’s Integration with QuickBooks

Let us now look at the features available to the users when QuickBooks is integrated with Square. Below, we have described 6 best features of the same:

Complete Overview of Dashboard

When you integrate QuickBooks with Square, you get access to a dashboard. The dashboard shares with you a complete overview of your expenses, invoices, etc.

Reporting in Just a Click

Square and QB’s integration has been largely useful for instant reports. To check whether your business is making profits or losses, you only need to make a click. In less time, the reports of your business’ balance sheets will be available to you.

Sync All Your Data

In your Square account, you may be having the data of multiple transactions. Likewise, in the accounting software, all the details of your sales and financial records may be stored. By integrating the two platforms, you are able to sync all such data.

Checking and Auto-paying Bills

Checking your bills and spending is a significant feature of QB and the payment processing platform’s integration. To auto-pay the recurring bills also, you can find this feature useful.

Maintain Expenses

As you integrate Square with the Intuit software, your credit card gets connected to your bank account. Resultantly, the information of your expenses and such things get downloaded. 

Managing Business from Anywhere

Letting you manage your business or company on the go, you can make invoices via this integration. Along with this, capturing pictures of receipts is also possible. With the subscription to the Square QuickBooks integration app, you can check the activities of your company as and when you want to.

How to Integrate Square with QuickBooks Online?

Sync with Square can be used for integrating the QB software with your Square account. To find it, you can run the accounting software. A menu will appear on its left side. Click on Apps and then opt for Find Apps. Now, you will see a field that says Search Apps. Use this feature to look for Sync with Square. Press the button for Get App Now to download it.

More help for doing Square and QuickBooks Online integration can be obtained by reading these steps:

  • In “QuickBooks Online”, view the menu towards the left.
  • To proceed, use “Apps”.
  • Now, go to “Find Apps”.
  • In Step 4, click on “Search Apps”.
  • In this field, write “Square”.
  • Next, tap on the option of “Sync with Square”.
  • Press the tab for “Get App Now”.
  • To continue, utilize the instructions that you can see.
  • When Intuit asks for permission to access your account on Square, provide it.

Note: When “Sync with Square” is used for the 1st time in QBO, the software will find the last day on which the transaction was processed by you. You can import it to check that the application is correctly working. Also, remember that when no transaction has been processed for a period of 15 days, the same may not appear. 

After providing the permission to Intuit, a few minutes may be needed for completing the process. Later you can import your information and start using the features of Square integration with QuickBooks Online.

How does Square Integrate with QuickBooks Desktop?

Commerce Sync can be considered as a third-party application for integrating Square and QuickBooks Desktop. You will need a QBDT account for using this application. 

You can download the Commerce Sync application from a reliable source online. Then you can pay the fees for using it. Some users can also prefer a trial of the application. However, in that case, certain services of the app may not be provided to the users. After the fees have been paid, you can start Square’s integration with QuickBooks Desktop.

After the integration process is over, the eCommerce app, Commerce Sync will let you process your payments of Square. Also, the information stored by you in this payment processing app can be transferred to QuickBooks Desktop. 

Note: At present, Square and QBDT’s integration can be done via Commerce Sync. This can be the most reliable app for integrating them. However, you may look for third-party platforms or sites that may be providing services for the same.

Can Square Integrate with QuickBooks Self-employed and QuickBooks POS?

QuickBooks Point of Sale and QuickBooks Self-employed Square integration can be done via third-party applications. You can search for the same on the internet. Before finalizing any app, we will suggest that you check the following:

  • See to it that the application supports the versions of QuickBooks and Square you have.
  • Check the reviews of the integration application to confirm its reliability.
  • Ensure that the application is not very complex to use.
  • Go through the charges of the app to check that they do not exceed your budget.

After checking all of the above, you can download, install, and use the integration app. This is how QBPOS or QBSE will get integrated with Square.

What are the Benefits of Square QuickBooks Integration?

The benefits of Square and QuickBooks integration have been mentioned as follows:

  • It is possible that certain business owners may be having their ventures in different locations. The data of each of these locations can be easily added to the QB software.
  • Manually entering your data will not be required. By using integration, data relating to sales and taxes can be moved to the accounting software.
  • You can regularly record the details of the sales. These details can be recorded either for a summary of the transactions or for a single transaction.
  • You can automatically make the sales receipts. Integrating QB and Square will help in recording the details of the sales transactions and the included items. Thus, the receipt will be made on its own.
  • You can import the invoices of Square into QuickBooks and its versions.
  • Reconciliation processes can be easily carried out. The integration will assist you in matching the statements of your bank account.

Square QuickBooks Integration and its Limitations

Square and QuickBooks integration can be done. However, certain limitations may be observed. You can find them mentioned as follows:

  • Prior to importing the transactions, you may not be able to analyze them.
  • Information of your buyer may not be imported as a result of the integration. This information can include the buyer’s email address, name, etc. 
  • The sales of the payment platform may appear in the form of payments and invoices in the accounting software.
  • The summary of your everyday transactions may not appear.
  • The invoices of QB cannot be paid via the Square platform.

What is the Square QuickBooks Integration’s Cost?

While you are integrating QuickBooks with a Square account, no cost may be involved when Sync with Square is being used. This app is devoid of any charges. However, it requires you to have a QuickBooks as well as a Square account. Other than this application, when a third-party platform or app is used, certain charges may be applicable. Every third-party app can comprise a different charge. So, you will have to go through the details of the app or platform to know the exact cost or pricing structure.

Square QuickBooks Integration Reviews

Integrating QB and Square is easy when you use a good application to do it. Based on the reviews of their integration, the users are provided with a simple interface and a dashboard. They help the users to easily navigate and access the features. The features available are extremely useful for businessmen and other users. They can sync their data, access quick reports, remotely manage certain business activities, etc.

As you integrate QuickBooks with Square, certain advantages and disadvantages can also be experienced. Despite the disadvantages, several users have shared positive reviews of this integration.

Our Thoughts in Ending

We aimed at delivering every kind of information needed to understand the QuickBooks and Square platform’s integration. From its cost and reviews to its benefits and the methods involved, we covered as much as possible. This information will help you do the integration without any inconvenience. For any queries or doubts, you can write to us through our comment section.

For more such integration-related blogs, you can explore our site. We have covered the methods for QuickBooks Stripe integration as well as HubSpot QuickBooks integration. Click and read them now.

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