How to Take a Screenshot on QuickBooks and QBO via Tools & Shortcuts?

How to Take a Screenshot on QuickBooks and QBO via Tools & Shortcuts?

QuickBooks screenshots can be taken by the users to share necessary things with others for professional use. These screenshots can be a record that can be later used. Apart from this, your accountant may also ask you to share a captured image of the screen if an issue is found in the accounts while using this Intuit software.

Microsoft Edge is one such application available on your computer that can help you in capturing a screenshot in QuickBooks. You may even go for particular tools on the Windows 10 system for this requirement. This tool can snip the area in the software that is to be captured/shared. In the QuickBooks Online software, screenshots can be captured through the Alt key and the Print Screen key by pressing both in a certain way.

How to Screenshot in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks screenshots can be captured through various available options. You may avail of the Snip n Sketch tool present in the system. The Print Screen key on the keyboard can also let you take the screenshot in QB. Alternatively, you may use the Snipping tool for capturing it.

Scroll through the options below to know how to take a screenshot in QuickBooks in more detail.

Option 1: Using Microsoft Edge

If you want to store something important in QuickBooks, then you can take a screenshot via the Microsoft Edge application. You will be required to run it on the system. Pick the Make a Web Note button. The scissor sign is to be clicked. Then right-click on the part of which the screenshot will be taken. After that, drag that portion through the end of the page.  

These instructions will make you understand better how to print a screen in QuickBooks using Microsoft Edge:

  • Go to the “Microsoft Edge” application on your computer.
  • From the top-right of the window, choose “Make a Web Note”.
  • Tap on the scissor icon on the screen.
  • Right-click on the area in “QuickBooks” from where you want to take the screenshot.
  • Drag through the area to the end of the screen.
  • Keep scrolling till you reach the end of the webpage.
  • Once the cursor is dropped a message stating “Copied on the Screen” will appear. Now, open the “Paint” application and paste the screenshot here.
  • For saving the screenshot, you need to press the “Save” tab.

Tip: You may also share the saved screenshot by clicking on the “Share” button.

Option 2: Prefer Snip n Sketch

The Snip n Sketch Tool can let you capture screenshots of the things you want to remember. The tool can be implemented for clicking digital images on software including QB. You will have to open both on Windows 10. The object is to be put on the display in QuickBooks to print the screen. You must also close down all the running applications. Now, move to the New button. You will find grey-colored tools. Wait for the time being until they turn black.

  • The “Snip n Sketch” tool is to be opened on the Windows 10 system.
  • The object of “QuickBooks” is to be placed for taking the screenshot.
  • Ensure to close down all the other programs.
  • Choose the “New” option.
  • Give the grey-colored tools to turn black for using them.
  • Based on your preferences, you may use any of the snip options.
  • Outline the portion that you want to snip through the mouse.
  • The screenshot will open.
  • You may even edit it if you want.
  • By tapping on the “Save” option, the QuickBooks screenshot will get saved in your selected location on the computer.

Option 3: Tap the Windows, Shift, and S Keys

A combination of 3 keys on your keyboard can let you take a screenshot of any desired portion in QuickBooks. Users need to hold the Windows, Shift, and the S keys at once. You will have to opt for a snip option among Rectangular Snip, Window Snip, and Free Form Snip. Further, the chosen snip will get copied automatically.

The rest of the steps for learning how to screenshot on QuickBooks are provided below:

  • Click on the “Windows” key, “Shift” key, and the “S” key together.
  • Choose among the following options:
    • “Rectangular Snip”
    • “Window Snip”
    • “Free Form Snip”
  • Pick any of the snips.
  • Once you opt for the screen, it will automatically copy it.
  • Select the “QB” application of which the screen is to be printed.
  • Also, open the app in which you wish to paste the screenshot.
  • After running the application, tap the “Ctrl” key and “V” key for pasting the QuickBooks screenshot.

Users can install QB on different computer/laptop models. Based on the device, you may need to apply any other method to capture the screen. For example, when you are using software like this one on Dell laptops, screenshots can be taken by pressing the Windows and G keys together.

Option 4: By Using Snipping Tool

Screenshots in QB can be taken with the Snipping Tool. Head to the Snipping tool present in your computer, usually Windows, and once you find its icon, run it. Tap on the New tab. Click on the arrow sign for opening the options of the drop-down. Now, you will have to opt for an option among the available ones. After the selection has been made, the screen in QuickBooks can be captured.

  • Find the tool “Snipping” and launch it.
  • In “New”, you will see an arrow icon denoting the drop-down menu.
  • Among the given options, choose one:
    • “Fullscreen”
    • “Free Form”
    • “Window”
    • “Rectangular”

After you select one of the options, it will snip the area on the screen according to the chosen shape.

  • Choose the program for taking QuickBooks screenshots.
  • Move the mouse and outline the area.
  • The screenshot will get captured.
  • Tap on “Save” and if you want to store it somewhere else, then copy the screenshot and paste it to your desired location. 

Note: This method can be available for use for QuickBooks on all the versions above Windows 7.

How to Print Screen in QuickBooks Online Using Shortcut Keys?

You can print the screen or capture QuickBooks Online screenshots by pressing the Alt and PrtScn keys together on your keyboard. Initially, you are required to launch the QuickBooks Online software and head to the screen where the screenshot will be taken. After that, click on the Alt and PrtScn keys. In case this does not help, you may go for taping the Alt and SysRq keys together.

The directions below will guide you on how to screenshot in QuickBooks Online using these keys:

  • You need to start your computer.
  • Head to the “QBO” application.
  • Go to the page on which you want to take the screenshot.
  • At the same time, select the following keys:
    • “Alt” key
    • “PrtScn” key or “SysRq” key
  • The screenshot will get captured. You may then save it wherever you want.

Benefits Obtained by Capturing QuickBooks Screenshots

At times, you may find a mistake in the records or something else in the QuickBooks software. You may want to discuss the same with another professional/accountant. So, you can take a screenshot and share it to make your point clear or receive guidance. 

You may encounter several other situations too. Here, capturing a QB screenshot can be beneficial. Let us see how:

  • You may save certain portions of QuickBooks for screen printing that might be important for future use.
  • If you think that you may forget something in the accounting software that you need to remember, then you can take a screenshot.
  • QuickBooks screen printing for businesses can be required for maintaining a record of crucial information that may not be shared otherwise.

In the End

A screenshot or printed screen can be taken in the QuickBooks application for several reasons such as accounting or professional purposes. The various methods in this blog explained to you how to print a screen in QuickBooks. Steps were also provided for capturing screenshots in QuickBooks Online. Moreover, the page highlighted the best benefits of this practice.

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