How to Fix Bitdefender Error 1008

How to Fix Bitdefender Error 1008

Touching on Runtime Bitdefender Error 1008: 

Runtime Error 1008 (aka Bitdefender Error 1008, Code 1008 or Simply Error 1008 ) arises when Bitdefender crashes while “running”, ergo the name. The error turns up in the form of irritating screen notification till resolved. Given below are the symptoms, causes, and course of action to iron out the glitch.

Symptoms of Bitdefender Error 1008

It strikes without warning. It can crop up anytime the antivirus is run & the message will keep repeating itself unless fixed. The error can cause file deletion or new file emanation. This may be due to a virus infection which is also a cause of the error. Sometimes internet speed reduces abruptly due to the runtime error.

Causes of Bitdefender Error 1008:  

Runtime malfunctioning occurs if a certain error isn’t addressed or experienced whilst design & testing. Broadly Error 1008 results if incompatible programs are running simultaneously. It can also be due to memory problems, virus infection or a flawed graphics driver. Whatever the cause, it needs to be sorted promptly.

Repair Mechanism: 

Method 1

Abort Incompatible Programs

Bitdefender Error Code 1008 strikes when programs are clashing with one another. So the basic step for error resolution is to terminate these conflicting programs.


  • Open Task Manager (click Ctrl-Alt-Del simultaneously) to view running programs.
Click buttons-Bitdefender Error 1008
  • Terminate the programs individually by going to Process Tab and clicking the End Process button.
Click End process Button-Bitdefender Error 1008
  • Check if the error message is reoccurring every time a process is stopped.
  • Once error causing program is spotted, proceed with the succeeding troubleshooting step & reinstalling the application.

We have a lot of methods for Bitdefender error 1008, scroll down to take a look.

Method 2

 Update or Reinstall Conflicting Programs 

First uninstall or update the problematic program, mainly done using the Control Panel and using other methods.

Using Control Panel 

  • Windows 7: Click on the Start Button, afterward on Control Panel and then Uninstall a Program.
Windows 7 Control panel- Bitdefender Error 1008
  • Windows 8: Click on the Start button, scroll down to click More Settings, afterward click on the Control Panel and then Uninstall a Program
Windows 8 control Panel-Bitdefender Error 1008
  • Windows 10: On the search box Please type Control Panel, click the result and then select Uninstall a program.
Windows 10 Control panel -Bitdefender Error 1008
  • After entering Programs and Features, click on the problem program and click either Update or Uninstall.
  • After clicking on Update, follow the prompt to finish the process. However, if Uninstall is chosen, follow the prompts to uninstall the program and afterward re-download or reinstall using the application’s installation disc.

Using Other Methods

  • Windows 7: Find the list of all installed programs after clicking on Start and scroll. A list utility for uninstalling a program is seen. Proceed with uninstall using the utilities available in this tab.
  • Windows 10: Click on Start, then choose Settings and then choose Apps. Scroll down to see Apps list & features installed in your PC
  • Choose the Program causing the runtime error, click uninstall or Advanced options for application reset.

You may move to the next one if this method was not helpful.

Method 3

Update Virus protection or Install the latest Windows Update

Virus infection causing Error 1008 has to be instantly quarantined or deleted. This is done by updating your virus program and performing a thorough scan of the computer. Also, run Windows update to acquire the latest virus definition and fix.

If this one did not help you get rid of the error code 1008, switch to the next solution

Method 4

Re-install Runtime Libraries

Runtime error can be a result of the improper or incomplete installation of updates like MS Visual C++ package. To fix this, uninstall the current package & then install a fresh copy.

  • Uninstall package after visiting Programs & Features then locate and highlight the MS Visual C++ Redistributable Package.
  • Click on Uninstall after it is done, then reboot your PC.
  • Download the current redistributable package from Microsoft and install it.

Method 5

Run Disc Cleanup

Runtime error can be due to the shortage of disc space and it’s therefore important to clear cache, rebooting the computer and performing the disc cleanup.

  • Contemplate backing up your files to free up space on the hard drive
  • Clear cache and reboot your device.
  • Run Disc Cleanup, open the explorer window & right click your main directory (usually C: )
  • Select Properties and click on Disc Cleanup.

Scroll down to know more methods to fix the error 1008.

Method 6

Due to faulty Graphics Driver

In this case, reinstalling the graphics driver resolves the Error.

Device Manager-Bitdefender Error 1008
  • Open Device Manager and locate the graphics driver.
  • Right-click on the video card driver, select uninstall and restart your PC

Method 7

IE linked Runtime Error

If the error you get has to do with Internet Explorer, you can do the following:

1. Resetting the Browser:

a) Windows 7: Click Start, go to Control Panel, click Internet Options, click Advanced tab then click on the Reset button. 

b) Windows 8 and 10: Click on search and type Internet Options, go to Advanced tab and click on Reset.

Internet option and click reset -Bitdefender Error 1008

2. Disabling script debugging and error notifications.

a) On the Internet Options window, go to Advanced tab look for Disable script debugging

b) Place a checkmark on radio button

c) Simultaneously uncheck the “Display a Notification about every Script Error” item and select Apply and OK. Reboot your device

Display a Notification about every Script Error-bitdefender error 1008

If all the above-mentioned fixes for “Bitdefender Error 1008” fail then last resort is to backup files and reach out for professional help. The expert assistance at ErrorsDoc is adept in handling these issues and we also provide expeditious solutions via chat. The whole process is time & money redeeming.

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