McAfee Stopped Working Windows 10? – (Solved)

McAfee Stopped Working Windows 10? – (Solved)

The McAfee antivirus software/application receives regular updates but still, many users report that the McAfee has stopped working or the McAfee service host stopped working. Some customers even report that McAfee not working after update. So, read the article carefully to get rid of all these errors and problems.

McAfee has Stopped Working? – (Common Issues)

When you report that McAfee has stopped working Windows 10 then, you should remember that there may be multiple possible reasons for the occurrence of the “McAfee stopped working Windows 10/7” issue. Find below some of the main reasons for the issue of Mcafee not working windows 7.

McAfee stopped working related common problems and issues

Compatibility Issues

If you have installed one or more antivirus software with the Mcafee antivirus software in your system then, both the software may clash in working and finally you will see that the McAfee has stopped working Windows 10/7. So, we advise you to not install any other antivirus software along with the McAfee antivirus software/application in your system for the proper functioning. 

Unlicensed/free Software

Always use the official and authentic McAfee antivirus software. If you have installed a pirated version of the McAfee software in your system then, the software/application may stop working completely after some time of usage.

Windows Update

The windows update is crucial for the system and you are always advised to update your windows. But sometimes, the windows update blocks some third-party apps or deletes some files that may be needed for running the McAfee program. 

Viruses and Malware in the System

The virus or malware can be the reason if the McAfee has stopped working Windows 10/7 in your system. You should always check for the virus and malware in your system and get rid of them as soon as possible for the proper system functioning.

How to Fix “McAfee has stopped working Windows 10/7″

When the McAfee antivirus software does not work properly or completely in your system then, you must take this issue seriously as your system becomes exposed to all the external malware and viruses. Below mentioned are the steps you need to follow for getting your system back on track with the proper functioning of McAfee software.

Step 1
Firstly, you need to switch off the device and reboot it after some time.
Step 2
Now, you must uninstall the McAfee software/application from your system.
Step 3
Check if you have also installed any other third-party antivirus software and make sure to uninstall it completely from the system.
Step 4 
Install the McAfee antivirus software again in your system by using only the official setup file of the software.
Step 5
Allow the software to update and reboot your system after the update process ends.

McAfee Not Opening

Step 6
In the end, remember to restore all the system settings to the safe point where the McAfee antivirus software was working properly.

If the above-mentioned step-wise solution has not worked out to solve your “McAfee stopped working Windows 10/7 issue ” then, you can chat and reach out to one of our ErrorsDoc team experts. We have an in-house team of technical experts who provide guidance and help in resolving the problem that you are facing.  

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