How to Update Drivers in Windows 10 Automatically?

How to Update Drivers in Windows 10 Automatically?

If you have used a desktop or a laptop for some purpose, you would know that the hardware component of the former or the latter needs a medium to interact with one another. This is of paramount importance. Without this, the hardware components would fail to execute the commands properly to provide a user with the desired output.

Different kinds of drivers like audio drivers and video drivers help a computer function smoothly. If you use your computer or electronic devices for various activities regularly, then you should know how to update drivers Windows 10. Read this post to find out the methods for updating all the drivers on your Windows 10 system.

11 Methods to Update Drivers in Windows 10

We will be using different approaches to download updates for several kinds of drivers on your Windows 10 laptop or computer. We will also be sharing the methods to download driver updates for the users of HP, Asus, and Dell laptop and computers. Let us move further and discover these methods and their steps. 

Method 1: How to Update Graphics, Video & Nvidia Driver in Windows 10?

Some additional drivers play an important role in the smooth functioning of your computer. Here is what you need to do to update all drivers Windows 10 on your computer.

1. Press the “Windows” key and go to the “Start” menu.

2. Now, type in “Device Manager” in the box that follows and choose “Device Manager” from the results on your screen.

Device Manager - How to Update Drivers Windows 10

3. Expand the category of various devices such as network, adapters, monitors, and so on. Then locate the name of the device.

4. Right-click on the name of the device and choose the option that gives the option to update the driver.

Update Driver - Windows 10 Update Drivers Automatically

5. In order to update sound, audio, or Nvidia drivers, expand the appropriate option and then choose “Update Driver”.

Update - Update Nvidia Drivers Windows 10

6. Next, select the option that allows automatic search of updated driver software.

Quick Note: In case the Windows OS fails to detect a new driver, you can find one on the website of the device’s manufacturer and proceed with the subsequent troubleshooting steps as given on the website.

Method 2: How to Update All Drivers Windows 10 via Reinstallation?

In case the aforementioned steps do not help you update drivers of Windows 10, the next thing you may want to try is the option to reinstall the driver. In many cases, this option may come in handy in fixing an issue with the installation of the device software. This method will also help you update bluetooth driver of Windows 10 and other kinds of driver software for your computer. Check out the steps of this method. 

1. First, go to the “Device Manager”.

2. Tap and hold or right-click on the name of the device you wish to uninstall.

3. Next, select the option of “Uninstall”.

4. Restart your Windows 10 PC now.

5. When your PC restarts, allow the updates to install. Do not power off the device or configure any settings at this stage. It will be strongly recommended to make a change only after the process linked with the update of drivers finishes.

So, these were the steps to update audio drivers in Windows 10. The update audio drivers Windows 10 procedure is simple and can be executed in less time. Also, you can update video drivers in Windows 10, update USB drivers Windows 10, and many more drivers by following the steps in this method.

Method 3: How to Update Drivers Windows 10 via Windows Update?

Windows regularly release new updates for the drivers. Here is a 3-step manual procedure to check for these updates and install them. Take a look at it. 

1. Open the settings on your Windows computer.

2. The second step is to go to “Updates & security”.

3. See if any updates are available and then install them.

Method 4: How to Update Video Drivers Windows 10 via TweakBit Driver Updater?

TweakBit Driver Updater can reward you with Windows 10 update drivers automatically. If you have never used this tool before, then here you can check out the steps to download and use it. 

1. The first step is to download and install “TweakBit Driver Updater”.

2. When the installation is complete, allow the tool to scan your system. TweakBit Driver Updater will provide you with the recent versions of the video drivers available. 

3. Now, one by one, tap the links to the latest driver updates. As an alternative, you can also press the “Update all” button to get all the updated versions in one go. 

Method 5: How to Update Audio Drivers Windows 10 via OEM’s Proprietary Software?

The easiest of ways to update audio drivers Windows 10 is offered by OEM’s Proprietary Software. In some laptops and computers, this software is pre-built. You can access it from the “Start” menu in case your system comes pre-built with this software. All you have to do is launch the software and check for the latest audio drivers and other updates for drivers 10. Then download these updates and you are done. 

Method 6: How to Update Your Drivers Windows 10 via Device Manager?

To update all drivers Windows 10, you can utilize the Device Manager too. With the help of the Device Manager, you can get the updates within a few minutes. Let us read the 8 steps given below to perform this procedure. 

1. On your Windows computer, click on “Start”.

2. Open the “Power menu”.

3. Then click on “Device manager”.

4. Press the arrow beside the category of hardware that requires an update.

5. When you see the component, right-click on it. Then choose the option of “Update driver” from the pop-up menu.

6. Next, click on “Browse My Computer for Driver Software”.

7. Press “Browse” for launching “File explorer”. Here you can look for the driver you have downloaded. 

8. Tick the checkbox for “Include subfolders” and then press “Next”. Now, the update will begin.

Method 7: How to Update Graphic Drivers Windows 10?

In this part of the blog, we will be sharing with you a very effective procedure for getting the latest graphic driver updates for your Windows 10 computer or laptop. This procedure will involve the use of the Intel Driver & Support tool. Read the 4 short steps given below to update the graphic drivers of your Windows 10 system. 

1. Download and install the “Intel Driver & Support Assistant” tool.

2. Then press the “Launch” button of the tool for launching it.

3. Allow the tool to scan your Windows 10 system. A browser window will soon appear on your screen. You can check all the latest versions of the drivers in this window. 

4. Finally, download the updates you require. 

Quick Note: In case the browser window shows no list of latest updates available for your Windows 10 system, your driver may already be updated. 

Method 8: How to Update My Drivers Windows 10 like Nvidia and USB Drivers?

If you are looking for an ultimate way to update Nvidia drivers Windows 10 or update USB drivers Windows 10, then you can rest your search here. In this section, we have shown a detailed method to update these drivers without any hassles involved. Now, read the 18 steps of this method given below. 

1. Look for the latest drivers for your hardware. Then download them. When the download is complete, extract the hardware drivers.

2. Now, access the “Device Manager” from the “Control Panel”.

3. Then choose the “+” icon or “<” icon for opening the category of the device that requires updated drivers. 

4. Next, right-click on the icon of the hardware for selecting the “Update driver option. 

5. The “Update driver software wizard” will open. Click on “Browse my computer for driver software”. 

6. When a new window pops up, you have to choose “Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer”. Alternatively, you can also choose “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”. You can find this option at the bottom.

7. Next, click on “Have disk” below the text box.

8. You will see the “Install from disk” window appear. Press “Browse”.

9. When the “Locate file” window comes up, go to the folder in which you downloaded and extracted the driver. 

10. From the list of files, you have to choose any “INF” file and click on “Open”.

11. In the “Install from disk” window, click on “Ok”.

12. In the text box, choose the hardware that has been newly added. Then press “Next”.

13. In case you receive the warning message “Windows cannot verify that the driver is compatible”, click on “Yes” to confirm that the driver is correct. On the off chance that you selected the incorrect model of the driver, you should tap “No”. Then you can look for the correct file again and select it. 

14. If you see the warning message “Windows can’t verify the publisher of this driver software”, then ensure that the driver software has been received via your device’s manufacturer or with the help of the installation disc provided. Then click on “Yes”. For those of you who didn’t get it from the manufacturer or the installation disc, click on “No”.

15. If you receive the warning message “Windows requires a digitally signed driver”, then ensure that the source of the driver is correct and press “Yes”.

16. In case you receive the message “Windows requires a digitally signed driver”, see to it that the correct driver has been chosen. 

17. Then you will enter the “Installing driver software screen”. Please provide any additional information that may be required for the installation. 

18. After the driver has been updated, restart your Windows 10 system. 

Method 9: How do You Update Drivers on Windows 10 Dell Laptop or Computer?

The most effortless Dell update drivers Windows 10 method has been outlined here. Using this method, you can download the updates for several types of drivers for your Dell laptop or computer. The 11 steps of this method have been described as follows. 

1. Go to the official website of “Dell drivers & downloads”.

2. Choose the model of your Dell device.

3. For this, tap on “Detect product”. As an alternative, you can tap “View products” to choose your device manually.

4. You may be required to provide the “Service tag”, “Express service code”, “Serial number”, etc. Then click on “Submit”.

5. Then go to the “Drivers & downloads” tab.

6. In the “Keyword search box”, type in “Dell update”. Then choose the “Operating system” of your computer or laptop. Also, select the driver category.

7. Next, tap the “Download” icon. Then save the file to be downloaded.

Quick Note: Once you download a driver update, you can tap “View more” to check for more driver updates and then download them. 

8. Now, with the help of “Windows Explorer”, go to the location of the downloaded file.

9. When you find the saved “.exe driver installation file”, tap it twice. 

10. Then a set of instructions will be provided on your screen. Follow these to continue with the installation. 

11. The final step is to reboot your Dell laptop or computer. 

Method 10: How to Update Drivers Windows 10 HP Computer or Laptop?

Do you want to update the drivers on your HP device? Make the best of this method to update HP drivers Windows 10 laptop or computer. You can perform this method to update the drivers in just 7 quick steps. 

1. On your Windows 10 HP laptop or computer, open the “Device manager”.

2. The second step is to expand the “Firmware”.

3. Locate “System firmware” and click on it twice.

4. Then move to the “Driver” tab.

5. Tap on “Driver update”.

6. Tap on “Search automatically for updated driver software”.

7. The downloading of the update will require some time. Afterwards, perform as per the instructions visible on your system’s screen. Then the procedure will be complete. 

Method 11: How to Update Asus Drivers Windows 10 Laptop or Computer?

Of all the methods available for Asus drivers Windows 10 update, this is the simplest one. In this method, all you have to do is visit the website of Asus and download the drivers you need for your HP device. The steps for this method have been explained here. 

1. Visit the official support site of Asus.

2. Fill in the “Model name” of your Asus laptop or computer.

3. Head on to tap “Support”.

4. Then click on “Driver & tools”.

5. Select the “OS” of your Asus laptop or computer.

6. Look for the drivers you need the updates for and then download them.

7. Once the driver has been downloaded, you will be required to unzip the downloaded file. For this, tap the “setup.exe file”.

8. Perform according to the onscreen instructions to complete the installation.

Finishing up

You just finished reading the best blog on how to update sound drivers Windows 10, Nvidia drivers Windows 10, USB drivers Windows 10, and a lot more. These methods have been tried and tested by many users of Windows 10. And these definitely worked for them. We are sure that these methods will help you update the drivers on your Windows 10 system as well. Thank you for reading our blog!

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