Canon TS3100 Setup for Wi-Fi and Wireless on Windows and Mac

Canon TS3100 Setup for Wi-Fi and Wireless on Windows and Mac

Canon PIXMA TS3100 Printer is a cost-efficient device. You can utilize the features of this printer for several kinds of printing needs relating to personal and office related tasks. To settle those needs, you will be needed to correctly set up the printer. Introducing a number of methods to set it up, we have formed this reading to guide you for this purpose. To provide you with an overview, these Canon TS3100 setup methods will prepare your device using the port, Standard Connection, and other methods. They will also be apt for setting up the printer for wifi on Windows and Mac.

Here, we will find out different procedures to set up the Canon PIXMA TS3100 Printer. To know more about these procedures, you can see the following summary:

How can I Administer Canon TS3100 Setup?

We have outlined 2 procedures for the Canon printer setup for TS3100 model. The first procedure can be initiated through the port. It will also make use of the USB connection. In case you do not have a USB cable available with you, we will suggest using the second procedure. This procedure, also known as the Standard Connection method, will require the CD that came with your printing device.

Setup through Port

As you plug in and start your Canon TS3100 Printer, its display will receive certain instructions. You are required to follow these instructions for initiating the setup procedure. Soon, you will be asked to pick a connection method. Ensure that USB Connection is picked for this purpose. After this, certain drivers will get installed. In case a USB cable is connected to your device, remove and reconnect it as you receive the instruction for the same. 

  • First, see to it that your system has the Canon TS3100 driver. If it does not, then it will be suggested to download it before beginning the setup.
  • Now, turn on your Canon printer and run the setup procedure. 
  • You will be provided with on-screen instructions to run the setup. Keep following them.
  • For the connection method, select “USB Connection”.
  • Click on “Next”. The MP drivers will take time to install. 
  • Detach the USB cable from your printer. 
  • Attach the USB cable to your printer and computer when your screen prompts you to do so.
  • After attaching, execute the procedure for printhead alignment. 

Now, the procedure for the  Canon TS3100 setup will be over.

Setup via Standard Connection Method on Windows

Many of you would remember receiving a CD along with your Canon PIXMA TS3100 Printer. One of the purposes of that CD is to execute the setup of the printer. When the CD has been inserted into your system, you will see a screen. Press Next two times and then select the Wireless Connection method. Turning on your device, again select Next and opt for Connect to the Network. 

To inform you about the remaining instructions for Canon PIXMA TS3100 Printer setup, please scroll below.

  • Begin with inserting the CD received with your Canon printer. Now, start the setup.

Note: In case you have no access to the installation CD, you can download the Canon Printer manuals and software for your model.

  • A screen will show up. Tap “Next”. 
  • Again press “Next”.
  • You will be asked to choose either the “USB” or “Wireless Connection” method. Choose the “Wireless Connection” method.
  • Make sure that your Canon printer is on and its power lamp is lit. Then press “Next”.
  • Tap the option of “Connect to the Network”.
  • Next, tap “Cableless Setup”.

Note: In case you are a user of Windows XP, the option of “Cableless Setup” will not be available. You can choose the “Other Setup” option.

  • The “Connection via Cableless Setup” screen will show up. Press the “Wifi” button of your printer. Hold it till you see the orange alarm light flash twice.
  • Release the “Wifi” button of your printer.
  • When the blue wifi light flashes and the green light is lit, tap “Next”. The network connection can get disabled for some time while you set it up.
  • Then press “Next”.

Note: If you are a user of Windows XP, then choose the “Wireless Setup Using the USB Cable” option. 

  • Now, choose your region and press “Next”.
  • Choose your country/place of residence and press “Next”.
  • On the next screen, choose the software you would like to install. Then press “Next”.
  • Press “Yes” for accepting the “User License Agreement”. Then tap “Next”.
  • When your model gets displayed, tap on “Complete” to finish the Canon TS3100 setup 

Note: Windows XP users can choose the option of “Set up Network Connection via USB” and press “Next”. Then connect the Canon printer to the computer via the USB cable. When the access point is displayed, tap “Yes”. Then detach your computer and press “Next”. Now, tap “Complete”. The setup will have finished. 

How to Perform Canon PIXMA TS3100 Wireless Setup?

In case you wish to know the methods for the Canon PIXMA TS3100 setup for wireless, you can go through this part of the blog. We have gathered 3 methods which are inclusive of using the WPS Connection, Easy Wireless Connect as well as WPS PIN Code connection. Based on the convenience of these methods, you may not require much time for doing them.

Setup via WPS Connection

The first method that we’ll be studying for setting up the Canon TS3100 Printer will require a WPS button on your wireless router. You will have to physically inspect the device to find this button. Once located, you can look for the Network button. This button has to be pressed and held until the network icon creates a flash. After this, you have to press the button for WPS in less than 2 minutes. 

Let us now walk through the next set of steps by reading further.

  • Ensure that your wireless router has a “WPS” button.
  • Tap the “Network” button of your wireless Canon printer and hold it. 
  • Release the “Network” button when the icon of network status begins to flash.
Network - canon ts3100 setup
  • The fourth step is to tap your wireless router’s “WPS” button. Ensure that this is done within a duration of 2 minutes.
canon pixma ts3100 printer setup
  • The icon of network status and signal strength will flash. Now, the Canon TS3100 wireless printer setup should be successful. You can use your Canon printer wirelessly for printing and other things.

Setting up Using Easy Wireless Connect 

Easy Wireless Connect enables a user to register the information of the wireless router and also helps you in setting up your Canon printer. Using this method, Canon TS3100 setup can also be executed.  

To use the Easy Wireless Connect method, your printer should be on. Also, the ON lamp should be up. When the printer processes have finished, you can hold the Direct button till the time a flash is observed. Afterwards, you can move back to the screen of the application for finishing the setup.

  • Ensure that the printing device is on and the “ON” lamp is lit.
lamp - canon pixma ts3100 wireless setup
  • Let the device finish the printhead aligning and cleaning procedure.
  • Push the “Direct” button on the printing device and hold it.
  • When you see a flash, let the “Direct” button be released.
  • You should see certain icons flash. Then go back to the screen of the application to continue with the Canon TS3100 setup.

Setup through WPS or PIN Code Connection

The third easiest way to do Canon Printer TS3100 setup is via the WPS PIN Code. This short method requires you to load at least 2 plain sheets and then hit the Information button on the printing device. Now, wait for the PIN Code as well as the Network Configuration Page to get printed. After this, you can tap Setup as many as 10 times and then push the Color button. 

Now, you can read below for finding the additional steps.

  • In your printer, load 2 letter-sized/A4 plain sheets.
  • Tap the button of “Information” on your Canon printer.

Note: After doing the second step, the “PIN Code” along with the “Network Configuration Page” will get printed.

  • Push “Setup” at least 10 times.
  • Now, hit the “Color” button.
  • Go through the directions you can see. These directions will help you in setting up the “WPS PIN Code” as has been mentioned on the page of “Network Configuration” on your wireless router.
  • Wait for the connection to be completely established with the wireless router. This will be followed by the flashing of a light.

Note: In case “Alarm” gets lit, you will be required to troubleshoot it. 

How should I Do Canon TS3100 Wifi Setup on Different Devices?

Setting up your Canon PIXMA TS3100 Printer for wifi will enable it for greater use. For setting up the device for wifi, we have mentioned an easy way for you. In addition, you can also glance at the procedures for setting it up for wifi on Windows and Mac. 

Wifi Setup for Canon TS3100 Printer

To carry out Canon TS3100 Printer setup for wifi, plug in and start your device. Then press the button for Wifi. It has to be kept pressed as long as the orange lamp does not light up. Wait for the LED lamp to flash and then press the button for WPS after visiting the access point. More steps for this procedure can be found by scrolling down.

  • Check that your Canon printer has been turned on.
  • Tap the “Wifi” button. Hold it until you are asked to release it.
  • You will witness an orange lamp lighting up. Now, you can stop holding the “Wifi” button.
  • Now, check whether or not the “LED” lamp is flashing in blue colour. In case it is flashing in this way, open the “Access” point and push the button for “WPS”. Keep the button pressed for 2 minutes.
  • Now, the A4 sheets have to be loaded into your Canon printer.
  • Push “Cancel” till the time you see a light flashing in orange colour. 

Note: Now, a printout of the “Network Information” page will get printed.

This will be the ending step. Now, the procedure to set up the wifi on your Canon TS3100 Printer will be complete.

Setup on Windows

Using a working and compatible USB cable, you can learn how to setup Canon PIXMA TS3100 for wifi use on Windows. As you plug in the cable, you can execute the setup program for installing your device. Then you will be asked to input certain information. When the information has been correctly added by you, the wifi setup for the device will come to an end.

  • Ensure that you have a CD driver as well as a USB cable.

Note: In case the CD is not available with you, you can refer to the website of the manufacturer. From that website, you can download and install the file needed for performing the setup. Ensure that the file that has been downloaded is as per the model of your Canon printer.

  • See to it that the USB cable is compatible with your Windows computer.
  • Go ahead with the setup program for the printer installation and start it.
  • Let the process finish.
  • You may be required to pick the location for installation, name, and other such requirements.

Note: Ensure that all the details have been correctly submitted by you lest the method should fail.

Setup on Mac

The final part of the blog will introduce the procedure relating to Canon TS3100 setup on Mac for wifi. To begin setting it, the necessary files for the setup will have to be downloaded to your system. The files, when installed, have to be mounted on the Disk Image to continue. The steps that have to be done after this have been provided as follows:

  • Download the necessary files for starting the setup procedure on Mac.
  • Click twice on the file once it has been downloaded.
  • Now, the file has to be mounted on the “Disk Image”.
  • Click twice on “Mounted Disk Image”.
  • Then tap two times on “Packaged File”.
  • Now, the installation will start. Make sure that you do not interrupt the procedure.

All Things Considered

For using the different features of the Canon PIXMA TS3100 Printer, users need to set it up at first. The new users of Canon printers can face certain difficulties while setting up the device. To remove all such difficulties and assist you in quickly setting it up, we showed you multiple methods. Some of these methods required the use of a CD or USB cable. Depending on the availability of the same, you can pick any of these methods to easily set it. 

For additional readings, you will be suggested to read how the Canon Pixma TR4522 Setup and IJ Start Canon TR4500 Setup can be done.

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