How to Install Canon Wireless Printer on Mac & Windows PC without CD?

This is an era of mobility. Electric and Electronic devices are moving from wired connectivity to wireless technology which makes operated and operating devices highly portable. The same technology is adopted by Canon printers. With wired printing module, canon printers are now connected with wireless printing technology so that the user can work on the same platform from anywhere within the range of same network. Just to provide an ease to the users, we are sharing the procedure on how you can setup & Install wireless connection of Canon Printer with Windows Operating System or MAC.

Steps to Install Canon Wireless Printer on Mac Operating System:

  • Begin with going to the Apple logo in the corner left of the computer screen. You will notice a drop-down displayed.
  • Then go to System Preferences that is on the top of the drop-down menu.

Apple logo in the corner left

  • Go to the Printers and Scanners icon in the System Preferences window and click it.

Printers and Scanners icon

  • Click ‘+’ in your key board. This will display a window.

display a window

  • In case your printer is attached with the network, you will view its name in the left side of the pane.
  • Type the name of your printer that should crop up in the drop-down menu. On doing this will help to start the printer instantaneously to start the configuration. When it is over you can view the name of your printer in left-hand side of the window indicating that the printer has been connected to Mac successfully.
  • In case you are unable to find the name of your printer you can move on to the other step.
  • Attempt to install canon printer using USB cable. In case your Mac OS fails to detect your printer, you might be apt printer installation directly with the help of the USB cable:
  • You need to update your Mac OS.
  • Connect your printer to your system with a USB-to-USB-C cable.
  • Pause for a while for the configuration to appear.
  • Pursue all the prompts that are displayed in the screen.

Install Canon Wireless Printer on Windows Operating System:

  • Go to Start menu
  • Move to the Windows icon on the down left corner of the monitor.
  • Go to Settings –> Select Settings gear in the left-hand window pane .
  • Click Devices going to the upper side of the Settings window.
  • Go to the windows’ left side and click printers and scanners tab.
  • Click ‘+’ for adding the printer/scanner that is found right on the top of the screen.When you click ‘+’ a window crop ups.

Adding Printer and Scanner

  • In case you are able to view the name of the printer along with the model number going to the “Printer and scanner” category, where the printer by default connected.
  • Then click on the name of the printer that is displayed in the
  • While performing this indicates to connection of the system to the printer.
  • In case Windows fail to detect the printer jump to the other step.
  • Attempt to install canon printer by using a USB cable on windows PC. When you fail to identify your printer in the Add window branch, that allows you to install your printer by linking it to your computer system with the help of a cable:
  • Connect printer to your system via USB-to-USB cable.
  • Then pause for sometime for the printer installation window to be displayed.
  • Pursue the suggestions recommended.

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