Canon Printer Installation Methods for Windows, Mac, Ubuntu with & without CD

Canon Printer Installation Methods for Windows, Mac, Ubuntu with & without CD

Enhance the productivity of your Canon printer by connecting it with your computer. In this post for Canon printer installation, we have different methods with the step-by-step procedures to help you establish the connection. Whether you have a Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Ubuntu, or Mac computer, we’ll help you connect them all to your Canon printer. 

Methods to Install Canon Printer on Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu

From Windows and Mac and to Ubuntu and various other systems, brilliant methods can be found in this blog to install several models of Canon printers. Along with these, you can also find great solutions for Canon printer installation issues.  

Method 1: How to Install Canon Printer with CD?

Now, it is time to find out how to install Canon printer on your computer by using an installation CD. Along with the installation CD, you will also require a USB cable for doing this printer installation method. This method is 12 steps long.

1. Plugin the USB cable into your Canon printer. 

2. Plugin the other end of the USB cable into your computer.

3. Now, insert the power cable into your printer. However, turn off your Canon printer before you do this step 

4. Now, place the installation CD which you received with your Canon printer.

5. The “New Hardware Wizard” prompt will show up. Click on “Cancel”.

6. After the CD has loaded completely, you will see the installation prompts. Go through them. In case the CD does not automatically launch, tap on “Start”. Then tap on “Computer”.

7. Click on the “CD/DVD” icon twice to see the contents of the CD. 

8. Then click twice on “Setup.exe”. The program will start to run. 

9. Until the drivers get installed, patiently wait.

10. When you see the “Printer Connection” screen, turn on your Canon printer.

11. Perform as per the prompts on your screen. 

12. When the installation is complete, click on “Exit”.

Method 2: How to Install Canon Wireless Printer without CD?

I lost my Canon printer installation CD. How do I install my Canon wireless printer now?” For a situation like this one, we will provide you with the most reliable assistance. Here is a 9-step procedure for you. Get your wireless Canon printer connected to your computer even when you don’t have the installation CD with you!

1. Power on your Canon printer.

2. Get the driver for the Canon printer installed on your computer.

3. When the “Setup” screen gets launched, click on “Next”.

4. Choose the “Wireless LAN Connection” method on the “Printer Connection” method screen.

5. Select the name of your router and press “Next”.

6. Tap the “Cableless Setup”.

7. Tap the “Wifi” button on your Canon printer’s “Control Panel”.

8. Press “Next”. The wifi light will flash.

9. Click on “Agree” to accept the “License Agreement” and press “Next”.

Now, your wireless Canon printer will be connected to your computer. 

Method 3: How to Install Canon Wireless Printer on Windows Operating System?

“How to install my Canon printer on my Windows computer?” You will find an answer to your question in this section. Below, we have stated an 8-step procedure. Through this procedure, you can get your Canon printer installed on your Windows computer right from the settings. 

1. Go to the Windows “Start Menu”.

2. Go to the “Settings” from the “Start Menu”.

3. Click on “Devices”.

4. Now, click on “Printers and Scanners”.

5. Click on “+” for adding the printer/scanner. 

6. If you see your Canon printer and its model number under “Printers and Scanners”, then click on it. If your printer and model is not detected, move to the next step. 

7. Install your Canon printer via a USB cable. Use a USB-to-USB cable. 

8. When the printer installation window gets displayed, follow the instructions to continue with the installation. 

Method 4: How to Install Canon Printer Windows 7?

For Canon printer installation on Windows 7, this section will present you with a 9-step procedure. Your Canon printer can be added to your Windows 8 computer without any difficulty right from the Control Panel. Check out these steps in detail below.

1. On your Windows 7 computer, press the “Windows” and “R” keys simultaneously.

2. Type in “Control Printers”. Then press the “Return” key.

3. When the “Device and Printers” dialog box pops up on your screen, click on “Add a Printer”.

4. When the “Select a Device” box appears, look for your Canon printer and then choose it.

5. Then press the “Next” button.

6. You will be asked to set this printer as your default printer. Choose the checkbox for setting it as the default one. Then again press “Next”.

7. Now, you have to click on “Finish”.

8. Once the printer setup is complete, your printer will be visible in the list of available printers. 

9. To check the printer setup, you can print a test page if you like.

Method 5: How to Install Canon Printer on Windows 8 without CD?

Many of you may be looking for a super easy procedure for how to install Canon printer to computer with Windows 8. In this part of the post, you will find the most effortless procedure. In this procedure, you can open the Control Panel on your Windows 8 computer and then add your Canon printer. Now, read with us the 9 steps of this procedure.

1. Turn on your Windows 8 computer.

2. Plugin your Canon printer into your computer via a USB. Then turn on your Canon printer.

3. Go to the “Control Panel” from the “Start Menu”.

4. Go to the category of “Hardware and Sound”.

5. Click on “View Devices and Printer”.

6. If you are able to find your Canon printer either by its model number or its name, then right-click on its icon.

7. Select the option of “Printer Properties”.

8. Press the button for “Print Test Page”.

9. When the test page gets printed, you can be sure that the printer connection has been correctly made with your Windows 8 computer. 

Method 6: How to Install Canon Printer without CD on Windows 10?

The Canon printer installation for Windows 10 is possible without a CD as well. This can be done from the “Settings” app of your Windows 10 computer. The detailed steps of this method have been shown here. Let’s read them.

1. Use a USB cable to connect your Canon printer to your Windows 10 computer. 

2. Then turn on your computer and Canon printer.

3. Click on the “Start Menu” to open the “Settings” application.

4. The fourth step is to click on “Device”.

5. Tap on “Add a Printer or Scanner”.

6. When your Canon printer gets detected by your Windows 10 computer, you will see its model. Click on the model.

7. Then follow the instructions shown on your screen to complete the installation procedure.

8. In case your Windows 10 computer does not detect your Canon printer, click on the link for “The Printer that I Want isn’t Listed”.

9. Now, the troubleshooting guide of Windows will help you with the remaining procedure. And your Canon printer will get connected.

Method 7: How to Install Canon Wireless Printer on Mac Operating System?

When you have a wireless Canon printer and you want to install it on your Mac OS, you can follow the method given here. In a few minutes, you will be able to connect your Wireless Canon printer to your Mac without any software required. Without much delay now, let us read the 10 steps for how to install Canon printer on Mac.

1. Begin with tapping the “Apple Logo” in the left corner of your Mac’s screen. You will find a drop-down displayed.

2. From the drop-down menu, click on the “System Preferences”.

3. Click on the “Printers and Scanners” icon in the “System Preferences” window.

4. Tap on “+” on your keyboard. This will display a window.

5. In case your printer is attached to the wireless network, you will view its name on the left side of the pane. Type the name of your printer that should show up in the drop-down menu. On doing this, the printer will instantaneously start the configuration. 

6. When it is over you can view the name of your printer on the left.

7. In case you are unable to find the name of your printer you can move to the next step.

8. Attempt to install your Canon printer using a USB cable. For this, you need to update your Mac OS. Connect your printer to your system with a USB-to-USB-C cable.

9. Pause for a while for the configuration to appear.

10. Pursue all the prompts that are displayed on the screen. And that is all!

Method 8: How to Install Canon PIXMA Printer Wireless on Computer?

Do you need wireless Canon printer installation help? Help is just a scroll away! We will use the WPS connection method for helping you in connecting your wireless Canon PIXMA printer to your computer. 

Pro Tip: Before you start with this method to connect your wireless Canon PIXMA printer to your computer, ensure that the access point has a physical “WPS” button. You can perform this method only when this button is present. Also, see to it that your network uses the WPA2 or WPA security protocol.

1. See to it that your Canon PIXMA wireless printer is on.

2. Press the “Wifi” button of the printer and hold it until you see the white light flash once.

3. When the “Wifi” button flashes blue, tap the “WPS” button on the access point. Make sure that you do this step within 2 minutes.

4. Now, your Canon PIXMA wireless printer will get successfully connected to your wifi. 

5. Now, on your Windows computer, open the “Run” dialog box.

6. Paste the following command and then press “Enter”.

“control /name Microsoft.DevicesAndPrinters”

7. Click on “Add a Printer”.

8. Do as per the on-screen instructions directed you to.

9. When the connection between your Canon PIXMA printer and Windows computer has been accomplished, print a test page to check this connection.

Method 9: How to Install Canon Printer in Ubuntu Operating System?

“How to install a Canon printer to my computer with Ubuntu?” Allow our tech experts to guide you with what you need. Here is an easy way to install your Canon printer on your Ubuntu system. For this, you can access the settings of your system and simply add your Canon printer.

1. On your Ubuntu system, open the “System Settings”.

2. Then go to “Printers” from these settings.

3. Click on “Add”.

4. The fourth step is to choose “Find Network Printer”.

5. In the “Host Field”, fill in the “IP Address”. 

6. Then click on “Find”.

7. When your printer is found, click on “Forward”.

8. When your system has finished searching for the drivers, click on the driver you would like to install.

9. On the “Installed Options” page, if the defaults are not correct, then customize them. 

10. Also, make changes to the “Printer Name”, “Description”, as well as the “Location” if needed.

11. Then click on “Apply”.

12. Now, try printing a test page to see that the connection has been successfully established.

Canon Printer Installation Problems

When you install Canon printer on Mac, Windows, Ubuntu or any other system, you can face certain problems with the installation. Your printer may not show up in the list of printers despite repeated attempts. Or your Canon printer may not print despite the connection being successful. Then what should you do? We’ll recommend the following 3 fixes. See them right away.

Fix 1: Restart Your Canon Printer and Plug in Again

The first fix for the Canon printer installation problems is restarting your Canon printer and then plugging it again. When your Canon printer does not show up in the list of printers, this fix will resolve the problem very quickly. The 5 steps of this fix are as follows. 

1. Turn off your Canon printer.

2. Remove the power cord of your Canon printer.

3. Let your printer sit idle for 30 seconds.

4. Now, attach the power cord again.

5. Then turn on your Canon printer.  

Fix 2: Check Your Wireless Connection

When you install Canon PIXMA printer that is wireless, you need to have a working and smooth internet connection. If your wireless connection is not up, then you will certainly face problems while connecting this printer to your computer. Also, if your wireless connection lacks a good speed, then connecting your Canon PIXMA printer to your computer may become a very slow process. 

So, before you connect your printer to your computer, always ensure that your wireless connection does not have these issues. 

Fix 3: Install Canon Printer Driver Correctly

Are you finding any troubles while installing the Canon printer driver? Or you cannot install Canon printer driver because the procedure to do so is not very clear to you? We have found one procedure that can help you in all such instances. Read below to learn the steps of this procedure.

1. Insert the “Canon Printer Driver CD” into your computer.

2. Click twice on the icon of “My Computer”.

3. Then click on the icon of “CD-ROM”.

4. Click twice on the folders “PCL” or “UFRII”.

5. Choose “uk_eng”.

6. Click two times on the “Setup.exe” icon. This step will initiate the process of installation.

7. A dialog box of the “UFRII” or “PCL” printer driver setup wizard will show up. Press “Next”.

8. Go through the “License Agreement”. Click on “Yes” to agree.

9. Choose the option of “Manually Set Port to Install”. Then press “Next”.

10. Then again press “Next”.

11. If you have used an installer for downloading the printer driver, then a screen with the “Process to Install Printer Driver” installation will be visible. Click on “Next”.

12. For completing this process, go with the instructions shown on your screen.

13. Choose the printer drivers you would like to install from the list of printers. Then tap “Add”.

14. When the drivers get installed, click on “Next”.

15. Then choose a port.

16. Now, add the “Printer Name” and choose “Set as Default” if you wish. Then click on “Next”.

17. The next step is to do the verification of the installation setting.

18. Now, tap “Start”.

19. Then click on “Exit” and restart your computer. 

Canon Printer Models Compatible with Our Methods

Use these methods for the following models of the Canon PIXMA Printer series. 

Canon PIXMA G2010 PrinterCanon PIXMA IP4200 Printer Canon PIXMA MP210 Printer
Canon PIXMA MP250 PrinterCanon PIXMA MP287 PrinterCanon PIXMA P200 Printer

Try out these methods for the models of the Canon IP Printer series given below. 

Canon IP2600 PrinterCanon IP2700 PrinterCanon IP2770 Printer
Canon IP6000D PrinterCanon IP6600D Printer

Our methods are suitable for the following models of the Canon MG Printer series shown below. 

Canon MG2120 PrinterCanon MG2900 PrinterCanon MG3022 Printer
Canon MG3600 printerCanon MG3620 Wireless Printer

For the following Canon MX Printer models, our methods will be great.

Canon MX340 PrinterCanon MX410 Wireless PrinterCanon MX432 Wireless Printer
Canon MX439 PrinterCanon MX470 PrinterCanon MX860 Printer 
Canon MX492 PrinterCanon MX882 PrinterCanon MX922 Printer

These methods are suitable for these Canon MP Printer models too. 

Canon MP190 PrinterCanon MP210 PrinterCanon MP230 PrinterCanon MP237 Printer
Canon MP258 PrinterCanon MP280 PrinterCanon MP287 PrinterCanon MP470 Printer
Let us Conclude

We hope this blog proved to be very useful for installing various models of Canon printers on Mac computers, Windows systems, Ubuntu systems, and other such systems. To give us any feedback for this blog, you can put up your comments in the section below. 

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