How To Fix Dell Laptop Wont Turn On

How To Fix Dell Laptop Wont Turn On

Have you ever come across the problem wherein your Dell Laptop won’t turn on? While you may fear losing the important documents in your Dell laptop, you’ll be relaxed to know that this problem is easy to fix. This post has been authored to help you with problems such as Dell windows 8 laptop won’t turn on, Dell laptop keyboard lights up but won’t turn on, etc. read this post to discover 19 solutions for your Dell laptop not turning on.

Why My Dell Laptop Won’t Turn On?

Your Dell laptop may not be turning on due to the following 9 reasons.

  • There may be a problem with the power source to your Dell laptop.
  • The power cord of your device may be faulty. 
  • An error with your laptop’s battery too can turn up this error. Sometimes, reinserting the battery can work well.
  • When your laptop is not ventilated, it can overheat. Overheating can shoot up several problems such as the Dell laptop not turning on.
  • Your Dell laptop might not be turning on due to physical damages. Physical damages usually happen when you don’t handle your device with care.
  • The next cause of your Dell laptop not turning on is liquid spillage. Your laptop not being waterproof, can easily be hampered if water gets into it. 
  • Malicious activities, malware, or virus can affect the functioning of your device and prevent it from turning on.
  • The eighth cause of your Dell laptop not turning on involves the interference by flea power.

What to Do When Dell Laptop won’t Turn on?

We have gathered 19 solutions to help you troubleshoot the problem of your Dell laptop not turning on. We will also be telling you the solutions to fix this problem on Dell Inspiron Laptops, Dell laptop computers, and Dell XPS Laptops. Scroll below to know what these solutions are.

Fix 1: Perform Hard Reset on Your Dell Laptop

If you are facing difficulties in switching on your Dell laptop and you are also having issues in relation to the Dell laptop black screen, then the following solution will guide you. In this solution, we will tell you how to perform a hard reset on your device to fix this error. Let’s read the steps.

1. Remove power from your Dell laptop.

2. The next step is to disconnect the AC adapter or power cord. 

AC Adapter - dell laptop won t turn on

3. Also, remove the battery from the back of your Dell laptop.

4. Then disconnect all the external devices connected to your laptop like the USB drive, printer cable, or SD card.

5. Now, hold the “Power” button of your laptop for around 15-20 seconds. It will drain the remaining power.

6. When the power is drained off connect, the power cord to your laptop and then place the battery. 

Following this process should get your Dell laptop up and running once again.

Fix 2: Use forced ePSA on Your Dell Laptop

For the Dell laptop won’t turn on no lights error, you can use forced ePSA. This solution has been effective for many Dell laptops. Let us see how to perform this solution. 

1. Start by powering off your laptop. For this, press the “Power” button for around 10-20 seconds until all the laptop lights get turned off.

2. The second step is to disconnect the AC Adapter or power cord from your laptop.

3. Now, remove your device’s battery. 

4. Drain out the remaining battery of your laptop by holding the “Power” button for 10 to 15 seconds.

5. Pressing the “Power” button of your laptop, connect the power cord to it. Then install the battery as well. This will initiate the Dell diagnostic screen. In case it does not appear, try recovering it through the BIOS recovery method.

6. A prompt will appear showing the color bars. Press “Yes” to confirm and continue.

7. To stop the ePSA, you can press the “ESC” key and then press the “Exit” button. Then select the “Reboot” option.

8. In case your laptop does not recover from the boot failure after exiting the ePSA diagnostics, you can further initiate the forced ePSA again. This will surely work.

Note: In case you do not know how to remove the battery of your Dell laptop, we will advise you to refer to your device’s manual. Avoid removing its battery without knowing the right procedure or else you could damage your laptop. 

Fix 3: Drain Residual Power from Your Dell Laptop

By now, you would know that residual power too can be a cause of the Dell laptop not turning on. If this is causing problems on your device too, then we will advise you to drain the residual power. Learn how to drain the residual power from your Dell laptop in just 5 really quick steps. 

1. Remove the AC adapter or power cord from your Dell laptop.

2. Next, remove the battery from your device.

Remove Battery - my dell laptop won t turn on

3. Press the “Power” button of your laptop. Hold it for 15 to 20 seconds. Doing so will drain the residual power from your laptop.

4. Now, attach the AC adapter again. Also, install your laptop’s battery.

5. Finally, turn on your Dell laptop. It will start working now. 

Fix 4: Check AC Adapter of Your Dell Laptop

The AC adapter of your Dell laptop may be damaged. As a result, your Dell laptop won’t be turning on. When you turn on the AC adapter, see to it that the LED light is working. If it is off, then there may be some technical flaw. Also, check that the power cord is not damaged. Try replacing the power cord and see whether the AC adapter is working now.

Fix 5: Check Battery of Your Dell Laptop

At times, your Dell laptop won’t turn on even when plugged in. Any errors with the battery of your Dell laptop can prevent it from turning on. To check whether your device’s battery is causing the problem, turn off your laptop. Take out its battery. Then connect your laptop to the AC adapter. If your laptop turns on, then you can be certain that the problem is with its battery. 

Fix 6: Clean Boot Your Dell Laptop

Dell laptop screen not turning on is a common problem. You can perform a clean boot on your device to fix this problem with your laptop. Know how to perform a clean boot on your Dell laptop in 10 small steps.

1. Tap the “Windows” key.

2. Type in “System configuration” and press “Enter”.

3. Now, go to the “Services” tab.

4. Choose the option “Hide all Microsoft services”.

5. Tap “Disable all”.

dell laptop won t turn on even when plugged in

6. Go to the “Startup” tab.

7. Tap “Open Task Manager”.

8. Select the “Startup programs” that may be interfering.

9. Then press “Disable”.

10. The last step is to restart your Dell laptop.

Fix 7: Inspect Your Dell Laptop for Virus

It is possible that your Dell laptop may have got affected by a virus. Likewise, malicious activities and malware too can affect your machine. We will recommend you to install an antivirus in your Dell laptop. This will help you check your system against virus, malicious activity as well as malware. The antivirus will scan your machine to find such bugs.

Fix 8: Drain Flea Power on Your Dell Laptop

Another answer to why won’t Dell laptop turn on is the interference caused by flea power. Sometimes, your Dell laptop may not be connected to the power supply. Yet, an electric current could remain in the circuit. This is called the flea power. When the flea power is being used, the functioning of your laptop may get disrupted. Draining the flea power can help. For this, read these 5 steps.

1. Plug out your Dell laptop.

2. Remove its battery.

3. Press the power button for 15 to 20 seconds.

4. Attach the AC adapter to your device.

5. Now, try to power it on without the battery.

Fix 9: Avoid Overheating of Your Dell Laptop

Overheating of your machine can affect its system and trigger a number of problems such as the Dell laptop not turning on. To avoid overheating of your laptop, you can consider the 3 tips given in this section.

1. Ensure that your Dell laptop is kept in a place with proper ventilation.

2. Check that the air vents are not blocked.

3. Get a can of compressed air for blowing the vents. This will remove any dust sticking to the fan.

Fix 10: Use HDMI Cable for Your Dell Laptop

In certain instances, it was seen that the Dell laptop was on but due to the screen turning black the device seemed to be off. If that is the case with your machine too, then use an HDMI cable to turn on the secondary monitor. To switch to the secondary monitor, you can press the “Fn” and “F8” keys together. 

Fix 11: Contact Dell Experts for Help

In case these solutions do not seem to help, we will advise you to get your laptop checked for any internal error. Get in touch with the Dell customer service at the earliest. Dell customer service is meant to help you in such times. And if your device is in warranty, then you can get it replaced easily. 

What to Do When My New Dell Laptop won’t Turn on?

Users of a new Dell laptop need not worry if their device is not turning on. Windows Boot Genius is one of the best tools to settle this problem. Learn more about this tool and how to use it in the following section. 

Fix 12: Use Windows Boot Genius to Boot Your Dell Laptop

Windows Boot Genius is a helpful tool to solve such problems. Using this tool is simple. Check the following 8 steps to run this tool and get your Dell laptop working again.

1. Download “Windows Boot Genius” on your system. Then install and run the tool.

2. Insert a flash drive, CD, or DVD to create a bootable disk.

3. Click on “Burn”.

4. Then connect this bootable disk to your Dell laptop.

5. Tap the “F12” key repeatedly to boot it.

6. Press the “Enter” key.

7. When you see the tool’s UI, select an appropriate reason that may be causing the problem on your device.

8. Then do as per the on-screen instructions.

What to Do When My Dell Laptop Computer won’t Turn on?

Is your Dell laptop computer not turning on? We know what you can do to get it working once again. You can take the help of the hardware diagnostics test to fix this problem on your Dell laptop computer. To find more information about this solution, read further. 

Fix 13: Run Hardware Diagnostics on Dell Laptop Computer

Running hardware diagnostics can be an intelligent fix to resolve the problem of the Dell laptop computer won’t turn on. This diagnostics test will help you to identify the error on your device. Find out how to perform this diagnostics test in 4 steps. 

1. Go to the Dell support site.

2. Fill in your “Service tag” or “Express service code number”. In case you are unable to find the “Service tag” or “Express service code number”, you can go to the page “Where is the service tag located?”.

3. Then go to the “Diagnostics” tab.

4. Select one of these 3 options, “Quick Test”, “Full Test”, “Custom Component Test”, as per your preference. Then click on “Run”.

Note: These diagnostics tests depend on your system’s hardware. In case you are selecting the “Quick test”, it will require 10 to 15 minutes. If you are choosing the “Full Test”, then it will require at least 40 minutes. And if you are opting for the “Custom Component Test”, then you will have to choose one or more hardware tests. 

What to Do When My Dell Inspiron Laptop won’t Turn on?

In this section, you can explore 3 solutions to the problem of your Dell Inspiron Laptop not turning on. These solutions include inspecting the laptop for any physical damages, charging the device in case the battery died, and pressing the power button. 

Fix 14: Inspect Dell Inspiron Laptop for Physical Damages

Physical damages, as well as liquid spillage, are common reasons why Dell laptop won’t turn on. Therefore, checking your Dell Inspiron laptop for any signs of physical damages or liquid spillage will be a brilliant solution. In case you find any signs of physical damage or liquid spillage, get assistance from your laptop’s manufacturer at the earliest. 

Fix 15: Charge Your Dell Inspiron Laptop

Dell laptop battery died now won’t turn on? It is possible that your Dell laptop may not be turning on due to lack of charge. That is why the best solution will be to charge it. Try the 5 steps given here to perform this solution. 

1. Plug in your device’s AC adapter to an outlet.

2. Connect the AC adapter to your Dell Inspiron Laptop.

3. Ensure that the LED indicator turns on.

4. Allow your laptop some time to get charged. 

5. Then try to turn on your laptop. 

Note: When the LED indicator of the AC adaptor does not turn on, there may be some damage. The best thing to do will be to get the AC adaptor checked from your manufacturer. 

Fix 16: Tap and Hold Power Button of Dell Inspiron Laptop

1. Ensure that your Dell Inspiron laptop is charged.

2. Now, press the “Power” button of your device. Hold it for 10 seconds.

3. Then release the “Power” button. Your device will start working now. 

What to Do When My Dell Inspiron 15 Laptop won’t Turn on?

Our experts have come up with 2 wonderful fixes for settling the problem of your Dell Inspiron 15 Laptop not turning on. These fixes involve removing the battery of your laptop and resetting BIOS to the default values. Check out more details about these 2 fixes below. 

Fix 17: Remove Battery of Dell Inspiron 15 Laptop

Users of Dell Inspiron 15 Laptop often report “My Dell laptop is beeping and won’t turn on”. The root cause of this can be CPU cache test failure. If you also have this model and are facing the same problem, then you can get help in this section. Removing the battery of your laptop will troubleshoot this problem instantly. The steps for this have been shown below. 

1. Close the display of your Dell Inspiron 15 Laptop.

2. Turn over your device.

3. Gently lift the battery using your fingertips and remove it from the battery bay.

4. Now, turn over the device.

5. Open the display again. Open it as much as possible but be careful.

6. Insert the battery again after a while. 

7. Now, start your laptop and use it normally. 

Fix 18: Reset BIOS to Default Values on Dell Inspiron 15 Laptop

Do you have a Dell Inspiron 15 Laptop with Windows 10 and it is not turning on? You can reset BIOS to the default values. This will troubleshoot the problem effectively. Carry out this solution in 7 steps.

1. Restart your Dell Inspiron 15 Laptop.

2. Tap the “F2” key. Press it repeatedly to enter the “Setup” mode.

3. If required, you will find the instruction on your screen to press any other key for the default settings.

4. When you enter the “Setup” mode, you will be provided with the instructions on your screen to continue. Go through these instructions.

5. Then save the changes.

6. Now, exit BIOS. 

7. Try to turn on your Dell Inspiron 15 Laptop.

What to Do When Dell XPS Laptop won’t Turn on?

Sometimes, Dell XPS Laptop users can also face this problem. We know one perfect solution to help you clear this issue. This fix will require you to remove the battery and then install it again. Discover more about this fix in the section given below. 

Fix 19: Use Torx 5 Screwdriver to Fix Your Dell Laptop

Dell users often ask “why won’t my Dell XPS Laptop turn on.” A problem with the battery could be causing this issue. Removing and placing it again can troubleshoot this problem within minutes. Let’s see the steps for this. 

1. Plug out your Dell Laptop.

2. Remove all the cables, power cord, and USB devices connected to it.

3. On the bottom of your laptop, unscrew the screws with a torx 5 screwdriver and then remove the cover.

4. You will find a small cable connector inside. This cable connector connects the main board with the battery. Take off the black covering and remove the cable gently. 

5. Keeping the battery cable unplugged, tap the “Power” button. Hold it for 30 seconds. 

6. Now, plug in the battery cable.

7. Place the cover.

8. Again press the “Power” button. Hold it for 2 seconds. Your Dell laptop will turn on now. 

9. Then fix the screws.


We taught you so many fantastic solutions to fix the problem of your Dell laptop not turning on. We are sure these solutions will work like a charm on your device. Leave us a reply! Tell us which method was the easiest for you. 

Are you also bothered by Dell code errors and other issues? Count on us to get assistance with this problem. Our solutions will definitely fix it for you!

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نمایندگی دل
2 years ago

 Thanks much for making this valuable information

Dick Coupe
4 years ago

Solution 1 was the perfect fix for my black screen (including no Dell logo). I really appreciate the fix did not require getting into any other hardware on the laptop. Thanks much for making this valuable information available in such an understanding format.