How To Backup Thunderbird Emails

How To Backup Thunderbird Emails

Thunderbird is a standout amongst the most renowned and used multi-platform, free mail customers, created and discharged with an open-source permit by Mozilla Foundation. It is quite easy to use Thunderbird emails due to its easy-to-use interface and practically automatic and speedy configuration.

Need of the backup

When a client is moving from one PC framework to other, at that point it is required to take back up of the messages. On the off chance that any client is utilizing Thunderbird on Mac and needs to move his messages to some other email customer or some other working framework, at that point he can reestablish his mailbox data and save it on his hard drive. Most users want to know how to backup Thunderbird Emails on Mac.

How to Backup Thunderbird Emails on Mac

How To Backup Thunderbird Emails
  • After the installation is done, launch Mail Backup X from the Quick Launch Menu.
  • Activate the application or you can try the free 15 days trial run available.
  • After activation, you will be presented with the choice to setup a new back up profile.
  • Go to Mail Clients > Choose Thunderbird Mac Mail Client relying upon which version you are utilizing and move to next step.
  • Here come the folder structures from the Thunderbird Mac Mail Client Mail Accounts. Select or deselect the folders you might want to back up from Thunderbird Mac Mail Client.
  • Choose the frequency of Mail backup as automatic in the advanced alternatives.
  • Backup Profile is ready and now your mails will automatically get backed up, depending upon the options, you selected.  

How to Backup Thunderbird Emails in Windows 7 & 8

  • Close Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Check out the hidden files and folders
  • Select Start menu
  • Select Folder Options
  • Select View tab
  • Select “Show hidden files, folders and drives
  • Select Apply
  • Select OK to close
  • Locate and Archive your Profile
  • Select the file explorer
  • navigate to C:\Users\[Your Username]\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles
navigate to C:\Users\[Your Username]\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles
  • locate *.profile (went before with irregular 8 character set: i.e. v03180j5.profile)
  • Zip the file
  • You would now be able to take this compressed document of your Thunderbird email and securely store. Kindly make sure to expel the ZIP document from the Profiles catalog.

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How to Backup & Restore Address Book in Thunderbird

To backup & restore Address book in Thunderbird, the best way is to export and import the address book.

Exporting the address book

  • To export an address book from Mozilla Thunderbird, you can tap on the Address Book button found midway on Thunderbird’s menu bar.
  • In the Address Book window, click and select one of the address books from the personal address book and collected addresses hanged in the left pane.
  • Next, go to Tools > Export and Save the address book as a record.
  • You can choose from three unique configurations in the Save as sort box:
  • LDIF (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol Data Interchange Format),
  • CSV (Comma-Separated Values), and
  • Text file

Importing the address book

  • Open up the Address Book window utilizing Ctrl+Shift+B.
  • Go to Tools > Import.
  • The import process comprises of three steps.
  • In the first place, you reveal to Thunderbird that you just wish to import just address books.
  • Select the sort of record that you need to import.
  • Select the address book record you wish to add to your address books.
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Is Mail Backup X available on Windows?