How To Delete Bulk Emails On iPhone

How To Delete My AOL Mail In Bulk On Iphone

AOL Mail is one of the foremost web-based email service providers. You must have come across situations when you want to delete several emails, at one go. Don’t you think deleting emails one-by-one can be such a challenging and time-consuming task? Thankfully, AOL Mail proffers the option to delete multiple successive or alternate emails in a chorus.

So, there’s no need keeping unwanted emails that disorganize and clutter up your mailbox.  But, have you ever asked yourself how do I delete Bulk Emails in My AOL Mail? With AOL in tow, you get the opportunity to delete not just a single mail, but a bunch of emails at the same instant. In addition, you can choose a mass delete option.

How to delete all AOL Mails at once?

Step: 1 – First sign-in to your AOL Mail account

AOL sign-in page

Step: 2 – In case, you’re going for the removal of non-consecutive emails, you have to keep pressing and holding the “Ctrl” key and clicking the checkboxes adjacent to each mail you wish to delete.

Select Email Messages

If you wish to delete all consecutive emails, it’s the “Shift” key which you need to press and hold. Simultaneously, click the first email that you want to delete. Press and hold the “Shift” key once more and click the last email where you want the bulk deletion to end. Otherwise, use the “Select All” button after you select the first mail. Both these processes help pick all unwanted emails and make headway to delete all AOL Mails at once.

Step: 3 – Now click on the “Delete” button located at the top of the screen. It will ask for confirmation. Next click “Ok” to confirm and go ahead with the deletion of the selected emails.

Step: 4 – When you’re in need to mass delete AOL Mails from specific folders, for example, “Saved on AOL” or “Saved on My PC”, you have to repeat steps 2 & 3.

Step: 5 – Click on the “Mail” menu. There you’ll find the “Recently Deleted Mail” folder. Click the “Permanently Delete” button to eliminate all the emails from the “Recently Deleted” folder for good.

With the advent of iOS 10, Apple has done away with the “Trash All” option everywhere except the Trash folder. In your iPhone’s “All Inboxes”, deletion of every unread email or a subset of emails, like flagged emails, can be accomplished by tapping the filter icon residing on the lower left part of your smartphone’s screen. The default mail filter is “Unread”.

How to delete AOL Mails in bulk from your iPhone? Well, it’s quite simple to effectuate this.

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