How to Delete Multiple or Bulk Emails on AOL Permanently

How to Delete Multiple or Bulk Emails on AOL Permanently

While using your AOL account, you may have noticed too many emails in the inbox. Some of these emails may be carrying crucial data.However, you may also find messages that are either spam or irrelevant. Considering their number, you may wish to delete these AOL mails in bulk at once.

To learn how to delete multiple emails on AOL, you can use the Ctrl and Shift keys for selecting them in one go. You can all clear the consecutive emails by pressing and holding the Shift key for some time. Doing so will help you in easily selecting them. If you are trying to remove the AOL email messages on iOS devices like iPhone, then you can visit the folder in which they are located. Using the checkboxes, you can select them and then press the icon of Delete. 

In this reading, we have gathered such methods to help you permanently delete thousands of AOL emails in bulk. The directions for these methods can be accessed as you complete reading the entire post.

There are several methods that can be followed for deleting AOL emails in bulk at once. An overview of these methods can be obtained from the following summary:

How Do I Delete All AOL Emails at Once in Bulk?

AOL email account users get the option of deleting the message in bulk and that too in one go. To exercise this option, you will be required to sign in to your account. Along with pressing the Ctrl key for some time, you have to tick the box for those emails that you don’t need. Soon after, you will come across a Delete button. As you press it and supply your confirmation for the action, the chosen emails will get removed. 

You need to understand the complete steps to know how to delete AOL mails in bulk. You can find these steps here:

  • First, sign in to your “AOL Mail Account”.
AOL sign-in page
  • For removing the non-consecutive emails, press the “Ctrl” key and hold it. Keep holding the key for as long as you are selecting the checkboxes located adjacent to the mails you want to remove.
Select Email Messages

If you wish to delete all consecutive emails, it’s the “Shift” key which you need to press and hold. Simultaneously, click the first email that you want to delete. Press and hold the “Shift” key once more and click the last email where you want the bulk deletion to end. Otherwise, use the “Select All” button after you select the first mail. Both these processes help pick all unwanted emails and make headway to delete all AOL Mails at once.

  • Now, click on the “Delete” button located at the top of the screen. It will ask you for confirmation. 
  • Next, click on “Ok” to confirm and continue.
  • To delete AOL mails in bulk from a particular folder such as “Saved on AOL” or “Saved on My PC”, repeat steps 2 to 4.
  • Click on the “Mail” menu. 
  • Locate the “Recently Deleted Mail” folder. 
  • Click on the “Permanently Delete” button to eliminate all the emails.

When all the steps have been carried in the order that has been mentioned here, you will be able to clear the AOL mails in bulk.

How to Delete Multiple Emails on AOL Using the Ctrl/Shift Key?

In several instances in which the users were required to remove multiple emails from their AOL account, they made use of the Ctrl or Shift key for doing so. Using these keys, you can select more than one email at a time. Gradually, you will be able to delete multiple emails on AOL.

You can head to AOL’s Sign-in page. After logging in to your email account, you have to push the Ctrl key on the keyboard. Along with that, a selection of the emails that have to be deleted has to be made. If you are opting for the Shift key, then first press it. After this, you have to choose the initial and final email messages. As you do so, the emails that fall in between the initial and final ones will automatically get selected. You will be needed to provide your confirmation for finally deleting these emails. 

  • Open the “Sign-in” page of “AOL”.
  • Enter the credentials of your AOL account for signing in.
  • Press “Ctrl”. While pressing it, pick the emails you would like to delete.

Important: As an alternative, you can press the “Shift” key and select the initial email which has to be removed. Now, press the “Shift” key and tap the last message for deletion. The emails lying between the initial and the last selected message will be removed. 

  • Tap on “Delete”.
  • Push “Ok” for providing your confirmation.

Once the confirmation has been given, the preferred mails will get deleted. 

How to Delete All Emails on AOL Permanently?

There is an approach following which you can permanently delete your AOL mails. This approach requires you to initially open your web browser and visit the official site of AOL. For signing in to your account, you can provide the correct username and password. After you have accessed your email account, choose the option of Mail. Click on the option stating Recently Deleted Mail. Now, hold the Ctrl key and tap all the emails that you won’t be requiring. Later, you can select the Permanently Delete option. When your confirmation has been provided, these emails will get removed from your AOL email account. 

To find out more about how to delete all the emails on AOL on your mobile, computer, laptop, etc., using this approach, you can go through the instructions shown as follows:

  • Open “” on your browser.
  • Enter the required information for logging in to your email account.
  • Select “Mail”.
  • Choose “Recently Deleted Mail”.

Important: This option should be chosen when you have to permanently delete the email messages from the folder of “All Recently Deleted Emails”.

  • Now, press “Ctrl”. Along with that, tap the emails that are no longer required.

Important: This step should be performed when you have to continuously remove your emails. Additionally, you can press “Shift” and hold it. While doing so, the first email has to be chosen. As you tap the “Shift” key, the last email needs to be selected. 

  • Push the button for “Permanently Delete”.
  • Lastly, press “Ok”.

Important: While you are using Internet Explorer as the browser for opening the site of AOL, you may experience errors. You may wish to fix the issue of this email platform not loading or responding on IE. You can look for the solution here.

How Do I Delete Multiple Emails on AOL on My iPhone?

Let us now take a look at how to delete multiple AOL emails on your iOS device like an iPhone. Most of the individuals prefer selecting the mails in a particular folder for deleted them at once. If you believe that deleting a single AOL email will consume much time, then you too can consider doing this. 

On your iPhone, you can go to Mail. Here, you have to pick that folder that is carrying the mails that aren’t required. Next to these emails, you will be able to find checkboxes. They have to be selected. After selecting all the emails that you want to delete, you have to press the icon of Delete.

  • On your iPhone, press the icon of “Mail”.
  • Select the folder in which your mails are located.
  • Pick the box present next to every mail for deleting it.

Important: You can also choose the first mail and then click on “Select All”.

  • Now, press the icon of “Delete”.

Words of Caution: While you delete the AOL mails in bulk, note that they can get permanently removed from your account. This means that you may not be able to retrieve the permanently deleted email messages on AOL. Therefore, we will advise that you thoroughly check the emails that you are planning to clear otherwise you may end up losing your crucial data.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In this reading, we covered a range of methods for understanding how your AOL emails can be deleted by selecting them in bulk. Some of you may be having additional questions relating to the same. We have picked the 3 most commonly asked queries. They may help in resolving your query as well.

1. Does AOL automatically delete old emails?

At present, there is no filter for automatically deleting old AOL emails. However, you can manually delete the emails which are not required. You can select them in bulk via the checkboxes available next to them. Then you can press the Delete option.

2. How do I delete all my emails on AOL?

For deleting all your AOL emails, you can sign in to your account. Using the “Ctrl” key, you can tap on all the emails you want to delete. Then you can tap on “Delete” and hit a click on the “Ok” tab. All your emails will be cleared from your account.

3. Is it possible to get deleted AOL emails back?

You can get the deleted emails back to your AOL account only when they have been removed during a period of 7 days. After signing in to your account, you will find the Trash option. Pick the email which has to be restored. Press the dropdown option at the top and next to “More”. Select “Move to” and restore your emails at a preferred location.

Briefly to Conclude,

Deleting mails one at a time can be a time-consuming task when they exist in thousands.   Therefore, several users look for options using which AOL emails can be deleted all at once. Selecting the checkboxes located next to these emails is one option for going ahead with this purpose. In addition, you can use the Ctrl or Shift keys for choosing multiple emails as well as removing them. Should you wish to remove the messages from your AOL email inbox on your iPhone, you can select them in bulk by visiting the folder in which they are stored. We believe that all the methods stated here helped you in clearing the unwanted emails on this account. Do you have any feedback for this post? If so, then the following comment section can be used for posting it.

As a user of this mailing platform, you may want to read more such posts. Our experienced team has done brilliant research to list the methods explaining how to recover deleted AOL emails. Additionally, you can take a look at another post for finding out how to delete a folder in AOL mail.

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