How to Send Personalized Mass Emails in Gmail?

How to Send Personalized Mass Emails in Gmail?

Sending single emails can be usual but there can be situations when you may come up with a requirement to share a large number of personalized messages at one time to different people. These emails can be sent when you want to make a promotion about a product, convey the same message to many, or share announcements. 

As Gmail can provide this service free of cost, people can get inclined towards this provider. Therefore, forming your knowledge of how to send personalized mass emails in Gmail can be essential. The features of the platform such as labels, contacts, groups, etc., can be employed in specific ways to go ahead with the task.

How to Send Mass Email with Personal Names in Gmail?

When you send emails in bulk, Gmail can enable you to add the names of the recipients, thereby, personalizing them. The feature of labels can help you send such emails. On this platform, you can easily store your contacts too(Import Contacts to Gmail). Once stored in Gmail, you can send mass personalized emails through these as well. An interesting way to share mass mails can be through Google Groups too. The feature has been specifically built for letting the users communicate with more than one person by mentioning the name in messages.

Method 1: By Using Label

Labels are kinds of tags put on your emails to keep them in one place. They can categorize your electronic mails so that you can easily find them through the labels mentioned on them. You may even add them to the drafts. As many of these can be applied to a single message, the process to send mass personalized emails in Gmail can become quicker. 

Using labels, you can send bulk emails with names in two ways. Prior to knowing the ways, you should first see how a label can be created.

  • Head to “Google Contacts” in “Gmail”.
  • Then click on the “Create Label” button.
  • Provide a name for the label.
  • Hit “Save”.
Create Label” button
  • Now, for adding contacts, tap on “Create Contact”.
  • The required details are to be filled in this step.
  • Next, press the “Save” option.
 press the “Save” option
  • Among the “Contact List” options, pick the ones that are to be added to the group.
  • After that, push “Manage Labels”.
  • The label that has been created is to be chosen in this step.
  • It will get added automatically to the contacts that you have selected.

Now, for sending mass emails, you may either use Google Contacts or can move with the inbox of Gmail in combination with this feature.

Option 1: Through Google Contacts

To send personalized mass emails in Gmail, users can consider Google Contacts along with labels. In this app, contacts get automatically added from the platform. Along with the name of the contact, each of the other details like the surname, email address, job title, etc., are also attached. By using it, you can choose those contacts to whom you want to send the messages at one time. For processing, the label needs to be selected in your Google Contacts account.

  • Go to “Google Contacts”.
  • Choose the required label through the option.
  • From the list, put a check beside some or all the contacts.
  • Press the “Envelope” icon on the top for sending the email.
Press the “Envelope” icon
  • A new page similar to the box of Gmail’s “New Message” will be opened. Now, the mass message is to be created.
  • It is to be sent to those recipients whose names you tick.

How to send personalized mass emails in Gmail should seem time-saving with this option. For an even quicker way of doing so, let us see what the next option unfolds.

Option 2: Via Gmail Inbox

The Gmail inbox is the storage space of the non-archived messages(Find Archived Emails in Gmail). When a person sends an email, it automatically comes up in your inbox from where you can have a look at it. On the Inbox page, you can find the Compose tab through which Gmail can send personalized mass emails. Filling the label’s name in the To field of the tab is required for performing the process.

  • Head to the inbox of “Gmail”.
  • After that, press the “Compose” button.
  • The label’s name is to be typed in the field of “To”.
 press the “Compose” button.
  • The contacts according to the provided label will be taken out. Now, the personalized mass message can be sent at once to multiple people added to the label.

Method 2: Utilizing Google Groups

Google Groups are designed for those who want to communicate to a large number of people at the same instant. This service can be utilized through only. Through it, you can send personalized mass emails in Gmail easily. The procedure requires the creation of a group and then the members are to be invited to it. After they join, you can send them messages, carrying their names, over Gmail.

  • As you run “Gmail”, click on the “Create” option for making a group.
  • Enter a name for it.
  • Mention the other details required.
 run “Gmail”, click on the “Create” option
  • Tap on the group and select the members.
  • Opt for the “Invite Members” tab.
  • A customized invitation message can also be sent additionally with the link “Join the Group”.
Join the Group
  • In case the group is embedded on the external webpage, the members can join on their own.
  • Press the “New Message” button for sending a message. It is to be sent on the group’s email ID.

Tip: If you are unable to remember the name of the group, then move to its lists and have a look over the “About” screen to find it.

gmail personalized mass email

Method 3: Making Use of Extensions

Extensions are one of the tools provided by Gmail that come with added features such as the functions and the layout of your email account. With the help of this feature, you can allow your account to merge with Google Sheets so that the required data can be pulled out from the sheet. Thus, sending personalized mass emails from Gmail can be started through it. A new spreadsheet with the information of the name, company, etc., can be needed to begin the process. 

  • A spreadsheet with all the details of the contacts such as their names, companies, and titles is to be created.
  • Like the example given below, a macro needs to be inserted in the message box of the email that you will be sending.
    • “{{first name}}”

Note: To see how to send mass emails with personal names in Gmail, this step can be very crucial and should be performed as directed.

  • Once you insert it, the corresponding value would be taken up from the spreadsheet you have created. For such reasons, you are required to place each of the values in a distinct column.
  • From here, you can pull off the values more easily that will save your time while sending the mass emails.

Method 4: Availing of Google Sheets

Google Sheets, as its name suggests, is one of the online spreadsheet applications that help in creating and formatting it. It also allows you to share your work with the people you want to. In addition, by connecting your Google Sheets account with Gmail, personalized mass emails can be sent to different recipients at one time. For executing this, it can be important to make a spreadsheet and fill out the columns according to the field’s name.

  • A spreadsheet is required to be created in “Google Sheets”.
  • You need to use the name of the fields as “First Name”, “Last Name”, “Email Address” etc.
First Name”, “Last Name”, “Email Address” etc
  • Then go to “Gmail” and create a draft of the email that you want to share. To send a personalized one, make use of the curly brackets and inside it, the name of the field is to be inserted. 
create a draft of the email
  • Click on the “Close” button for saving it as a draft.
  • Move again to “Google Sheets” and press on “Add Ons”.
  • In this step, click on “Get Add Ons”.
  • After that, head to the “Yet Another Mail Merge” option.
  • Go through the terms and conditions and if you are comfortable with them, then hit “Ok”.
  • Again visit “Add Ons” and select “Yet Another Mail Merge”.
  • Then proceed to the “Start Mail Merge” button.
“Start Mail Merge” button
  • The email’s heading can be viewed.
  • From here, opt for the draft that you had saved.
  • Put a tick beside the “Track Emails Opened” box for checking the read receipts.
  • Then press the “Send Me a Text Message” option.
  • The Gmail inbox needs to be checked.
  • When everything looks alright, move towards “Yet Another Mail Merge” and tap on the Send Emails” tab. The email will be sent to all the selected contacts.
  • Wait for a message to pop up on the screen stating “All Emails have been Sent”.
  • Push the “Ok” button. 
Ok” button

Should you find that the pop-up has not emerged, please check whether the steps so far were rightly performed. Or, you may wait longer. Otherwise, the method can be started all over again.

Method 5: With GMass Build Email List

GMass is considered as a plugin that lets you send emails in bulk through the original Gmail compose window. It also provides you with a test mode where you can have a preview of the large messages such as their design, text, personalization, etc., that are going to be sent. For finding how to send personalized mass emails in Gmail, conversations are to be located through the search bar present on its homepage.

  • Let us start by opening “Gmail”.
  • Move to the “Search” bar on top of the page.
  • Here, you need to find the conversations that you are looking for by typing in the provided field.
  • After a matching list appears, tap on the “GMass Build Email List” tab or the magnifying glass icon for scraping every email address in the matching conversations. 
GMass Build Email List
  • It will search all the email addresses of the matching messages in the lines of “From” and “To”.

What are the Limitations for Sending Personalized Mass Emails from Gmail?

Before you send mass personalized emails in Gmail, it should be known that they can only be sent to many recipients in sole electronic mail. A maximum of 500 emails can be sent within the 24-hour duration. As the system needs a complete cycle of 24 hours for processing them again, you may not be able to send them at 11.50 p.m. and then once more at 12.05 p.m. 

  • In case the emails that you have sent have been marked as spam in most of the recipients, your Gmail account may be temporarily disabled. This situation can also arise if the undeliverable messages are sent in bulk to invalid email addresses.
  • The designs provided by Gmail for sending messages can be quite simple and limited too.

On a Final Note

Gmail, which is one of the most-used apps for sending emails, also offers its users to send personalized messages in bulk. Therefore, how to send personalized mass emails in Gmail may often be sought. With the methods and options shown here, you should be able to carry out such tasks with no issues seen.

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