Where to Find WPS Pin on HP Printer?

Where to Find WPS Pin on HP Printer?

The pin for Wi-Fi Protected Setup provides you with an easy option to connect your HP printer to a device. This pin works for connecting wireless devices to your router. When your printer gets connected to the device, you can perform several printing actions via the same. Prior to carrying out these actions, you will be required to know how and where to find the WPS pin on HP printers. Usually, you can use your printer’s Control Panel for finding it. The manual of your printing device can also be used for getting the needed assistance to find the WPS button or pin. 

We have discussed the entire method in this blog. Along with that, you can also know how to find this pin on HP Envy Printers, DeskJet Printers, and OfficeJet Printers. 

To quickly know about the queries and methods elaborated in this guide, you can make use of the following summary:

What is a WPS pin? 

WPS or Wi-Fi Protected Setup is used to establish a secure wireless connection between a printer and a device. Through a WPS pin, you can establish connections without any problem. Mainly, there are two types of WPS connections available that you can use to connect your HP printer with a personal device. These types are inclusive of the WPS button and WPS pin.

After knowing what it is, you can find the WPS pin on the HP printer to start using its functions. To get assistance for finding it, you can move to the next section.

Note: It should be noted that the WPS feature can only be used with those wireless networks that are encrypted through a WPA or WPA2 personal security protocol. You may find a WPS button on the router that can also be used to establish a secure connection between a printer and a device.

Where to Find the WPS Pin on the HP Printer?

While the usage of the HP printer’s WPS pin is often known to the users, they may not know as to where it can be located. To know where or how to find the WPS pin on HP printers, you can first start the machine. After turning it on, you can rush to the Control Panel. Using this, you have to visit the Settings. Now, you will be required to opt for Wi-Fi Protected Setup. After this, you will come across certain instructions on the display. By making use of the same, you can view the WPS PIN. 

You can also go through the steps listed as follows for finding the WPS pin on your HP printer:

  • Check that your HP Printer is on.
  • Head to your device’s “Control Panel”.
  • Open the “Settings”. You can tap the button labeled “Wireless” for doing so.
  • Make a selection for “Wi-Fi Protected Setup”.
Wi-Fi Protected Setup - to find wps pin on hp printer
  • Use the instructions you can see and then select “PIN” after it is seen.
  • The “WPS PIN” should be displayed now.

Now that you know enough about the WPS pin of the HP printer and where to find it, you can start using it for connecting to your personal device. After the connection has been created, you can use your HP printer for running the print commands and other functions.

How Do I Connect My HP Printer Using WPS Button or Pin?

To connect your HP printer to a device, the WPS button or pin can be utilized. This can be mainly done via the Control Panel of your printing device. As you move to the settings of your HP printer, you will be guided by certain prompts. These prompts will enable you in finding out the WPS pin for your printing machine. Then by entering it, you can connect your printer to another device.

To learn more about how to find the WPS pin for your HP printer and connect it to another device using the pin, you can scroll and find two methods below. By understanding the directions of these methods, you can administer them.

Method 1: Connecting HP Printer by Using the WPS Button

The WPS button can be used for connecting your personal device with your HP printer. To connect the two, you can visit your printing device’s Control Panel. You can tap the Settings/Wireless button. After this, you can locate the option of Wi-Fi Protected Setup and choose it. This will be followed by viewing certain directions on the display. You can press the WPS button when you are prompted to do so. The procedure to connect your device with your HP printer will get completed in some time.

  • Firstly, you need to go to the “Control Panel” of your HP printer.
  • Press the “Wireless” or the “Settings” button. 
  • Now, you will notice a blinking blue light.
  • Move towards the “Wi-Fi Protected Setup” option.
  • Follow the instructions displayed on the screen. 
  • Select the option of “WPS Button”. 
  • Your HP printer will ask for pressing the “WPS” button on the wireless router.
  • Press the “Continue” button on the printer.
  • The connection will be established now. You can use your personal device for giving the print commands for checking this connection.

Method 2: Connecting HP Printer with the Help of the WPS PIN

Once you find the HP printer’s WPS pin, you would wish to use it. It can be utilized for the purpose of connecting your personal device with your printer. For completing this purpose, you can locate the Wireless button on the printing machine’s Control Panel. After this, you can select Settings by pressing the button for it. From here, you can go to Wi-Fi Protected Setup. By making use of the on-screen guidelines, you can view the WPS PIN. As you enter this pin, you will be able to make the connection. 

To know the complete guidelines for using the WPS pin to connect to your HP printer, you can read here:

  • Open your HP Printer’s “Control Panel”. 
  • Press the “Wireless” button.
  • Tap the “Settings” button.
  • Pick the option of “Wi-Fi Protected Setup”. 
  • Follow the displayed instructions.
  • The option of “WPS PIN” will be seen. Press it. Your “WPS PIN” will get displayed. 
  • Access the “Configuration Utility Tool”/”Software” for the “Wireless Access Point” or “Wireless Router”.
  • Input the “WPS PIN”.
  • Now, open “All Programs”.
  • Open the “HP Printer” folder. 
  • Pick the option of “Printer Setup and Software”.
  • Choose “Connect a New Printer”. 

The network printer driver will get installed now. Afterward, your device will be ready for use.

How to Find the WPS Pin for the HP DeskJet 3630 Printer?

For learning how to find the WPS pin on HP Printer 3630, you can begin by visiting the Control Panel. Here, you have to pick the option of Settings. The next step would be to opt for Wi-Fi Setup. You will be provided with certain prompts on your printer’s display. These prompts have to be correctly followed for finding the WPS pin. 

Should you like to read this procedure in detail, you can view all the steps below:

  • View the “Control Panel” of your HP DeskJet 3630 Printer.
  • Next, visit the “Settings”.
  • After this, make a selection for “Wi-Fi Setup”.
  • Read the prompts on the display and then follow them.
  • Provide the “Pin” and then press the “Pin” that you can see.
  • Now, the “WPS Pin” should be visible on the display. You can make a note of it.

Where to Find WPS Pin on HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 Printer?

HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 Printer enables you to make use of the WPS pin for connecting your device. To find this pin, you can first check that your router is carrying the WPS pin along with the WPA/WPA2 Password. After this has been acquired by you, you can enter this pin when the software installation is running on your HP printer. This will help you in finding the WPS pin of your printer.

For knowing the complete steps to understand where to find the WPS pin on HP Printer 8710, reading the following will be helpful:

  • Check the sticker on the rear of your router.
  • Note the “WPS Pin” from the sticker.
  • Ensure that your router is carrying the “WPA”/”WPA2” password.
  • Now, initiate the process for software installation. 
  • During the process, you will be asked to enter the “WPS Pin”. Enter the pin that was earlier noted by you.
  • Now, check the display of your HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 Printer.
  • Note the pin displayed on the panel. 

Note: Make sure that in the above step, the “WPS Pin” is quickly noted by you or else it may disappear. 

  • In the next tab, provide this pin for finishing the procedure.

HP Printer Models Compatible with Our Methods

To learn how to find the WPS pin on HP Envy Printers, the methods given here will be suitable. Certain models of the series on which these methods can work have been shown here:

HP Envy 4520 PrinterHP Envy 5000 PrinterHP Envy 5052 PrinterHP Envy 5055 Printer
HP Envy 5540 PrinterHP Envy 7640 PrinterHP Envy 7800 Printer

On other models of HP printers like the ones listed here, you can try implementing these methods for obtaining the WPS button or pin:

HP DeskJet 2600 PrinterHP DeskJet 3700 PrinterHP Printer 3830HP Printer 8720
HP LaserJet P1102W PrinterHP OfficeJet 4650 PrinterHP OfficeJet Pro 6970 Printer

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A list of the questions usually asked by the users of HP printers has been presented below. Should you like to know more about the HP printer’s WPS pin/button, reading these questions will be recommended.

1. How do I connect to Wi-Fi using the WPS Pin?

You can use the WPS pin for connecting to your wifi. Ensure that the input tray is open. Then keep the “Wi-Fi” button pressed for a few seconds. When the blue light starts flashing, you can stop pressing the button. You can input the WPS pin on your wireless router. The Wi-fi will start when the printer gets connected to the network. 

2. How many digits does the WPS pin have?

The WPS pin contains 8 digits. This number is encrypted by using the personal security protocols of WPA as well as WPA 2. This 8-digit pin can be used for connecting your printer with your personal device.

3. How to find the WPS pin on HP Envy 4520 and 4650 Printers?

To know where to find the WPS pin on HP Envy 4520 and 4650 Printers, you can go to the screen of your device. The pin is usually displayed here. You can follow certain directions to view the pin via this screen.

4. Does every router carry a WPS pin?

Every router may not carry the WPS pin. To check for it, you can either check the device’s backside. If the pin isn’t mentioned here, then you can check the front panel to find it. In case your router lacks the WPS feature, you may be unable to find the pin. To be sure, you can check the router’s product documentation.

5. What does WPS stand for?

WPS refers to Wi-Fi Protected Setup. it works as a wireless network security for connecting your printer to your personal device. The WPS pin or button can be found only when your device is supportive of it.

6. Where do you find the WPS pin for HP Envy 5052 Printer?

To find out the WPS pin for HP Envy 5052 Printer, you can find the Settings in the Control Panel. After this, you can press the Wireless button. Next, you can choose “Wi-Fi Protected Setup”. Soon, you will find certain instructions. By following them, the WPS pin will be made available to you.

Several models of HP printers allow you to use the WPS pin or button. By using this, you can connect to your router as well as other devices. By establishing such a connection, you can use your HP printer in several ways. To find the Wi-Fi Protected Setup pin, you can visit your printer’s Control Panel. Here, you can find the Settings. By opening the Settings, you can read the instructions for knowing the pin. Once the pin has been obtained, you can quickly make the connection with another device. Here, we mentioned these methods in detail. We also tried answering as many queries as possible for supplying you with enough information about the HP printer’s WPS pin. 

To improve your knowledge further about HP printers, you can read about the common issues that can affect them. Issues like HP printer offline issue and HP printer says paper out have been researched by us. You can click here to read about them.

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