Call of Duty: Warzone Cracks the Whip on 20K Cheaters

Call of Duty 20000 Warzone cheaters were banned on Monday

Call of Duty: Warzone has unleashed its frenzy all over again today and millions of its fans are already vouching for it. However, some 20 K players worldwide are going to miss out on the showdown due to a popular cheat that the makers of the game haven’t approved of. 

Activision has cracked its whip on all those players who were using subscription-based cheat services such as EngineOwning. Whether all these players were using the same platform or not is still unknown. Right now EngineOwning website is full of several comments on its forums by some lovelorn fans who are just not happy with the ban and those who are feeling just the opposite. 

EngineOwning has an old reputation for providing cheating hacks to players all over the world to help them gain an edge. This time too many have lost their Twitch accounts. 

Following the footsteps of Activision, other makers have also banned players who were using cheating hacks. The makers have gone the legal way and banned these kinds of websites from selling software applications.