Opera GX Browser: World’s First Aesthetic Gaming Browser for Windows and Mac

Opera GX Browser: World’s First Aesthetic Gaming Browser for Windows and Mac

Tremendous news hopping on the internet will win the hearts of every PC gamer!

There are billions of PC gamers but no one ever imagined that the Opera GX browser will be a boon for the gamers.

Opera carved out a fresh niche of the browser and released Opera GX browser specifically for gaming. It has an appealing design, built-in VPN, ad blockers, customization, Twitter, and WhatsApp integration, and a lot more. The browser is designed keeping in mind online privacy for users.

Where Opera GX Browser can be Installed?

Opera GX browser is the best browser for those who are into computer games. The browser can be installed on Windows and Mac computers or laptops. Although there is no Opera GX mobile version, the computer version won’t make you upset.

You can download Opera GX latest version on the preferred operating system (Windows or macOS). If you are thinking about what is Opera GX download size is, you will be amazed that it is only a 3.5 MB installer. It takes no time to download and launch the browser.

Visual Appeal and Features

Opera GX browser’s visuals are quite impressive. Once you launch it, you will see a dark background with colorful outlines that makes it appealing. You can swap between different themes such as Purple Haze or Ultraviolet. The browser allows you to flip to dark mode automatically when visiting any website.

Is Opera GX Good?

Opera GX browser is not just good in appearance but also in sound. As you start browsing, the ambient electronic score starts playing. The music keeps on changing depending on what you are doing on the web. It gives a perfect feel while playing games. With dynamic music, you can thoroughly enjoy your browsing. Those who find it quite vibrant can adjust the volume. In addition, the music can be turned off if not preferred.

What Does Opera GX Browser Stand Out from the Rest?

Opera GX browser is the coolest browser every gamer can desire for. Not just in terms of visual or sound but what makes this browser stand out is its features which are as follows:

  • Speed Dial Start page
  • Websites recommendation along with a search bar
  • Gaming news feed
  • Customizable calendar for platforms
  • Free games
  • Watch trailers with a picture in picture video
  • Built-in ad blocker and Opera GX VPN to maintain privacy
  • Manage cryptocurrency wallet by connecting the phone to browser
  • Organize tools by opening new windows or tabs
  • Opera GX Razer Chroma integration
  • Create or save different themes workspaces from the sidebar
  • Messenger apps integration including Twitter, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp in the sidebar
  • Download Opera GX wallpapers
  • Organize downloads history by file type
  • File attachments suggestions for emails

You can also use Opera GX extensions(windows) to boost more power in this browser. For instance, you can use Reader View extensions, Pocket extensions to store articles to read later. The extension button located on the top of the browser allows you to take screenshots or use Opera GX bookmarks pages.

Browse While Playing Games

Earlier, gamers had to close the browser to boost performance. Fortunately, Opera GX browser helps to identify the potential performance issues and fix them. It cleans junk to speed up your device. You can also use incognito mode in Opera GX browser. In addition, it takes care of the battery when playing games on laptops. It limits the amount of CPU, RAM, and network bandwidth usage that is used by your browser. Hence, you can browse smoothly even when you are playing on your computer.

opera gx browser

Is Opera GX Safe?

Opera is based on Chromium so its privacy is the same as any other Chromium browsers. Opera GX is secured enough to use on your Windows or Mac computer. It has amazing built-in features such as proxy configuration, VPN supports, and ad blocker.

With CPU and RAM limit settings, GX Corner, Twitch, and RGB integration, this browser is proved to be the best browser for gamers. It’s cool and unique features makes it flexibly smooth to browse and play games.

So download Opera GX APK for Windows and take advantage of its features.

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