What is QuickBooks eBay Integration, its Features, and Ways to Sync?

What is QuickBooks eBay Integration, its Features, and Ways to Sync?

Integrating QuickBooks with a shopping site like eBay is recommended for businesses. For accessing a range of features like analytics and automatic syncing, QuickBooks eBay integration should be done. For integrating your accounts in this accounting software and on the shopping site, the eBay app can be used. This application is the most suitable for QuickBooks Commerce users. With the availability of third-party applications, other versions of the Intuit software can also be linked with eBay.

Moving ahead, let us read more about what the integration between the two platforms mean. Then we will also show you the ways to sync your QB, QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks commerce, and eBay accounts.

A short summary of this blog has been added as follows:

What does QuickBooks eBay Integration Mean?

When you integrate QuickBooks with eBay, it means that you link two platforms to access them together. QuickBooks eBay integration enables a user to cut the need for accessing two different platforms. This integration is available for the users of eBay, QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Commerce, etc. You are able to sync the information of the shopping site with your QB account to manage your business with more ease.

Features of eBay and QuickBooks Integration

You can find 4 main features with the syncing or integration of eBay with QB, QBO, QuickBooks Commerce, or other versions of the software. These features have been shown as follows:

Managing Your Inventory

Once you have integrated your QuickBooks account with eBay, you can quickly track the inventory. As orders are received, refunded, or cancelled, the inventory will get updated on its own.

Tracking Your Shipments

Maintaining a track of the shipments becomes easier when you can sync your eBay and QuickBooks accounts. You can also add the rules for shipping as per your preferences.

Automatic Syncing

With QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online eBay integration, automatic syncing is the best feature you can get access to. You can quickly synchronize your information from one account to the other as and when any processes occur.

Availability of Analytics

This integration is mainly opted for the availability of analytics. With analytics, errors in revenue, profits, expenses, losses, etc., can be removed. Thus, your information and reports will be more accurate.

Main Benefits of eBay and QuickBooks Integration

The benefits or advantages of integrating QuickBooks with eBay include the following:

  • You can save your time as this integration allows you to auto-share your data.
  • The syncing of eBay and QB provide you with several features in one place. You do not have to invest in two separate platforms to get access to these features. Thus, you are able to save your money.
  • Several sales channels can be connected to QuickBooks. These channels help in keeping the stock levels updated.
  • Processes like data entry will not have to be manually performed.
  • With eBay and QuickBooks integration, there is less scope for errors to emerge.

Method for QuickBooks Online eBay integration

One of the ways to integrate QuickBooks Online with eBay is by using OneSaas. This is a reliable platform that lets you easily sync your QBO and eBay accounts to access various features. Making an account on OneSaas can be a requirement. Then you can connect your QBO account with this platform. After this, you will have to make certain configurations for QuickBooks Online as well as eBay. Afterward, you can sync your eBay account with that of Intuit’s accounting software.

Followed by QuickBooks Online eBay integration, the stock levels can be updated. In addition, your products can be imported from the shopping site. You may also go through the integration platform to see what more can be done.

Integrating QuickBooks Commerce with eBay

As a user of QuickBooks Commerce, the eBay application can be considered for integration purposes. In this version of the accounting software, you can use Browse Apps to get this application. For going ahead, you will have to pick the eBay Built by QuickBooks Commerce app. After its installation, you can link both your accounts.

Let us now see how this version of QuickBooks and eBay’s integration can be done.

  • Start to run “QuickBooks Commerce”.
  • Choose “Browse Apps” from here.
Browse Apps
  • Tap on “eCommerce” in Step 3.
  • Now, look for “eBay Built by QuickBooks Commerce”. Select this option.
eBay Built by QuickBooks Commerce
  • Press the button that mentions “Install App”.
  • When you see “Connect Your eBay Store”, choose a “Country” with the help of the dropdown.

Note: The country that you need to choose in this step should be that of the eBay site.

  • Tap on “Continue”.

Note: Certain sellers may be selling their products in more than one country. The sales channels of eBay will have to be connected to QuickBooks Commerce. Doing so will assist you in knowing from where an order is being received.

  • Wait for the “Homepage” of the shopping site to open.
  • Enter your information and press “Sign in”.
Enter your information
  • Send confirmation for enabling eBay and QuickBooks Commerce integration.
  • Push the “I Agree” button to finish.

To Sum up

Here, we saw the best ways to integrate eBay with QuickBooks. Applications and third-party sites can easily help in initiating the process. You only need to be careful in choosing the right application or site for doing so. With this, we end the blog. For any suggestions relating to this blog, you can write to us through the comment box.

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