QuickBooks Error 136: Causes & Effective Troubleshooting Methods

QuickBooks Error 136: Causes & Effective Troubleshooting Methods

At the time of installing QB, certain technical problems may occur. The result of these can lead to the QuickBooks error 136. While there can be varying causes of the code, the most usual can hint at the software’s installation. Reinstalling the Intuit software may seem useful to the users. However, this may not assure the clearance of the installation error. The founders of accounting software can release updates from time to time. Installing these can be useful to fix the error 136. In addition, when you are using QuickBooks Desktop, the fix can be different and include its suppression prior to using or opening files on it.

Why Do You See Error 136 in QuickBooks?

Some errors occurring in this software can be complex to understand just like code 136. It can be speculated that both Windows systems and QuickBooks software can be responsible for this. Some of the other possible causes of the error 136 in QuickBooks are mentioned here:

  • Due to the old version of the software, you may not access the file and the error may emerge.
  • QB components running on your system could be causing the issues.
  • Damaged/corrupted company files may be the source of the problem.

How to Fix QuickBooks Error 136?

When you install or use QB, please see to it that no components run on Windows. Should you find them in operation, stop them to resolve the error 136. It can be useful to observe whether or not this QuickBooks error emerges when you open your company files. If it does, then switch to another location and open the file from there.

Fix 1: Stop the Running Components 

There are certain components that run on Windows computers. If you encounter QuickBooks error 136, then try to end all the components in relation to the Intuit software. The Task Manager can help you to spot them. From the same program, you can tap on End Task and their functioning should get paused or over.

  • Open the “Task Manager” on the “Windows” computer. 
  • Highlight all the applications starting with “QuickBooks”, “Intuit”, or “.qb” names.
  • As you select all these components, hit the “End Task” button which should be located at the bottom.

Now, you can close the program’s screen and restart your Windows PC. Thereafter, you can open QB and check whether you encounter issues like error 136 even now.

Fix 2: Open Company File from a Different Location

A particular location of the company file, when used, can show the error 136 in QuickBooks. You can attempt opening it from the Desktop location to get rid of the code. All you have to do is locate the company data, copy, and paste it right on the Desktop screen. This way, you can open the same file of your company without the error affecting it.

  • First of all, locate the “QuickBooks Company File”. This should be saved on your computer with the “.QBW” file format. 
  • Then right-tap on it. Select the “Copy” button from the appearing menu.
  • Go to the desktop screen and right-click anywhere.
  • Choose the “Paste” button.
  • Open the accounting software until the “No Company Open Error” displays on the screen. Make sure you press down the “Ctrl” key while launching “QuickBooks”.
  • Tap on the “Open” option and browse the file. Remember that this time you have to choose the file from your Desktop screen.

Can You Troubleshoot QuickBooks Desktop 136 Error?

The error code 136 does not remain limited to QB. In its Desktop version too, you may find it. To troubleshoot it, the updation of the software can be thoughtful. For preventing the components of the software from sourcing the error, you should suppress it. Later, you can run it to inspect the presence of the error 136 in QuickBooks Desktop.

Fix 1: Update QuickBooks Desktop

One should always check for new updates for the program. The founders can be aware of the bugs. Hence, they try to troubleshoot them through the updation process. By updating the accounting software to the latest version, you can get rid of problems like QuickBooks error 136. As you update the program, make sure that you also restart your PC to refresh it. Later, you can check if you can still encounter the error 136.

Fix 2: Suppress QBDT 

Suppressing software can be a process that produces an effect on its components. On finding that QBDT is affected by the error 136, you should practice the process. Particularly when the components are improper and causing this issue, the suppression should be effective. QuickBooks Desktop can be suppressed when you open it or its file. Based on what you choose, the steps should be gone through.

Option 1: While Opening

If you are facing the issue of the 136 error when opening QuickBooks Desktop, you should suppress it. To perform this method, you have to hold on to the Ctrl key so that you can open the sample files given by QBDT. After opening them, try to run certain functions to see whether the error shows up.

  • Look for the “QuickBooks Desktop” software icon on the desktop and open it with a double click.
  • Press down the “Ctrl “ key as the application launches.
  • Make sure that you keep holding the “Ctrl” key until you see the “No Company Open” window.
  • After this, select the heading called “Open a Sample File”.
  • Then, you will have to choose the sample files given in options and open them.

Option 2: While You Open a Company File

Another way of suppressing the Intuit software is quite similar to the one specified before. The only difference in this is to suppress it when opening the company file. The Alt key is prominent in this process.

  • Open “QBDT” by clicking twice on its software icon. 
  • As the software launches, push down the “Alt” key and continue holding it.
  • After this, type the strong password in the field.
  • As the system opens, you will see a prompt for the default user’s password. To enter it, you can release the key.
  • Once done, choose “Ok”.
  • Now, you have to press “Alt” again when you see the application opening. Later, you can release it.

With these instructions, you can easily open the company file and work. When you still confront error 136 in QuickBooks Desktop, you need to stop running tasks on Windows. Software suppression may be tried one more time for more assistance.

Concluding the Above

Despite the excellent performance of the software by Intuit, it can throw different error codes on your screen. When you find errors like code 136, try to understand the cause. Then implement the most appropriate fix. In the future, when you reinstall QuickBooks for any reason, try to keep the background programs closed to avoid the error from emerging again.

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