QuickBooks Error Code 193 0xC1: Fixes for Quick Troubleshooting

QuickBooks Error Code 193 0xC1: Fixes for Quick Troubleshooting

The error 193 in Intuit QuickBooks suggests a problem relating to stock exchange. Also, when the mailbag is used by a QB user, this error can be found. The error code 193 0xC1 is a variant of this issue in the accounting software. When you begin to experience this issue in the software, you should consider clean installing it. This is the most reliable way to get rid of the QuickBooks error code 193. 

Should you like to know more fixes of this error, you will be recommended to read the sections of this post.

Causes of Error 193 0xC1 QuickBooks

Let us look at the main causes of the QuickBooks error code 193 or 193 0xC1.

  • In QB, the codes and names of the departments may be the same.
  • You may have merged/deleted the names of certain customers. An attempt may be made to open these names.
  • In the database, some “.qbt” files of the software may have received damages.
  • The remote store may be comprising a customer list that may have become corrupt.
  • Damages to your company files of the QB program can also cause this error.

Fixing QuickBooks Error Code 193

To fix the error 193 0xC1 or 193, QuickBooks should be clean installed. Its clean installation will eliminate the issues in the software that may be resulting in this error. The next fix is to delete the “.qbt” files from the Remote Store as well as the Headquarters. Should you not be able to repair the error even now, then deleting your customers in QuickBooks will be suggested. You may prefer to add the customers again after this fix’s implementation.

The complete information needed for troubleshooting the QuickBooks 193 error can be found as follows.

Fix 1: Clean Install the QB Program

A clean installation is a procedure that helps in completely fixing the issue in a program. As a part of this procedure, a program is first removed and then installed again on the computer. The same procedure can be used for fixing the error 193 0xc1 in QuickBooks. As you can assume, we will guide you in deleting QuickBooks on your computer. Following this, we will suggest that you install it again.

  • Find “Control Panel” and open it.
  • Either click on “Programs and Features” or select “Uninstall a Program”.
Uninstall a Program - quickbooks error code 193
  • View the programs in the list that have been installed on your system. Choose “QuickBooks” from it.

Note: You will be suggested to select the version of the accounting software that exists on your system. So to say, if you are using “QuickBooks Pro 2019“, then this program will have to be selected. On the off chance that your system has “QuickBooks Desktop” or “QuickBooks Online“, the selection will have to be made according to this version.

  • Click on “Uninstall”. Alternatively, you can select “Change”.
  • Press “Remove”.
Remove  - error 193 0xc1 quickbooks
  • After this, tap on “Next”.
  • Wait for the accounting software to get uninstalled.
  • Now, start downloading and installing “QuickBooks” once again.
  • Let the installation be complete. Then open the installed program.
  • Confirm that the clean installation of the software helped in fixing the error code 193.

Fix 2: Remove “.qbt” Files from Remote Store & Headquarters

Problems in the “.qbt” files can lead to the QuickBooks 193 error code. Therefore, it will be best to remove these files. From the Remote Store, as well as the headquarters, these files will have to be deleted. You will also have to clear the Recycle Bin on Windows. Next to this, a fresh copy of your remote file can be prepared. After preparing the fresh file, it will have to be first mailed to the Remote Store and then to the Headquarters.

Let us now look at the details of this fix for troubleshooting the error 193 in QuickBooks.

Note: The following steps can be easily performed on “QuickBooks Point of Sale” or “POS”.

  • In the starting, remove the “.qbt” files from the headquarters. Visit this path using a Windows PC:
    • “C:\Program Data\Intuit\QuickBooks Point of sale x.x/STex”
  • Go through the folders available in the location. Search for the “.qbt” files in them.
  • Delete every “.qbt” file after it has been located.
  • Now, the files will have to be removed from the restore store. For this, write “.qbt” in “Search”.
  • View the results and delete each “.qbt” file found.
  • Exit all the open windows.
  • Visit the location of “Recycle Bin”.
  • Clear everything that has been stored in the bin.
  • We will now be making a fresh remote file. 
  • Choose your files as well as the operations of the company.
  • Pick the option of “Create New Company“.
  • Enter “Company Name”.
  • Click on the “Remote Store”.
  • Provide the number of the store.
  • Now, a mailbag will have to be sent to the remote store. Additionally, a copy of it will have to be mailed to the headquarters.

Fix 3: Delete Customers in QuickBooks and Check Mailbag

In a number of instances, it was seen that the names of some customers were either merged or removed in QuickBooks. When these names were opened, the QuickBooks error 193 started getting displayed. Possibly, you may also be trying to open the merged or deleted names of your customers. For troubleshooting the error in this case, the customers should be deleted from QuickBooks. From Customer Lists in Reports, these customers can be deleted. Once they have been deleted from the accounting software, you can begin checking the store’s mailbag.

  • In “QuickBooks“, find “Reports”.
  • Go to “Customer Lists”.
  • You will see a list. Via this list, the first customer needs to be selected.
  • Click twice on the customer you have chosen.
  • The list, along with the check details, for this customer has to be opened. Also, expand it.
  • Click on “All Options”.
  • Tap on the option of “I Want to”.
  • Tick the checkbox for “Delete the Customer”.
  • Select “Files”.
  • Click on “Utilities & Resend”.
  • After this, the store’s mailbag will have to be checked.

You can now see whether the error 193 in QB is appearing. On not finding this error, you can resume your work in the software.

To Wind up

By now, you would have finished reading this blog. It would have assisted you in learning why the error 193 occurs in QuickBooks. With this understanding, you will be able to prevent its causes from developing in the accounting software. In an event that you are unable to prevent all the causes, you can easily fix the 193 0xC1 error. You will be recommended to fully delete the accounting software on your system. Afterward, you can install the QB program as usual. QuickBooks’ clean installation will quickly settle this error code. Likewise, you may prefer to create fresh copies of the “.qbt” files after deleting the old ones. You can expect the 193 error or its variant to stop showing once these fixes have been applied.

Even after fixing the error 193, some of you may have trouble opening QuickBooks. To know the exact source of the trouble and remove it, reading this post will be suggested to the readers.

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