What to do When QuickBooks File Doctor Crashes?

QuickBooks File Doctor Crashes

As it is well known, QuickBooks file doctor is a tool to fix minor errors in QuickBooks applications. However, in some cases, the tool fails to repair technical glitches and as a result, QuickBooks file doctor crashes.

What to do if your QuickBooks file doctor has stopped working while repairing QuickBooks files? If you have no idea then do not worry. This article brings out the best possible solutions through which you can fix QuickBooks file doctor software.

The blog talks about the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool, “QuickBooks File Doctor not working” error, causes, and its fixes.

Learn About QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

When QuickBooks comes up with errors, a QuickBooks file doctor tool is the first choice that strikes your mind. Using this tool, you can troubleshoot the QuickBooks application. As a result, it helps to eliminate the error present in QuickBooks and make it work smoothly to manage your company files.

What Does ‘QuickBooks File Doctor has Stopped Working’ Error Mean?

QuickBooks File Doctor tool is designed to provide error repair service within QuickBooks. There are times when QuickBooks file doctor crashes and fails while fixing issues in QuickBooks. Besides crashing, the QuickBooks file doctor tool hangs or shows an exception as well. Generally, users encounter an error on their screen that says; QuickBooks file doctor has stopped working. In this scenario, you can resolve the error in Doctor File Tool by performing a few simple solutions. But first, let’s know what causes this error.

What are the Reasons that Cause ‘QuickBooks Doctor File Crashes’ Error?

There are several reasons that QuickBooks doctor file crashes. A few of the following reasons may be responsible for interrupting the functionality of the QuickBook doctor file tool.

  • The error displays when you try to access the incorporated files.
  • When you restore files but it is not successfully restored.
  • Updating the files may also be responsible for this ‘QuickBooks file doctor crashes’ error.
  • Converting the old version of the QuickBooks company file over a network.
  • The error may also appear when you are missing out on a few QuickBooks company files during the installation process.
  • QuickBooks doctor file crashes when the files are corrupted, misplaced, or damaged.

If you encounter any of the above-mentioned behavior on your system, then you can fix this error with solutions such as launching the QuickBooks Doctor File tool manually, restoring the backup of the corrupted file, and configure the Antivirus software on your system.

How to Fix When QuickBooks File Doctor Crashes?

If your QuickBooks file doctor crashes or Quickbooks file doctor has stopped working then you can apply the different actions.

For instance, you can launch the QuickBooks File Doctor manually, restore the backup of damaged QBW files, use the Auto Data Recovery tool, disable Hosting Mode, and configure Antivirus software. Let’s understand these methods one by one with a manual procedure.

Fix 1: Manually Launch the QuickBooks File Doctor

The most possible reason to cause this error is the fault within the launch command receiving end. In this case, you can simply launch the QuickBooks File Doctor manually.

  • As the first step, launch the application and wait till the time your screen displays ‘No Company Open’.
  • Next to this, you can go to the File option, select Utilities, and click on Repair File and Network Problems.
  • Now you can click on the Ok button that appears in the dialog box. Here, the QuickBooks file doctor restarts with administrator rights.
  • You need to click Yes when it appears in the dialog box.
  • Thereafter, you can hit the wrench icon in order to launch the QuickBooks file doctor applications and click on the Continue button.
  • In the next step, you can enter your user credentials to get logged into your account. After this, the QuickBooks file doctor will start working on repairing the file.
  • Now, you can go to the Advanced Settings option and select File Diagnosis Only.
  • Then, hit the Next button.
  • When the system prompts, you can open your file and check if the issue persists.

If you find the ‘QuickBooks file doctor crashes’ issue unresolved then you can proceed with the next solution.

Fix 2: Restore the Backup of Corrupted QBW Files

If your QuickBooks file doctor crashes, it may happen due to the corrupted files. As a result, the application shows an error on the screen. In this scenario, you can try to restore the backup of damaged or corrupted files.

  • First of all, back up all the files that are damaged. These file backups will help you to replace the corrupted files.
  • To do so, you can launch the QuickBooks application and click on the Open or Restore Company option and select the File option.
File option - quickbooks file doctor crashes
  • Now you can click on ‘Click Open or Restore a Backup Copy’ and process the file backup by clicking on the Next button.
Next Button - quickbooks file doctor not working
  • Thereafter, you can choose the Local Backup and hit the Next option.
Local Backup - quickbooks file doctor has stopped working
  • At this point, you will see the drop-down menu, click on it to browse options, and select the backup file location.
  • Now you can select the file with. QBB file extension and then click on Open and go Next.
quickbooks file doctor has stopped working
  • Here, you will see the Save option in the drop-down menu. You can select the location to restore the files.
  • After that, you need to enter the name of a file in the name field. Once you do so, the ‘Save as’ field pop-up appears with the entry of. QBW file.
  • In the end, you need to click on the Save button in order to complete the restoration procedure.

This should solve the “QuickBooks File Doctor not working” error. If this solution of restoring the backup of the corrupted file does not work, you can then try to use Auto Data Recovery. For this, you can look for the next solution.

Fix 3: Use Auto Data Recovery to Fix ‘QuickBooks File Doctor Crashes’ Error

Auto Data Recovery (ADR) functionality automatically examines the QuickBooks files within a couple of hours. The backup of the files with no error is always stored automatically in the Auto Data Recovery folder.

The file backup stays in the Auto Data Recovery folder for 12 to 24 hours or till the QuickBooks application is open. After using this Auto Data Recovery solution, if you are not able to fix the issue, you can then move to the next solution down below.

Fix 4: Disable Hosting Mode and Configure Antivirus Software

To make sure your QuickBooks file doctor app is working properly on your system, you need to disable the hosting mode. Doing so, you can change the Security Firewall level in order to allow remote connections from the system.

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To disable hosted mode, you can go through the steps mentioned below.

  • If you are using McAfee software then launch it to perform.
  • Then, you can click on Web & Email Protection.
  • Next to this, you can go to the Firewall and click on Ports and System Services. Then, you can hit the Add button.
  • After this, you can type eMule in the Services Name. In the Local TCP/IP ports, you can type the TCP data for the QuickBooks application.
  • At this point, you need to type TCP data under the Local UDP Port for the QuickBooks application.
  • Here, you will have to select All PCs under Open ports.
  • At last, you can click on the Save option and start your system again.

Once you are done following these steps, the antivirus software will be configured correctly. All these solutions will help you get rid of the “QuickBooks File Doctor not working” error.

To Wind Up

If you ever find that your Quickbooks file doctor has stopped working then you can fix this error by performing different solutions.

In this guide, we have talked about launching the QuickBooks File Doctor manually, restoring the backup of damaged QBW files, using the Auto Data Recovery tool, disabling Hosting Mode, and configuring Antivirus software.

By following these solutions, you can easily resolve the ‘QuickBooks file doctor crashes’ error without any hassle.

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