Troubleshooting QuickBooks Payroll Error PS060 and Knowing its Causes

Troubleshooting QuickBooks Payroll Error PS060 and Knowing its Causes

Payroll is a feature of QuickBooks that is mainly used by employers. While updating or using this feature, the QuickBooks payroll error PS060 can be encountered. Sometimes, when the server of Intuit is not available or not responding, the same error code can be seen. According to our team of experts, the updates for the payroll feature should be downloaded when there is no problem with the server of Intuit’s site. However, when there is a different cause leading to the QuickBooks PS060 error, the fixes to resolve it will vary. 

Allow us to get you familiar with various ways to fix the QB payroll update error PS060.

This blog has been supported by 5 fixes. Brief information relating to these fixes can be found in this section. You can also check what more we will be studying here:

What is QuickBooks Error PS060?

The error code PS060 has been commonly reported by QB users. They have shared that this error is mainly seen when the payroll service is being used in QuickBooks. In addition, when an effort is made to download the updates for payroll, then also this error can appear. Along with this, an error message can be found in QuickBooks that mentions “Current Enhanced Payroll Service is Unavailable”. The message indicates that the payroll feature of the accounting service is affected. Therefore, while using or updating it, the QuickBooks payroll error PS060 will appear. 

Causes of QuickBooks Payroll Update Error PS060?

The payroll feature of QuickBooks can get affected due to certain factors. As a result of this, you may see the error PS060. Some of these factors have been described here:

  • The server Intuit may be down.
  • You may be using an old version of the accounting software. The version being old, Intuit may not be supporting it.
  • On your system, a third-party program for security may have been installed. This program may be affecting the payroll feature of QB.
  • A virus may be present on the system on which QuickBooks is being run.

Troubleshooting QuickBooks Payroll Error PS060

Begin by checking that the billing information is correct to fix the QB payroll error PS060. Secondly, the Flush DNS command can be implemented with the help of Command Prompt on Windows. Another way to fix this error is by ensuring that your internet connection is not problematic.

More fixes for this QuickBooks error can be found below.

Fix 1: Check Information for Billing and Payroll Subscription in QuickBooks

The QuickBooks error PS060 while using the payroll service may be arising when certain pieces of information are not correct. This will be true in the case of billing and payroll subscription. When the information of either of them is not correct, the payroll error may prevent you from continuing. 

To check that the information of billing, as well as payroll subscription, has been correctly provided by you, open the accounting software. From the window of Product & Services, a payroll service has to be chosen. After this, you will find the tab for Billing Information. The information related to billing can be checked here. Following this, you can move to Payroll Subscription and check its information.

  • Run “QuickBooks Desktop”.
  • Find “Product & Services”.
  • Choose the payroll service that is being used by you.
  • Visit the tab for “Billing Information”.
  • Click on the “Edit” button.
  • Select a suitable “Payment Method”.
  • Provide the right details for the payment.
  • Press “Save and Close”.
  • Now, check the information of the payroll subscription.

Note: There may be incorrect details in the billing information. Using the “Edit” icon, you can introduce changes to make the details correct. Likewise, on finding that the information of your payroll subscription is not correct, the icon can be used for editing it. Remember that when any change is made to the details, saving the same will be crucial.

Fix 2: Launch Command Prompt to Use Flush DNS 

Flush DNS can be perceived as a command. This command is used when certain errors in QuickBooks have to be cleared. The QuickBooks payroll error PS060 is one of the issues that can be cleared by launching this command. To launch it, Command Prompt should be used. The best way to open the Command Prompt is through Run. After it has been opened, you can input the command “ipconfig/flushdns” in it. As you push Enter, the Flush DNS command will begin to work. Soon, the command will complete its process. Then you can check the payroll service in the accounting software. The update error should not be seen.

  • You can open “Run”. 

Note: “Run” can be opened either from the Start Menu or using a shortcut. When a shortcut is preferred, the Windows and R keys will have to be pushed together.

  • Write “cmd” in “Run” to start “Command Prompt”.
  • Tap on “Enter”.
  • In the new window, you have to type in “ipconfig/flushdns”.
  • Press the “Enter” key.
  • Now, start the payroll service in QuickBooks.
  • Find out whether the payroll update error PS060 is arising in QuickBooks.

Fix 3: Resolve Problems with Your Internet Connection

When you have proper internet services available, the PS060 error can be prevented. On the contrary, not having an internet connection that works very well can mean that this error is likely to occur. 

Those of you who are presently seeing this error can initially fix the problems with your internet connection. You need to verify that the speed of the connection is not slow. You may be unable to update the payroll service when the speed of your internet is not fast. Thus, by fixing its speed, the QuickBooks payroll update error PS060 can be removed. 

As a suggestion, you should also check that your internet service is working. It may happen that the service may be unavailable due to problems with the router or modem. By troubleshooting the same, preventing this payroll error in QuickBooks will be easier.

Fix 4: Open Internet Explorer and Remove Junk Files

It may surprise you to know that sometimes the QuickBooks error PS060 can affect the payroll feature when Internet Explorer is being used. This is not to say that this browser should not be used. However, the accumulation of junk files in Internet Explorer may prevent you from using payroll in QuickBooks. Due to the same reason, you may also see the PS060 error code.

The junk files of Internet Explorer can be cleared for smoothly using the payroll feature of QB. To clear these files, you can select Tools in the browser and then move to Internet Options. Here, the General tab will let you head to the section of the Browsing History. The Delete option given here will accompany you in removing the junk files.

  • Run “Internet Explorer”.
  • Select “Tools” in this browser.
  • Click on “Internet Options”.
  • Visit the tab that says “General”.
  • Tap on the section of “Browsing History”.
  • Choose the “Delete” option.
  • Tick the option mentioned as follows:
    • “Website Files and Temporary Internet Files”
  • Press the “Delete” button.
  • In this step, select “Ok”.
  • Make sure that the junk files get removed and then open QuickBooks.
  • Open the payroll feature.
  • Observe whether the PS060 error code is being found.

Fix 5: Wait for Intuit’s Server to be Available

QuickBooks provided by Intuit can show the payroll error PS060 due to server-related problems. The accounting software requires the server of Intuit for running. It is worth understanding that when this server is down, the user of QuickBooks may not receive any response while running the software. At this point, accessing the payroll feature of QB may not be possible. Even before accessing it, you may see the QuickBooks error PS060.

The readers should also understand that the server of Intuit can become down in the midst of using payroll in the accounting software. This condition can again result in the PS060 error. The fix for the error in such a condition will be to wait for the server response to be available. You can try using QB after some time. When Intuit’s server is up and running, the software and its payroll service will start working.


This blog would have helped you in learning the meaning of the error PS060 in QuickBooks. After investing your time with us, you would have also become familiar with the various causes of this payroll update issue such as a system virus. We think that the Flush DNS command would have assisted you in quickly removing this error. After it has been cleared from QuickBooks, the updates for the payroll feature can be downloaded as usual. Followed by updating it, as you begin to use this feature, the error code is less likely to emerge again. 

It is worth knowing that there is another common error that prevents the QuickBooks Database Server Manager from running. You may be using this often. See what should be the troubleshooting measure for the QBDBMgrN not running on this computer error.

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