How to Remove “Malwarebytes not responding during removal” error?

How to Remove “Malwarebytes not responding during removal” error?

When you use the Malwarebytes software/application, you may encounter the Malwarebytes not responding during removal error. The application is free to download and install but there are some problems faced during updating, scanning, and updating the software and sometimes, users also report that System Mechanic Not Working On Windows 7.

If the “Malwarebytes not responding during removal” error occurs then, you must be careful with the handling method for this kind of situation. The problem comes with different solutions that may work for you. Find below the detailed solution with all the steps to solve the problem of Malwarebytes tray application not responding.

Steps to Fix “Malwarebytes not responding during removal” problem:

Step 1

Click on the MBAM blue-colored icon located under the notification area and turn off the services of Malwarebytes real-time web protection (when the MBAM application/program is running).

Malwarebytes not responding during removal

Step 2

Make a right-click with the mouse and then left-click on the option of “Exit”. Now, you have to make a connection with a zip file that you do not want to waste, and access from the desktop of the system. When the zipped file is saved, unzip it to get all the data from the file and you may find two different files.

Step 3

Now, double click on the displayed file having the name as “net_replacement.bat file”. The file will open up quickly during the window of the command prompt. After this, we recommend restarting your system by going to the option of logoff and shutdown. This will help the system in optimization during the new windows session.

When you are done with the above-mentioned steps, restart the Malwarebytes application/software (if the program is not running already) and let the program decide if the current update works fine or not.

Many other ways also exist to solve the problem of “Malwarebytes is not responding”. RKill is one of the most famous ways to remove this error from the system. 

Malwarebytes not responding during removal

Many of the Malware can easily be removed by the use of Rkill. It does not delete any files of the program instead terminates the application’s running method.

We hope that the Malwarebytes tray application not responding error is removed from your system by following the above-mentioned steps in this article. But if the same error still prevails in your system, you need an expert to look into the matter. Don’t worry, you can chat with one of our ErrorsDoc technical experts for resolving method of this error or any other.

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