Why is AOL Mail Down & How to Fix?

Why is AOL Mail Down & How to Fix?

The America Online (AOL) mail is one of the most liked websites among the users for sending emails to others. Also known as Verizon AOL, the services provided it can work on almost all browsers so that more users can connect. 

Sometimes, while working on this mail website/app on your computer or an iOS/Android device, you may come across certain issues that can put an obstacle in your work. These issues may make the AOL mail down. Sending or receiving emails can be problematic when such issues arise. Also, with the site being down, professionals may be unable to complete their work.

Understanding why AOL may be unavailable should be initially done. Afterward perceiving the reasons, you should try to fix the problem from your end, when possible.

Why is AOL Down Today?

On each day, Verizon AOL requires a properly working internet connection for a user to enjoy its services. The requirement being unfulfilled, the website may be shown as down. Other connection issues such as the internet not working properly can also signify why is AOL down today.

There can also be other reasons leading to the issue:

  • In case a server outage has happened in the area, the platform may stop working.
  • Using an older version of the browser can even make your AOL account go down. 
  • Large amounts of cache data can cause lagging in your system that can slow this website or make it unavailable.
  • An unknown virus or a malicious file in your computer can cause the AOL website to stop. 
  • Your device may have issues because of which your smartphone could hang and not let the mail work. 

Fixing AOL Email Down

Issues in the website of a mail can come up due to several reasons such as interruption in server or network problems. These errors can make the AOL mail down but with the help of different fixes, this condition can be cleared. As the browser contains a lot of data inside it, refreshing it can be a useful way. You may even try out the mobile applications provided by AOL if the website is not working. Downloading and installing the app is required to run it. 

Fix 1: Troubleshooting Browser

Sometimes issues with the browser can become a cause of the AOL network down. Thus, to clear this, you can troubleshoot the one you are using and refresh it. This can be done by pressing the Ctrl and 5 keys at the same time. You can also choose the alternatives of the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) of AOL to get around the problem. 

  • While running “AOL” and observing that the server is down, press the icon given to refresh the browser.
  • Check whether the website is running now.
  • Should the server be down again, tap on the following combination:
    • Ctrl” + “5” keys
  • Let the browser refresh and then check for the website.
  • You may stop if the server is no longer down. Otherwise, you may try the following as alternative URLs:
    • “Mailaol.com”
    • “My.screenname.aol.com”
    • “aolmail.com” 
    • “webmail.aol.com”

The Domain Name System (DNS) is the record of the IP addresses that can be easily found with the help of names. This service is provided to you by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). A problem in this can also make your AOL mail website down. To solve this, the local DNS’s cache can be deleted so that it can be updated with the most current version. 

  • In case you are working on a Windows system, you need to go to the “Start” button and then press the “Command Prompt” tab. 
  • Fill “ipconfig” or “flushdns” in the field provided.
  • Then press the “Enter” button.

After you tap on this button, the cache data of the DNS will get removed. It will also update it so that you do not come across such a condition again. Then open the server of the email service provider. Check for the AOL server down the issue.

Fix 3: Using the Mobile Application

The AOL mail application on the smartphone allows you to add your account and send emails through it. When the AOL mail website is down, you can opt for using the mobile app on Android as well as on the iOS gadget. This measure can work as an alternative to the situation and you will be able to access your emails even then.

  • To use the AOL mobile app on an Android device, go to the “Play Store”.
  • Enter “AOL” in the provided field to search.
  • Among the options available in the search results, find and tap on “AOL- News, Mail & Video”.
  • Press the “Install” button in this step.
  • Once done, select “Open”.
  • Launch the app and fill up the email id and password.
  • Now, continue sending emails through it even when you notice the AOL mail server down error.

Note: The mobile app can only be availed by those who have Android 6.0 and above.

When you are using an iOS/Apple device like iPhone, you can carry out the fix by following the below steps:

  • The “App” store is to be opened.
  • Then press the “Search” sign.
  • Mention “AOL” in it.
  • Push the “Search” button.
  • Besides the “AOL: News, Email, Weather, Video” option, select “Get”.
  • After that, the “Apple ID” or the “Touch ID” needs to be provided, if prompts pop up on the screen.
  • Next, hit the “Open” tab.
  • The AOL app will get installed now and you can use it by signing in to your account.

Important: It should be noted that the app may work only on iOS 12 or later.

Fix 4: Clearing Browser Cache

The cache of a browser keeps collecting some amount of data from each website you use. Slowly this data starts growing large and may make your browser lag. Thus you may find mail.aol.com down. If you remove this data from your system, websites such as this one can start working again. 

  • Move to “Google Chrome”.
  • Click on the three vertical dots on the top right of the page.
  • Press the “History” option.
  • Click on “Clear Browsing Data” in this step.
  • Next, a period is to be chosen.
  • For deleting everything, tap on the “All Time” option.
  • In this step, you need to put a tick beside the boxes of “Cached Images and Files” and “Cookies and Site Data”.
  • Now, push the “Clear Data” button.

The browser’s cache will get cleared. Thus, it will stop lagging. You can go back to the website of the email. On getting rid of the AOL mail down error, the fix shall get verified as well.

Fix 5: Removing Computer Virus/Malware

A computer virus or malware is a malicious code that can cause harm to your system as well as destroy the applications installed on it. You may not know if a virus has captured your computer but it will start to slow it down. Several apps, programs, and your browser may see the effects of it. Referring particularly to your browser, on running sites like Verizon AOL, the server may not be up. Therefore, a scan can be done through the Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool so that you get to know about it and then clear it.

Important: You can keep a backup of the data on your system before trying the fix.

  • The “Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool” is to be downloaded.
  • A choice can be made between 32 bit and 64 bit, depending on the version of Windows you have.
  • After this is finished, run it.
  • Choose “Full Scan”.
  • Then hit the “Next” button.
  • The antivirus software that has already been installed in the system needs to be updated.
  • A complete scan is required to be performed for checking if there is a virus or malware present.
  • If you find a virus that is affecting your browser then you need to remove them through any of the applications found on the internet.
  • Later, you can run the browser as usual. Inspect for the AOL Verizon email down issue.

Fix 6: Utilize IE’s Protected Mode

At times, you may come across internet issues due to bad network connectivity that will make your AOL mail go down. Its home or login page may not work either. A check-up on the internet through its Protected Mode can take you out of this situation by determining the cause. The Internet Explorer can make this possible. In this program, you need to reach the Enable Protected Mode tab via the Tools button.

  • Head to the “Internet Explorer”.
  • Press the “Tools” tab on its homepage.
  • Tap on “Internet Options”.
  • Then hit the “Security” button.
  • Remove the tick from the “Enable Protected Mode” option.
  • The “Internet Explorer” needs to be restarted.
  • After this, check whether the browser is able to work.
  • When it works, you are required to provide the login credentials of your AOL account. Then make a fresh start by signing in to it. Hopefully, you may not find the AOL mail login site down. 

Troubleshooting AOL Mail Down on iPhone and Android

When the AOL service is down because of server or network issues, it may affect your work on both iPhone and Android smartphones. Restarting your iPhone can be the best possible option for clearing such problems. Similar to this way, the application present on the Android device can be force stopped and then restarted again.

Fix 1: Restarting iPhone 

At times, it may happen that the website of AOL may not be down. The problem may persist in your Apple device. Thus, the device should be started over to remove any errors present in it. The side button and the volume button helps you in restarting your device. You need to have the iPhone version 10 and above for availing of the fix. 

  • The button on the right side as well as the “Volume Down” button are to be pushed together. 
  • Once the slider of “Power Off” comes up, drag it.
  • Wait for at least 30 seconds for the device to turn off. 
  • In case the device freezes or does not give any response, then force start it.
  • For turning on the iPhone, keep holding the side button till the time the “Apple” logo pops up.

Fix 2: Force Stopping the App and Restarting it on Android

A situation may arise while you are trying to work on the mail via the AOL app. The service may not run due to an issue existing in the app. It can be force stopped as a troubleshooting measure. This will require you to shut down the AOL email app and restart it. To process this solution, particularly on Android, users need to utilize the Settings button and then opt for the Apps tab available. 

  • Go to “Settings” on the Android device.
  • Click on the “Apps” option.
  • Then hit “AOL”.
  • The “Force Stop” button is to be pressed here for shutting down the app.
  • In case prompts pop-up, again choose “Force Stop” for confirmation.
  • The application needs to be relaunched after some time.
  • Now, see if the issue has been solved.

Note: Users with Android version 4.4 and above can make use of this fix when the AOL email service is down.

Everything Considered

AOL, being one of the most used websites because of its creative features and innovative settings, can sometimes go down. A similar issue may be observed on its application too. There can be several reasons behind the occurrence of such an issue. You can get various ways to come out of the AOL mail-down problem. You are only required to choose the measure based on the cause and implement it accurately. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why is AOL Mail server down today?

Sometimes the AOL Mail server may have problems due to the server being down. As a result, you may not be able to load or log in to the AOL Mail account. In some cases, it only displays a black screen once logged in. This may happen due to the outdated internet browser, malicious files on your PC, and stored cache data. Since you cannot take any action until the server comes back to track, you can still configure the AOL Mail settings to avoid problems at your end.

2. Is AOL Mail shutting or closing down?

AOL was acquired by Verizon on 16th March 2017. AOL Mail discontinued the in-house email services. Therefore, when you try to access AOL Mail, the site may appear to be down. However, your email address won’t be affected as they are assumed as your identity with AOL Mail.

3. Is there something wrong with AOL Mail right now?

No, currently there is no problem with the AOL Mail. If you are facing any issues, you can check for the server. If it is working fine, make sure the web browser on which you are using AOL Mail is updated. Besides, you can fix DNS-related problems, remove malware applications, clear the browser’s cache, and try using the protected mode on Internet Explorer.

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