How To Connect HP Laptop To WiFi In Windows 7 & 10

How To Connect HP Laptop To WiFi In Windows 7 & 10

There is always a possibility that your HP Laptop won’t connect to Wi-Fi. The reasons could vary from wrong settings to hardware problems. To solve these problems, different methods have been mentioned below.

HP Laptop not Connecting to WiFi on Windows 10?

Follow the below solutions if your HP laptop won’t connect to Wifi Windows 10:

Solved: 1

  • This method can be used when the settings are not properly set.
wifi setting
  • First, right click on Start menu button.
  • After clicking on the start menu button, open Power options.
  • Selected plan option will appear on the screen. In it, you must select Balanced (recommended).   – If you can’t see the selected/preferred plan on screen, then open Additional Power setting, and you will find the same.
  • After choosing the balanced option, click change plan setting.
  • Then select change advanced power setting.
  • On the screen a drop box will appear which have an option of wireless adapter settings, choose power saving mode and then select maximum performance (if it is not selected by default).
windows 10 wifi issue maximum performance
  • Then apply and click okay.
  • In the end, restart your HP Laptop.

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Solved 2

  • Right click on the start menu button.
  • Click on device manager option.
device manager option
  • Open network adapter settings.
network adapter settings
  • Then click Intel Gigabit Network Connection.
Click Intel Gigabit Network Connection
  • Right-click and further click on properties.
go to properties
  • Open power management.
  • On the screen, you will see “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power,” disable the power saver and click ok.
disable the power saver

Restart your HP Laptop.

If Step 7 does not help in connecting the Wi-Fi, then follow the below-mentioned step.

  • Replacement of Step 7

In the power management dropbox, click Driver.

  • In the opened dropbox, click Update driver.
  • Then choose search automatically option, the window will search the software online itself.
  • After installing the software follow Step 8.

Solved 3

  • Right click on the start menu button.
  • Open command prompt (admin).
command prompt
  • A warning will appear on the desktop, click yes.
  • In the command box, enter the command, “netsh int ip reset.”
enter the command, netsh int ip reset
  • Then press enter and click yes.
  • In the command window, you will see resetting global, resetting interface, etc.
  • Finally, restart your HP Laptop.

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What to do when HP Laptop Won’t Connect To Wifi Windows 7?.

Solved 1

  • Open start menu and further open Control Panel.
  • Open Device manager.
device manager option
  • Click on network adaptors.
network adapter settings

    -Right click on the WLAN card option and click Enable.

Solved 2

  • Restart your HP Laptop.
  • After doing so, press power button first then press Esc continuously.
  • On the screen startup menu will appear.
  • Press F10, i.e. System Recovery.
  • On the screen, Main security system configuration will appear then select load setup defaults.
  • Finally press enter
  • Then click exit saving changes and start your Laptop.

Solved 3

  • At first, open Control panel.
  • Click Hardware and sound.
  • Further open device manager. Select other devices and right click on the Ethernet controller.
  • Then click Update driver software.
  • Click on search automatically for updated driver software then search for driver software, click next and then done.

Hope the above-mentioned solutions will help you in overcoming the problem of why won’t my HP Laptop connect to Wifi.

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