Resolving Error 504 Gateway Timeout in QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online

Resolving Error 504 Gateway Timeout in QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online

The HTTP status code issue is commonly understood as the 504 gateway timeout error. Failure to send and receive a response between servers leads to this error code. Its causes can also include poor internet service or wrong proxy settings on Windows. In QuickBooks, this temporary error can be fixed by checking your internet and getting it repaired when needed. For troubleshooting the error 504 gateway timeout in QuickBooks Online, retrying the web page is the easiest fix. As you try to resolve the error, you can try knowing more about it. When you get to its sole cause, the problem can be cleared in less time.

What is Error 504 Gateway Timeout in QuickBooks?

The gateway timeout error 504 in QuickBooks indicates that a server has been unable to get any response on time from the other server. Receiving this response on time is important for a web page to get loaded. The bad gateway error code can temporarily emerge on this web page in QuickBooks Online too. The QuickBooks error 504 gateway time-out problem can also be understood as the HTTP status code. This code gets issued by one server to another in the form of a response. Not receiving it can make the 504 error code a likely occurrence.

Causes of QuickBooks 504 Gateway Error

The server may be unable to find any response due to problems on the network devices. Thus, the error 504 can be seen because of the modem as well as router. There are 3 other causes of the gateway error as mentioned below:

  • The DNS servers of a user’s router may be problematic.
  • Your computer’s proxy settings may be faulty or misconfigured.
  • The QuickBooks 504 gateway timeout error can be seen when the internet connection is damaged.

Troubleshooting QuickBooks 504 Gateway Time-out Error 

Checking your internet connection can be thoughtful on encountering the QuickBooks bad gateway 504 error. The problem, being related to the internet, can be fixed when the connection is devoid of issues. See to it that your connection doesn’t show a slow speed or doesn’t incorrectly work. Also, for professional assistance to repair the internet connection, quickly get in touch with your ISP. Once the connection gets repaired, the 504 gateway or HTTP status code error in QB should also get fixed.

Fixing 504 Gateway Timeout QuickBooks Online Error

In QBO, you can troubleshoot the bad gateway error 504 by retrying the web page via the F5 button. Users can also prefer to check that their network devices like modem and router are working fine. If not, then these devices can be restarted. Sometimes resolving the issues with a router’s DNS servers can eliminate the QuickBooks Online 504 gateway error. 

Fix 1: Retry Web Page by Pressing F5

While using QuickBooks Online, the web page may display the 504 gateway timeout error. The issue, being temporary, you can press the F5 button on the keyboard. Based on the system or laptop you are using, you may have the Refresh/Reload button available on the keyboard. You can press this button in place of F5. Let the web page retry. After this, you can check whether the QuickBooks Online 504 gateway timeout error has been resolved. If not, then you may again try pressing the mentioned key.

  • View the web page displaying the gateway timeout error in “QuickBooks Online”.
  • Retry this web page by tapping the “F5”, “Refresh”, or “Reload” key.
  • Wait for the page to retry.
  • Ensure whether the QBO 504 gateway timeout error has been fixed.
  • Should the error persist, repeat Steps 1 to 3.

Fix 2: Reboot Your Network Devices

Rebooting network devices like routers and modems can ensure that the 504 error in QBO stops reflecting. To reboot these devices, you can unplug them one by one. You can plug the modem in again after 30 seconds have passed. You need to push its Power button too. Then after a duration of 60 seconds, plug in your router and tap on its Power key if it has one. To find whether the QuickBooks Online 504 gateway error is fixed, you may run the software at least 2 minutes later.

  • Plug out your router.
  • Consider unplugging the modem too.
  • Let the network devices stay unplugged for 30 seconds.
  • Insert the plug of the modem to connect it. 
  • Push the “Power” key.
  • Now, wait for a minute for the authentication process to be over.
  • The router has to be plugged in now. Press its “Power” key assuming that it is available on it.
  • You need to wait for 2 minutes.
  • Access the “QBO” software.
  • See whether the 504 gateway error shows up.

Fix 3: Resolve Problems with DNS Servers of Your Router

DNS servers of your router, being problematic, you may suspect them to be causing the QuickBooks Online 504 gateway time-out issue. Changing these servers will be suggested. You can view the settings of the router. Look for DNS servers. Then make changes to its settings. Accompanied by changing them, check that the 504 gateway error is no longer arising in QuickBooks Online.

Tip: Users may be running QuickBooks Online on different operating systems. By following the correct steps, DNS servers can be changed as per the OS. 

Fix 4: Ensure Correct Proxy Settings

Incorrect proxy settings of your Windows computer can affect your internet browser. When you use the browser for running QuickBooks Online, you may see the 504 gateway time-out error due to these settings. You can check the proxy settings to find the fault. Then you have to correct them.

For checking the proxy settings on Windows, you can view its Start menu. Open its Settings and tap on Network & Internet. Here, the option of Proxy will be available. As you click on it, the proxy settings will be visible. You can check them now and make the changes if needed. After this, check for the error 504 gateway timeout in QuickBooks Online.

  • Select the “Start” icon on “Windows”.
  • Press the “Gear” like symbol or choose “Settings”.
  • Open “Network & Internet” from these settings.
  • Opt for “Proxy”.
  • The settings for proxy will be shown. Go through them.

While checking the proxy settings, it will be helpful to look at Automatic Proxy Setup as well as Manual Proxy Setup. By doing so, you will be able to completely ensure that the settings are correct. However, should you find that changes need to be made, due to the settings being incorrect/faulty, make and save them. When this has been done, you will be suggested to access the accounting software. The 504 gateway timeout QuickBooks Online error should have been fixed. When more assistance is needed, ensure whether Windows is unable to automatically detect the network’s proxy settings. Then make changes to the settings for quick detection.

Thoughts in Conclusion

This reading has been useful for knowing about the gateway error. We explained what does 504 gateway timeout mean in QuickBooks and QBO. The causes of the trouble were also shared prior to sharing the fixes. It is always suggested that you execute a fix for the 504 QB error based on the source of the trouble for quickly resolving it.

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