How to Rename/Change a Company File’s Name in QuickBooks, QB Desktop, & QB 2016?

How to Rename/Change a Company File’s Name in QuickBooks, QB Desktop, & QB 2016?

It will be known to many of you that in QuickBooks, company files are made. The names of these files are based on the name of a company or business. As a result of several reasons, a need to make changes to the company file’s name may arise. Either the name of the file may be incorrect or it may be having special characters included in it. 

This blog shows how to change a company file’s name in QuickBooks. We will also be telling you how your company files can be renamed in QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks 2016. For changing their name, you need to enter Product Information’s window to locate the company files. After doing so, you can right-click on each of your company files and pick Rename. This option will help you in going ahead with the purpose.

Let us now read further to go through the complete methods for renaming QuickBooks company files.

An overview of this reading can be seen here. This overview shows the versions of QuickBooks of which the company files can be renamed.

When Do You Change/Rename a Company File in QuickBooks?

There can be certain reasons behind renaming or changing your QB company file’s name. They have been mentioned as follows:

  • You may have caused a spelling error while naming your company file.
  • The file may have been incorrectly named.
  • The name of your company may have been changed. Due to this, the names of your file would need to be changed.
  • The QuickBooks company file’s name may have fewer characters. To complete the desired length of the name, you can rename the QuickBooks company file. 
  • Your company may have merged with another company. Therefore, there may be a need for the company file’s to display the merger.
  • Special characters may have been added to the file’s name. These characters may be resulting in some problems. 

How to Rename a QuickBooks Company File?

Organizations can rename their company files in the QuickBooks program using the Rename option. Before using this option, you have to run the software as well as your company file. Afterward, push the “F2” key. The company file’s location will be provided here. Trace this location on the hard drive. The next step is to choose one file and then use the Rename option. While initiating the changes, care should be taken to not edit the extension.

To get more details on how to rename the QuickBooks company file, these steps can be read:

  • Go to “QuickBooks”.
  • Run the company file.
  • Tap on the “F2” key after running the file.
F2” key - how to change company file name in quickbooks
  • You will find “Product Information”. Here, look for “Location” below “File Information”.
  • From “Location”, identify where your file is located on the hard drive.
  • Now, visit your company file’s location.
  • Choose one file.
  • Right-tap on your file. Then opt for “Rename”.
  • The new name for the file can be assigned in this step.
  • Make certain that no changes are made to the extension of the company file. 
  • Hit “Enter”.
  • On seeing a prompt, press “Yes”.

Note: Setting up QuickBooks will be essential for using renamed company files. Visit “File” in “QuickBooks”. Tap on the option of “Open or Restore an Existing Company. A selection for “Open a Company File” has to be made. Click on the “Next” option. Select the renamed file and opt for “Open”.

How Do You Rename or Change Company File’s Name in QuickBooks for a Client?

For renaming the QB company file for a client, press the dropdown for your client. Then select that file that has to be renamed. Using the Gear symbol, the option of Your Company needs to be selected. After this, you need to visit Accounts and Settings. Following this step, the tab for Company has to be entered. You can now rename the company file of the client and save the changes. Later, you can check whether this method worked well to change the QuickBooks company file’s name for the client.

To learn more about this method, please read further.

  • Select the option of your client’s dropdown in QuickBooks. It will be located at the top.
  • Pick any company file for renaming it.
  • Tap on “Gear”.
  • Opt for “Your Company”.
Your Company” - how to rename a quickbooks company file
  • Select “Accounts and Settings”.
  • On the panel’s left side, you will see “Company”. Choose this tab.
  • In the company name section, make changes to the file’s name.
  • Tap on “Save”.
  • Push the “Done” tab.
  • Now, check the company file. Its name will have been changed.

How Do I Change the Name of a Company File in QuickBooks Desktop?

For changing the name of a QuickBooks Desktop company file, you can first know its location. It can be known from Product Information via the F2 key. File Explorer can be opened for entering its location. In the location, you can pick one company file and right-click on it. Then press the Rename option. The name of the file with the extension “.qbw” will get changed.

Below, you can find more information on how to change a company file’s name in QuickBooks Desktop:

  • Initially, make a backup of the company file of QB.
  • Now, run the software.
  • In QB, the location of your file has to be found. To do so, tap on “F2”. You can also press the “Ctrl” key and “1” key. In “Product Information”, view its location and note it.

Note: To be specific about the location of your company file, please check the field labeled “File Information”.

  • Visit the location on finding the same using “File Explorer”.

Note: To head to “File Explorer”, open “Start” on Windows 8/8.1/10. On Windows Vista/7, “Windows Explorer” can be directly opened.

  • In the location, you will see your QB company files. Right-click on one of them. Then tap on “Rename”.

Note: The name of the company file may be mentioned in one of the following formats:

  • “[CompanyName].qbw” 
  • “[CompanyName]”
  • Rename the file and push “Enter”.
  • Click on “Yes”.

Note: QuickBooks Desktop needs to be set up for working on a renamed company file. In the software’s “File” menu, you will find “Open or Restore an Existing Company”. Choose this and then pick “Open a Company File”. Press “Next”. Now, choose your file and press “Open”.

When you are not using the multi-user mode, the method shown here will work for renaming the company files. However, in the multi-user mode of QuickBooks Desktop, the names of the files can be changed on every workstation.

What is the Method to Change a Company File’s Name in QuickBooks 2016?

In QuickBooks 2016, the process to initiate the renaming of the company files can be done using the Product Information window. This window can be accessed by pressing F2. It will let you know the location of your company files in your Windows system. Navigating to this location, you can select a file. After right-clicking on it, the Rename feature can be used for changing the file’s name. You may have to set up QB 2016 for working on the company file whose name has been changed.

  • Open a company file after running “QuickBooks 2016”.
  • As the file starts running, the “F2” key has to be pushed.
  • Wait for the window of “Product Information” to open.
  • In the window, find “File Information”.
  • Below this option, view “Location”.
  • Now that the location will be known to you, visit it for viewing your company file.
  • Followed by selecting the company file, right-tap on the same.
  • Push the “Rename” option.
  • Edit the name or completely change it. 
  • Ensure that the extension of the file is the same as the old one. It need not be changed.
  • The “Enter” key has to be pressed.
  • Only when a prompt appears, select the “Yes” option.

After you change the company file’s name in QuickBooks 2016, the accounting software will have to be set up. Choose “Open or Restore an Existing Company” from “File”. Moving forward, press the “Open a Company File” option. Push “Next” and then opt for the renamed file. Finally, you have to tap on “Open”.

Tips to Change Your Company File’s Name in QuickBooks

In this section, you can find 5 tips. While you rename your company file in QuickBooks, QuickBooks Desktop, or QuickBooks 2016, implementing these tips can be helpful. By doing so, no problems will arise in the file renaming process.

  • Make sure that no spelling mistake is made while you change the file’s name.
  • Check that you are assigning the correct name to your file.
  • Ensure that the length of the file’s new name has the minimum number of required characters.
  • See to it that while renaming your company files in QuickBooks, no special characters are included.
  • After the name of your file has been changed, saving the new name will be essential. On failing to do so, no changes will be made to its name.
Summing up the Above,

To work on QuickBooks, companies often create files. These company files are assigned names that usually relate to the name of the business. When the company has changed its name, it will be likely that the name of the company files will also have to be changed. The company files of QuickBooks can be renamed by knowing their location. Then the Rename option of Windows will come in handy for making the changes. Likewise, using this option, the company files of various versions of the QB program can be changed. As you read the methods given here, you would have received complete information about how the name of your company files can be changed. Keep in mind that while the name is changed, no errors are made and no special characters are added to it. 

Along with renaming your QB company files, you may want to change their location as well. There is a particular folder on your system in which these files get saved by default. To find out how to change where QuickBooks saves company files by default, reading this blog will be a great idea.

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