QuickBooks T4 Forms: How to Prepare, File, e-File, Submit, and Print?

QuickBooks T4 Forms: How to Prepare, File, e-File, Submit, and Print?

The T4 tax forms have to be submitted on an annual basis to the CRA. These forms are given by employers to his or her employees. Along with the forms, the T4 slips and summary also have to be printed and provided to every employee. Prior to submitting the forms, slips, as well as the summary, to the Canada Revenue Agency, these forms need to be prepared. 

The forms can be prepared in QuickBooks as well as its versions like QBO and QuickBooks Desktop. After the preparation, you can check how to file T4 in QuickBooks. The submission can be manually filed. For more convenience, e-filing them is also an option. 

For preparing, manually filing, e-filing, printing, and submitting the T4 forms, we can assist you better by answering multiple queries.

In brief, these are the queries that will be discussed by us:

What is a T4 Form?

T4 forms can be defined as tax forms. They are yearly submitted by the filers. These forms help in reporting an employee’s earnings as well as deductions. It is essential to know that the submission of the T4 forms is made to the CRA or Canada Revenue Agency, the employer, and the employee. Using accounting software like QuickBooks, T4 forms can be filed and submitted.

How to File T4 in QuickBooks?

As an employer, you will be required to download the T4 form via QuickBooks. Then the downloaded form will have to be given to each employee. After this, the QuickBooks T4 XML file will have to be downloaded. It is important to understand that this file will be used for transferring your form over the web. When you have reached this far, you can start uploading the file to the official site of CRA. 

How to e-File T4 from QuickBooks for an Employee’s Copy?

To e-file T4, QuickBooks is among the best software that you can prefer. In order to start this process, signing in to your Company File will be mandatory. After signing in, you have to pick the Taxes option. Now, head to Payroll Tax and make a selection for Annual Forms. From here, you can easily move to the T4 section. This section will assist you in preparing the T4 slip. Once you have made it, you will be advised to distribute the same to your employees. 

Some of you may want to check whether the information included in the slip of T4 is right. This can be done via the T4 tab. Adobe Reader should be preferred for viewing the slip as well as verifying the information in it.

  • Check that you are logged in to your “Company File” in QuickBooks.
  • Find “Taxes” in the navigation bar at the top. Select this option.
  • Click on “Payroll Tax”.
  • A window should be seen. Use the “Annual Forms” option to continue.
  • Move to the section of “T4”. 
  • The T4 slip can be prepared now. This slip will be distributed to the employees.
  • From the “T4” tab, ensure that the prepared slip can be viewed with the help of “Adobe Reader”.
  • Check that the information has been correctly stated in the slip.
  • Select “Print” to start printing the T4 slips.
  • Now, distribute the slips among your employees. 

Note: The employers should understand that the T4 slips need to be given to every employee of the organization. Make sure that no employee is missed.

What is the Method to Electronically File T4 in QuickBooks for Employers?

Begin with logging in to your Company File and then move to Taxes. Open Payroll Tax and look for Annual Forms. Accompanied by this, you can choose the Type of Forms. You will see a tab titled Employers. In this tab, see to it that the T4 slip is picked. This slip can be used for getting a copy for an employer. When the copy has been obtained, you can opt for T4 Summary. Using this, you can see your file. You can print it and then move forward to submitting it to Canada.ca. This site has to be opened using your browser. While you go ahead with the submission, ensure that a “.csv” file is preferred.

  • Open your “QB Company File“.
  • Sign in to the file.
  • Choose the option of “Taxes”. You can find it in the navigation bar.
  • Visit “Payroll Tax”. This option can be accessed from the dropdown.
  • Opt for “Annual Forms”.
  • Select “Type of Forms”.
  • From the tab of “Employers”, choose the “T4” slip. 

Note: Step 7 will help in obtaining the T4 slip’s copy for an employer.

  • Choose “T4 Summary”.

Note: This step should be performed for getting the summary report of the salaries that are paid to the employees. 

  • Tap on “View” and access the file. 
  • Now, by viewing the file, make certain that the correct report has been generated. Also, see to it that the information mentioned in it is correct.
  • The file needs to be printed. This will help in getting the T4 form’s physical copy.
  • Press “Submit”.
  • On the display, certain directions will appear. Execute them.
  • Ensure that the “.csv” file gets downloaded.
  • The downloaded “.csv” file can be saved in any location based on your choice.
  • Run the internet browser.
  • Input “Canada.ca” in the browser.
  • This is followed by uploading the downloaded “.csv” file.

Note: The QuickBooks e-file T4 Transmitter Number may not be needed when the form is being filed. You may also not be required to input this number on the website of the federal tax authority. However, when this Transmitter Number is demanded and it is not available to you, please use “555555” in its place. 

How to Do T4 in QuickBooks Online?

In QuickBooks Online, T4 filing can be done by preparing its summary as well as the slips. You can prepare both of them within the accounting software itself. Once prepared, the submission of T4 will have to be initiated. Its submission will be made to the Canada Revenue Agency. QBO can be used for generating the T4 XML file. The file will comprise both the slips and the summary. Since the file will already be carrying them, you can skip the individual submission of the T4 slips and the summary. 

Now to start generating the slips and summary for the T4 form, you should have the complete process available to you. You can read the process outlined here for the same:

  • Find the “Taxes” option in the QuickBooks software.
  • After selecting “Taxes”, opt for “Payroll Tax”.
  • Via the section of “Forms”, navigate to “Annual Forms”.
  • Click on “T4 Slip (Employer)”.
  • This is followed by selecting a period.
  • Then press “View”.
  • You will notice that the “T4 Summary (Employer)” gets launched in a separate tab. You may save or print its copy for use in the future.
  • Return to the former tab and press “Submit”.
  • In QuickBooks, the “T4 XML” file will be exported. The records’ copy will get auto-archived in the software.
  • Visit the official site of “Service Canada”.
  • Click on “Internet File Transfer”.
  • “Disclaimer” will be given. Read it and press “I Agree”.
  • Provide “Account Number” received through the CRA. 

Note: While providing “Account Number”, see to it that no spaces or dashes are inserted.

  • Write “Web Access Code” given by the CRA.

Note: When you are writing “Web Access Code”, it will be useful to know that this code will be case-sensitive.

  • Tap on “Next”.
  • On your system, use the “Browse” option for knowing the location of the “T4 XML” file.
  • After locating, upload this file on the website of “CRA”.
  • Following this, your return has to be submitted.

Note: When the accounting software generates the T4 XML file, it will include the T4 summary as well. You will not be required to individually submit the T4 summary on the website of the CRA.

How to File T4 in QuickBooks Desktop?

QuickBooks Desktop users should use the Employees/Payroll Forms/Process T4s option to file the form. Selecting the correct calendar year will be required before filing the T4 form. Also, the forms will have to be reviewed and edited as per the requirement. Then the copies can be printed prior to e-filing the form. The Transmitter Number and T4 XML file will work as requisites when the form needs to be submitted to CRA’s website. 

  • Access the “Toolbar” of “QuickBooks Desktop”.
  • Click on “Employees/Payroll Forms/Process T4s”.
  • Check the calendar year.

Note: The calendar year should be the one for which you want to e-file T4 in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Now, tap on the “Original” form option.
  • Select all your employees.
  • Scroll and click on “Review”.
  • You will reach the T4 forms. Review the forms. 
  • To manually make any edits to the forms, click twice on the box next to them. An amount or description can also be included. 

Note: Step 8 may be required for health insurance, allowance for car, and other taxable benefits. 

  • Print the copies for your employees. 

Note: Certain extra copies of the T4 forms can be printed. In the future, when an employee loses the form, the extra copy will be of use. 

  • To continue, choose “e-File”.
  • The number for e-filing will be generated by QuickBooks Desktop. Then you will have to write “Transmitter Number”.
  • Fill in every field of the form.
  • Press “Send”.
  • Wait for the accounting software to start generating the “QuickBooks T4 XML” file. Remember this file’s location.
  • Run the website of “CRA”.
  • Type in the number of your “ID”.
  • Provide “Web Access Code”.
  • On this website, attach the XML file of the form.
  • Wait for a message or notification informing you that the process has been successful. It may include the details of the transmission. You can save the message in the form of a PDF and also print it.

Note: The details of the transmission of the T4 forms may be needed in the future. Therefore, saving and printing these details will be thoughtful.

The e-filing of slips helps in including them in “CRA Auto Fill Function”. This means that taxpayers can auto-download the information of the tax. However, for doing so, the taxpayers will have to sign up for a CRA account.

Caution: In case the payroll deductions are underpaid, you may receive a letter from the Canada Revenue Agency. The letter will inform you to mention the reason for the difference. You may also have to provide an assessment notice.

How to Prepare T4 Slips in QuickBooks?

Preparing the slips for T4 is important for the reason that they have to be given to the employees. These slips may help in serving as a record for the future. 

For preparing the T4 slips in QuickBooks, several processes are involved. You need to check your organization’s information as the initial process. The next process requires you to go through the information of your company’s employees. If any changes or additions need to be made, then they can be made while doing the second process. After this, the slips have to be created for the employees. In the processes followed by this one, you have to review these slips with the help of Adobe Acrobat and then print them. Lastly, the printed slips have to be provided to your company’s employees using a reliable medium.

  • Start by checking the key information of your company. In QuickBooks, click on “Settings”. This will be represented by the “Gear” icon.

Tip: The “Gear” icon in QuickBooks is useful for several reasons. To know more regarding the same, you can read here about the QuickBooks Gear icon.

  • Select “Payroll Settings”.
  • Visit “Preference Page”.
  • Choose “Federal Taxes”.
  • Go to the page for “Company Federal Tax Information”.
  • Provide your “CRA Payroll Number”. 

Note: The “CRA Payroll Number” should be the one that has been assigned by the CRA itself.

  • Next, fill in “T4 Transmitter Number”.
  • Hit “Ok”.
  • Now, check the information of the employees. Select the “Employees” option in “QuickBooks”.
  • An employee has to be selected.
  • Click on the icon of “Edit”.
  • The following information needs to be edited or added:

“Employee Data”

“Payroll Deductions”.

“Employee Benefit Information”

  • Press “Done”.
  • Now, the T4 slips have to be made for the employees. Access the “Taxes” option in the accounting software.
  • Select “Payroll Tax”.
  • Go to the section that says “Forms”.
  • Choose “Annual Forms”.
  • Click on “T4 Slip (Employer)”.
  • In this step, the year of tax has to be selected. This will be the year for which the T4 slip needs to be viewed.
  • Tap the “View” option.
  • Now, start reviewing the T4 slips using “Adobe Acrobat”.
  • The information included in the slips needs to be completely correct.
  • Either print or download the T4 slips via “Adobe Acrobat” itself.
  • Next, this window has to be closed.
  • Provide the T4 slips to every employee. This can be done by:
    • Electronically sending a copy via “Workforce Employee Portal” or “Email”. 
    • Delivering 2 copies to the employee.
    • e-Mailing 2 copies.

Note: The T4 slip should be received by all your employees by February’s last day for timely submission.

How to Print T4 on QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop?

The need for printing the T4 forms, slips, and summary can occur when they have to be distributed to your company’s employees. You may also want to retain certain extra copies for the record. 

When you are following the process to make the T4 forms and file them via QBO/QuickBooks Desktop, you will also have to create the slips and the summary. When they have been completely made, the option to view them will be given. You can also review them preferably through Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat. After reviewing and ensuring that the forms, summary, and slips are correct, you can print them. Both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online shall remain supportive of this way of printing T4.

As you can infer, knowing how to print T4 from QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online doesn’t include a complicated method. During the preparation of the form, the option to print it will be available. We will suggest that you print additional copies as they may be needed in the future.

In Essence

The submission of the T4 forms can be important because of a number of reasons. Employers who may have 50 employees or more may be required to submit these forms on the official site of the CRA. For submitting, the forms have to be made. Using QuickBooks, making these forms can be simpler. With the help of the same accounting software, the T4 forms can be filed. You can preferably use QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop to file them. Even when you have to print these forms or the T4 summary and slips, the software can be of use. With the queries discussed here, you will be able to submit these forms on time.

Sometimes, when you are engaged in doing your important tasks in QuickBooks, certain errors may be found.  The error 6069 can be one of the errors that can unexpectedly emerge. To see how you can deal with it, you can read about the QuickBooks error 6069 fixes.

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