How to Fix Netflix Error Code M7353 5101?

Netflix is a true bliss for movie lovers. We love this application so much and we don’t want any interference while we stream it. It can be really bothersome when errors hit and halt us from using Netflix. The Netflix error code m7353 5101 is one of the most common errors that can knock the seamless movie watching experience. If your experience is also getting affected, we will help you fix the Netflix error code m7353 5101 and make streaming movies easier. 

In this blog, you will discover everything about the Netflix error code m7353. Let’s begin the informative tour with understanding what this error is and how it is caused. 

Understanding Netflix Error Code M7353 5101

The Netflix error code m7353 is a kind of error that does not allow you to stream the application. The Netflix error m7353 Windows 10 can be caused by an extension on the browser. Adding the extension can result in this error which will interfere with the streaming of the Netflix application. Also, a problem in a particular browser can prevent Netflix from functioning the way it does. Not clearing the cookies and cache regularly can be another reason for the error code m7353 Netflix.

6 Fixes to Resolve Netflix Error Code M7353 5101

Now we will tell you 6 solutions to sort out the Netflix error code m7353. With every solution, you will find clearly defined steps. Follow these steps to fix the error and continue watching all the movies you love.

Netflix Error M7353 5101 Fix 1

Disable Extensions

As we told you in the beginning of the blog, the Netflix error code m7353 5101 can be the result of an extension on your browser. Apart from intrusion in streaming, the extension can also cause the crashing of the Netflix application. That is why disabling all the unnecessary extensions on Chrome is one of the ways of dealing with this error. 

Learn how to disable Chrome extensions in 5 steps.

1. In your system, visit the Chrome address bar.

2. Next, type “chrome://extensions” in the Chrome address bar and press the “Enter” key.

3. Now you will be able to see a list of extensions on your screen.

4. All the enabled extensions will appear blue while all the disabled extensions will appear grey. You have to look at all the enabled extensions in the list that are not necessary. To disable these extensions, press the toggle button.

5. After disabling the extensions or add-ons, visit the Netflix page. Refresh it and then play a movie. The Netflix error m7353 5101 will no longer disturb you. 

Netflix Error M7353 5101 Fix 2

Change Browser

You may be seeing the Netflix error code m7353 on a particular browser due to a specific problem even after disabling the unnecessary extensions. When that is the case, we will suggest you to stream Netflix on a different browser. If you are able to play videos on the application on a different browser, then surely the previous browser has certain problems that are limiting the application and causing error code m7353 Netflix.

Netflix Error M7353 5101 Fix 3

Clear Cookies & Cache

The third fix we will be sharing with you is quite simple to perform. Clearing cookies and cache in Chrome has been observed as an easy solution to resolve the m7353 5101 error Netflix. While most of you would also already know how to clear cookies and cache on Chrome, for those who don’t, we have laid out the procedure in 8 steps. The procedure is suitable for Windows as well as Mac users.

1. In your system, open Chrome and press the “Menu” button or the three-dot icon.

2. Select “More Tools” from the menu.

3. The next step is to choose “Clear browsing data”.

4. Now press the “CTRL” key, “Shift” key, and “Delete” key at the same time in Windows. For Mac users, the combination will be the “Command” key, “Shift” key, and “Delete” key.

5. Then go to “Menu” again, select “Settings”, click on “Advanced”, and then choose “Clear browsing data”.

6. Choose the time period for clearing the cache under the “Clear the following items from the” dropdown menu. 

7. Check the boxes for the things you want to clear. 

8. Finally, press the “Clear browsing data” button. Now open the Netflix application and play the movie you like. The m7353 error code Netflix will not trouble you now. 

Netflix Error M7353 5101 Fix 4

Restart System

Shutting down your computer and then restarting it is also an easy fix for the error code m7353 5101 Netflix. This procedure is only 5 steps long. Take a look at it.

1. Tap the “Windows” key on your system’s keyboard.

2. Click on “Power” in the “Start” menu.

3. Then select “Shut down”.

4. Once the system turns off, start it again. 

5. Launch Netflix and check whether the error Netflix m7353 has been resolved.

Netflix Error M7353 5101 Fix 5

Update Chrome

When your browser is not updated, the m7353 5101 Netflix error code may be triggered. Therefore, we will suggest you to update your browser to enjoy a smooth streaming experience on Netflix. Know how to update your Google Chrome browser in just 6 quick steps.

1. Open Google Chrome and then click on the “Menu” button or the three-dot button.

2. Next, choose the “Help” option.

3. The third step is to click on “About Google Chrome”.

4. Now you will be able to see the current version of your browser and any updates available will be automatically installed. 

5. Click on “Relaunch” to finish the installation of the updates. 

6. Then open Netflix again. The m7353 Netflix error will not interfere with streaming now. 

Netflix Error M7353 5101 Fix 6

Procedure for Mac

Here we have provided a detailed procedure for fixing the Netflix error m7353 on Mac. Follow the step-by-step instructions given below to settle the error quickly. 

1. First, shut down your system and start it again.

2. Then go to and clear the cookies from your Netflix account. Once the cookies get cleared, you will be signed out from your account. You will be required to sign in again. 

3. Disable any chrome extensions that are not letting the app to work as it should. 

4. The next step is to disconnect the external displays. Sometimes, an external device may not support streaming on Netflix. That is why removing the external displays will fix the Netflix error code m7353 5101 easily.

5. Lastly, check the security software installed in your Mac. An antivirus software can also limit the functioning of Netflix. 

6. Now relaunch Netflix to check whether the problem has been sorted.

We made troubleshooting the Netflix error code m7353 so simple for you. Now the next time the Netflix error code m7353 5101 bugs your device, you don’t need someone else to fix it for you. Train yourself with our guide and resolve the Netflix error m7353 5101 like an expert. Are you also looking for expert guidance to fix the Netflix code tvq st 103 error and Netflix Error Code NW-2-5? Try our solutions right away.

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