Fixing Netflix Error Code M7353 5101 on Windows and Mac Computers

Fixing Netflix Error Code M7353 5101 on Windows and Mac Computers

The error code M7353 5101 on Netflix shows that an extension of your internet browser is generating trouble. The extension may be behaving in this manner due to a problem in it or in your browser. Turning off the browser extensions is a quick way of dealing with this Netflix error on Windows computers. Sometimes, when the cause of the Netflix error code M7353 5101 is different, disabling only the browser extensions or add-ons may not work. Then you will have to update your browser or remove the Netflix cookies on Mac systems. Even when you decide to apply such fixes, administering them in the correct manner is required. By following all the necessary steps, you can learn to effectively troubleshoot the error M7353 5101 or its versions like M7353 5101 3 and M7353 5101 4N.

To give the readers the knowledge of all the fixes included here, we have crafted a short summary as follows:

What is the Netflix Error Code M7353 5101?

The error M7353 5101 can be found while running Netflix. There may also exist certain versions of this error code such as M7353 5101 3, M7353 5101 4N, etc. The error, or its version, indicates that an extension has been added to the internet browser. This extension may not be allowing the video-streaming platform to correctly work. Thus, when this extension keeps restricting the platform from occurring, the Netflix error M7353 5101 shall keep surfacing. 

Causes of the Error Code M7353 5101 in Netflix

We have been able to find 6 causes of the Netflix error M7353 5101 code. One of these may be hampering your experience as you stream shows on it.

  • An extension installed on your web browser is a possible cause of the error code.
  • There may be a problem with the browser that you are using. This problem may be generating this error.
  • You may not have deleted the cache or cookies of your browser for long.
  • The updates for your internet browser may not have been installed.
  • There may be an issue with your system. It may be affecting Netflix.
  • Specifically, on Mac, Netflix cookies may be sourcing this issue.

How to Fix the M7353 5101 Error in Netflix?

Disabling the extensions of your browser is one way of troubleshooting the error code M7353 5101. Sometimes, when disabling the extensions does not work, using a browser other than the usual one will be suggested. You can also try to remove the cache of your internet browser. After this, you can run Netflix to see whether it is running without the presence of the M7353 5101 error.

We have found that restarting your PC, updating your browser, etc., are additional measures that can be taken to eliminate the error M7353 5101 on Netflix. You can get all the information on these fixes in the forthcoming sections. 

 Fix 1: Disable the Extension on Google Chrome

It is not unusual for certain extensions on the browser to become problematic. However, your experience may not be the same as usual when these problematic extensions are enabled and find a way to impact Netflix. Due to their impact, you may be seeing the error code M7353 5101 while using this streaming service. Our technical experts are of the opinion that such extensions should be turned off to reduce their impact on Netflix. Expectedly, the error code will also be prevented. 

You can view all the extensions of your browser like Google Chrome through its Address Bar. You can find the enabled extensions and select the ones that are not needed. These extensions can be deactivated one by one. Then you can try using Netflix. It should start to work.

  • On your system, run “Google Chrome”.
  • Visit Chrome’s “Address Bar”.
  • Next, type “chrome://extensions” in the bar.
  • Press the “Enter” key.
  • Read through the list of extensions on your screen.
  • Look at the extensions that have been enabled.

Note: To know which extensions have been enabled, you can notice their colors. The extensions that have been turned on will be highlighted in blue. The extensions that have been kept disabled will be marked by the grey color.

  • Identify the extensions which have been turned on but are not necessary.
  • The unnecessary extensions have to be disabled. Press the toggle button for doing so.
  • Any add-ons that have been activated but are not required can also be disabled.
  • Visit the “Netflix” page. 
  • Refresh this page once.
  • Then play a movie on this platform. The Netflix error M7353 5101 will no longer disturb you. 

Note: The steps of the fix described here will assist you in viewing the extensions added on Google Chrome. Happening to be a Mozilla Firefox user, you may try navigating to the “Tools” option. The option will initiate the method to view the extensions or add-ons. If you are using any other browser, then you may visit its settings to find the enabled extensions.

Fix 2: Change Your Internet Browser

You may be using your internet browser to stream Netflix. The browser being troublesome, this platform may not run and also show the M7353 5101 Netflix error code. Difficulties with your browser can be of varying types. We will suggest that you change your internet browser when it is working too slow. Several users may understand that the speed of the browser can become sluggish due to some reasons, whether identified or unidentified. While you may require some time to find the exact cause of such a speed, meanwhile, you can switch to another browser.

Using a browser different from the preferred one can also be necessary at times. Some browsers may not support Netflix. Possibly, you may be using such an unsupportive browser. Thus, the M7353 5101 error may be emerging when attempts are made to run Netflix. A browser such as Google Chrome that is supportive of this service can be a thoughtful workaround for the problem.

Fix 3: Clear Cookies and Cache from the Browser

The Netflix error code M7353 5101 3 can be observed when the platform is being accessed through a browser. The browser’s cache, as well as cookies, may be leading to intrusions in the working of Netflix. On Google Chrome, the Menu has to be opened for visiting More Tools. Here, you are likely to find Clear Browsing Data. Then you can move to the Menu one more time and click on Settings. Now, you will see Advanced. Press Clear Browsing Data and provide a time range for the removal of the cache.

After the cache has been deleted, you can open a fresh tab on Chrome. Using this tab, you can move to the site of Netflix. Now, you have to make sure that the M7353 5101 3 error has been cleared.

Note: The directions of this fix can be used for clearing the cookies and cache on Google Chrome installed on both Windows and Mac computers. 

  • Press twice the icon of “Google Chrome”.
  • Select “Menu” represented by the 3-dot icon.
  • Choose “More Tools”.
  • The next step is to pick “Clear Browsing Data”.

Note: “Clear Browsing Data” can be opened via a shortcut as well. As a Windows user, simultaneously press the keys mentioned below:

  • “CTRL” key + “Shift” key + “Delete” key 

On Mac computers, the following combination of keys will work:

  • “Command” key + “Shift” key + “Delete” key 
  • Click on “Advanced”. 
  • Choose “Clear Browsing Data”.
  • Tap on the dropdown menu under “Clear the Following Items from the”.
  • Set a time period. 

Note: The cache that belongs to this time period will be removed.

  • Check the boxes for the options that you want to clear. 
  • Press the “Clear Browsing Data” button. 
  • Now, open “Netflix” on “Google Chrome”.
  • Play a movie you like. 

Note: It is expected that after removing the cache or cookies for the set time range, the error M7353 5101 will be fixed. Supposing that the error code can still be found, you may prefer to completely remove the cache and cookies. The option “All Time” in place of a time range will have to be selected to do so.

Fix 4: Restart Your System and Play Netflix

Restarting your system is a measure that you take when different types of problems emerge. When you are streaming movies on Netflix on your system and you begin to experience the M7353 5101 4N error code, restarting the machine can be of use. You can first safely turn it off from the Start Menu. After this, you can start over the machine. Next to this, you can use your browser for opening Netflix. A video will have to be played to check that the M7353 5101 4N error is not appearing now.

  • Press the “Windows” key,
  • Click on “Power” in the “Start Menu”.
  • Then select “Shut Down”.
  • Your system may take a few seconds to get turned off. Then you can start it again.
  • Launch “Netflix” from the browser.

Finally, ensure that the Netflix error code M7353 5101 4N has been resolved.

Fix 5: Update Google Chrome

When your browser is not updated, the M7353 5101 Netflix error code may get triggered. The updates for your browser may have been released. Keeping them pending may not help in doing away with the said error code or enjoying a smooth streaming experience on Netflix.

Google Chrome can be updated by navigating to its Menu button. Press the option of Help and then head to About Google Chrome. This is an important section that informs you about the existing version of this browser. You can make certain whether this version is the latest one. Also, if this version is not the same as the latest one, then the updates will automatically start getting installed. 

  • Open “Google Chrome” as the first step,
  • Click on the “Menu” button. This will be symbolized by the three-dot button.
  • Next, choose the “Help” option.
  • Click on “About Google Chrome”.
  • Now, you will be able to see the current version of your browser. Any updates available for Chrome will be automatically installed. You will be suggested to wait and let the updates get installed.
  • Click on “Relaunch” to finish the installation of the updates. 
  • Then open Netflix again. The M7353 5101 error will not interfere when streaming is now done on this platform. 

Fix 6: Clear Netflix Cookies and Check Security Software on Mac

Netflix cookies can make way for certain issues. Not clearing them can be the cause of the Netflix error code M7353 5101 on Mac. However, more errors can be seen when the cookies are not removed for long. In this fix, you will be advised to delete the cookies of Netflix. In addition, we will guide you to check the security software program installed on your Apple computer as well as the external display device connected to it. Accompanied by implementing these measures, Netflix can be used without coming across the error code M7353 5101.

  • Turn off your Mac computer.
  • After a while, turn it on.
  • Now, visit the following link:
    • “” 
  • Clear the cookies from your Netflix account on your Mac computer.
  • Followed by the removal of the cookies, you will be signed out from your Netflix account. Use the correct credentials to sign in.
  • View the extensions of chrome.
  • Disable those extensions which are limiting Netflix from working. 

Tip: You may also turn off those extensions that have been installed but are not required any longer. Doing so will ensure that no other errors emerge while using Netflix or any other service through Google Chrome. 

  • The next step is to disconnect the external displays. 

Note: Sometimes, an external device may not support streaming on Netflix. That is why removing the external displays may contribute in some way to fix the Netflix error code M7353 5101.

  • Check the security software installed on your Mac system. 

Note: Antivirus software can also limit the functioning of Netflix. This may be a reason why you often see the M7353 5101 error code at the time of playing a movie on it.

  • Now, relaunch “Netflix”. Check whether the problem has been sorted.
Our Final Thoughts

The error M7353 5101 on Netflix is an issue relating to the browser extensions. It occurs when the extension is faulty. The extension may be faulty because of a problematic browser. This error code is capable of coming up on both Windows and Mac systems. It can be resolved on both of these computers by following the best fixes. Some of these fixes were included in this reading. By laying out their proper steps, we made your task easier. Now, the error M7353 5101 may have stopped emerging. You may be having no problems running Netflix after this.

On this page, you can also find the best fixes for the Netflix code TVQ ST 103 error. Should the readers come across the Netflix error code NW-2-5 too, the fixes for it can be found here.

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