How To Fix Asus Chromebook Wifi Not Working

How To Fix Asus Chromebook Wifi Not Working

Don’t know how to fix Asus Chromebook Wifi not working? Learn some easy steps to resolve Wifi not working. The laptops play a vital role in our lives these days and the need for the internet has been increased rapidly. In such a scenario, what if the wifi of your Asus computer stops working? You will probably panic and run to your IT department if in office. But what if you work from your home and there is nobody to help you?

Well, don’t worry as here you will find easy and quick fixes to the Issues of Asus Computer/Chromebook wifi not working. You can refer to the solutions mentioned below to get rid of such an issue:

Solution No. 1 – Check Settings Once Again 

  • The first and foremost step for you when the Asus computer wifi is not working should be checking the settings
  • This step may sound obvious but at times, due to work pressure we forget the most basic aspects
  • Chances are that you have turned off the wifi 
  • To turn on the wifi again you an go to the settings and turn it on 
  • You can do the same by pressing the F2 key on the keyboard
pressing the F2 key-Asus Computer/Chromebook Wifi Not Working
  • For better results, go to the network adapter 
  • Now make sure to right-click on the option of Wireless adapter
  • After that, you may disable the service for once and enable it back after a while 
  • In case the error of Asus wifi not working still persists, you may go to the WLAN settings and reboot them 
  • The outdated wireless drivers are responsible for this issue. Make sure that the driver is updated. Check if there is any update available and if so then make sure you install it
  • In case this solution was not a help to you, go to the one mentioned below:

Solution No. 2 – Update Wireless Driver:

  • To update the wireless driver, you must begin with opening the device manager
  • Open the device manager with the help of DEVMGMT.MSC command
  • Once you enter this command, you can witness the options in properties windows
Devmgmt.msc- Asus computer wifi not working
  • Click on the network adapter and double click on your wireless driver.
  • Make sure you make a selection on the driver tab 
  • After this, continue by selecting the option of “Update driver”
  • This step will open the update window in  front of you where you will have to make a selection on the option of “Search automatically for an updated driver”
Driver Update- Asus router wifi not working
  • Once you are done with the step above, your system will automatically update once it has an update available
  • In case you are not able to find it, you just have to uninstall the previous one and install the latest one that is available 

Solution For Asus Computer Wifi Not Working (Factory Reset):

  • In order to begin with this solution, you will have to go to the windows search box.
  • Once the search box is in front of you, type “System Restore” in the search box.
  • You will be able to locate the option of “System restore”
  • This step will display a list in front of you from which you will have to make a selection on the date on which your system was working perfectly.
Create a restore point- Asus wifi antenna not working
  • After selecting the date, select “Next”.
  • Once you have executed the steps mentioned above, the system will begin with the restore process.
  • Wait for a while once the restore process begins.
  • The system should start working perfectly after this.

The aforementioned solutions for Asus Chromebook wifi not working are not exhaustive but will help you get an effective solution in a jiffy. The solutions mentioned above can be performed by anyone and do not require any expert assistance. But in any case, if you were not able to get to the solution then you can expert assistance by getting in touch with a professional. The experienced technicians at ErrorsDoc can help you with the issue via chat itself. This process has been acclaimed by many customers as it is efficient and effective at the same time. The entire process is very user-friendly and hassle-free at the same time. If you compare it to the other processes you will understand that it is less time consuming and more efficient at the same time. 

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