Asus Router Login Not Working? 5 Ways to Fix

Asus Router Login Not Working? 5 Ways to Fix

When your internet fails to work and your Asus router begins to show a problem, our post will help you with the best workarounds. The problem of router not working is so common that every user can face it at one point or the other. This problem isn’t as big as you might think. We have 5 very simple fixes that can clear this problem within minutes. 

Keep reading our post to find more about this problem and its fixes. 

How is the Problem of Router Not Working Caused?

As you would know the Asus router login not working issue is quite common. Before we fix it, let’s gain an understanding of the causes of this common issue. 

1. A minor bug in your Asus wired or wireless router can cause this issue.

2. A poor condition of the cables of your Asus router can disable it from functioning properly.

3. Many users do not keep their wifi drivers updated. Updates are released to fix the problems while using the router. Not updating these drivers will prevent the Asus router from working efficiently.

4. You will see the problem of the router not working when the setup has not been correctly done. 

5 Quick Fixes for Asus Router Not Working

Over the web, you will find many ways to fix the Asus router DDNS not working problem. Here, we have gathered the best fixes among all which can surely troubleshoot this problem. 

Restarting your Asus router, checking its cables, updating the wifi driver, etc., are some of these fixes. Read more about these fixes in the upcoming parts of this blog. 

Fix 1: Restart Your Asus Router

When the problem of Asus router login not working occurs, you will not be able to gain access to the internet. There can be a very minor bug that may be causing your Asus router to not work. For a bug like this one, you can restart your Asus router. To restart it correctly, the following are the steps you need to do. 

1. The first step is to turn off your Asus router

2. Now, disconnect the cable from the back of your Asus router.

3. Next, patiently wait for 10 to 15 minutes. 

4. The fourth step is to plug out the cable of your router and power socket.

5. Now, turn on your Asus router.

6. Use it and see whether or not it is working now. 

In case you suspect that there is some issue with the ethernet of your router, you can restart the device. It will fix the Asus router ethernet not working issue too. 

Fix 2: Check Cables of Your Asus Router

For the problem of the router not working, its cables might be at fault. These form a delicate part of your router. For the smooth functioning of your Asus router, you need to maintain the condition of these cables. 

If the cables of your Asus router are not looking in a good condition or if they seem to be causing any problems, then disconnect them and plug in again. In case your Asus router still does not work, you can be sure that the cables are faulty. Replacing them will be the best solution in such a case. 

Fix 3: Update Wifi Driver for Asus Router

When was the last time that you updated the wifi driver for your Asus router? The laptop or computer that you are using needs to have the latest wifi driver. An out of date driver for the wifi may give rise to problems like the issue of your Asus router 5G not working. 

Updating your wifi driver can fix this issue with great speed. Here, we have shown how you can update this driver for your router in just 8 steps. 

1. Turn on your Windows laptop or computer.

2. On the “Home” page, right-click on the icon of “Computer” on your screen.

3. Choose “Properties” from the list of options available.

4. Choose “Device Manager” from the “Properties”.

Device Manager - asus router login not working

5. The fifth step is to update your “Wifi” or “Network” driver.

6. In case your Asus router does not work even after updating it, uninstall your existing driver.

7. Now, install a new “Wifi” or “Network” driver.

8. Connect to your wifi again to check whether or not your Asus router is now working.

Fix 4: Hard Reset Your Wireless Asus Router

To resolve the Asus router 5ghz not working error, a hard reset will also work well. We have provided the detailed steps of this fix below. Before administering this fix, reading all these steps carefully will be highly suggested.

1. With the help of a pointed pen or a pin, press the “Reset” button of your Asus router. Hold the button with the pen or pin for 10 to 15 seconds.

2. Now, the power indicator will start flashing, indicating that the reset has been successful.

3. For the hard reset, the power light will turn on after a few minutes along with 3 other lights (2.4GHz, 5GHz, and Internet lights).

4. Connect your laptop or computer to your wireless Asus router.

5. Now, the router setup page will be shown automatically

Note: In case the router setup page does not show on its own, then you can open it manually. For this, open your system’s browser. Then visit “”.

6. You may be asked to log in. Use the default username “admin”. Then enter the default password “admin”.

7. Now, press the “Go” button to continue with the setup.

8. In this step, you will be required to create a new password for the router administrator. 

Note: On the off chance that you forget your router administrator password newly created by you, the only way to log in then will be by hard resetting your Asus wireless router and then setting up a new password again. 

9. Press “Next.

10. Open the “Wireless Setting” page.

11. For 2.4Ghz as well as 5Ghz, enter the “Network Name (SSID)” along with the “Network Key Password”.

Pro Tip: For both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz, avoid setting the same “Network Name”. In case of the “Network Key Password”, you can use the same for each of these.

12. When the name, as well as the key, has been set, a message confirming the same will be shown on your screen.

13. The wireless client may get disconnected. You can change the settings for the same to connect it again.

The procedure to hard reset your wireless Asus router is now complete. It will start to work now. 

Fix 5: Set up Your Asus Wireless Router

The problem of the Asus router not working can occur on a wired device as well as wireless device. Setting up your Asus wireless router correctly is one way of mending this problem. Let us now read the 15 steps of this fix for the Asus wireless router not working problem. 

1. To begin with, unplug the Internet cable from the modem.

Internet cable - asus router 5g not working

2. Now, plug the router in the “wan” port.

3. Observe the back of your “OS” and then locate the 4 “LAN” port.

4. Once you see the 4 “LAN” port, you can plug in the cable that must have come along with your router.

5. Next, turn on the router.

6. Then wait for a while.

7. Open your web browser and type “” in the URL bar. The press “Enter”.

8. Provide your “Username” and “Password” when you are prompted to do so. 

9. After logging in, just make sure that all the devices are properly connected. Then press “Next”.

10. Choose the “Set Everything Automatically” option. Then press “Ok”.

11. Enter the “Username” and “Password” (received from your ISP) to connect to the Internet.

12. Choose “WAN” and enter the settings.

13. Ensure that the connection type has been set to “PPPoE”

14. The “Username” and “Password” provided by your Internet service provider needs to be entered now.

15. Click on “Apply” and wait for a while. 

Now, you may browse anything so that you are sure that the connection is now available. Also, set a password in order to secure your wi-fi connection 

How to Secure Asus Wireless Router?

The problem of the Asus router wifi not working can be easily resolved with the fixes given above. Do you also know how to prevent this problem? Securing your Asus wireless router is one sure way of preventing this problem. Learn the 14 steps to secure your Asus wireless router in this section. 

1. Choose the option of “Wireless”.

2. Select the “SSID Name”

3. Ensure that the “Wireless Mode” has been turned to “Auto”.

4. Ensure that the “Channel” is turned to “Auto”.

5. Select the “Authentication Method” as “wpa2-personal”.

6. Now, you will have to enter the “Password”.

7. Click on “Apply”.

8. Once you have executed the aforementioned steps, your wireless router will be secured.

9. To secure the settings made you will have to save them.

10. If you want that only you can change the settings, then you can click on “Administration” and then go to the “Advanced Settings”.

11. Then click on “System”. 

12. Now, enter the “Password” and click on “Apply”.

13. Choose the option of “Reboot” on the top-right corner.

14. Lastly, wait for a while until the Asus router reboots.

When the rebooting is complete, your router will become secure. The Asus wireless router failing to work will not be seen anymore. You can also secure your Asus wired router. This will prevent the Asus router wired connection not working problem as well. 

Now We Conclude

When the problem of your Asus router WAN port not working occurs the next time, you will not be clueless as to how you should resolve it. Do you think this blog can help others too? If yes, do share it with your friends! 

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