How To Setup Bios Asus Laptop

How To Setup Bios Asus Laptop

Since with every other ASUS motherboard, the Sabertooth X58 uses a changed AMI BIOS layout configuring it accurately is very essential. Of course, with all ASUS products, the place to be is the AI Tweaker page. You can adjust timings and sub-timings to squeeze the utmost out of the memory you are utilizing. ASUS often uses it on their motherboards and typically comprises of the abundance of overclocking settings. Asus Sabertooth X58 Bios Setup splash screen on the post is identical to the front of the Asus motherboard box art with few clicks.

  • The Voltage administers on the Asus Sabertooth are detailed with reference DRAM voltages cracked down into channels. The additional voltage controls are convenient to assists confirming stability during the board subsystems.
  • The Advanced CPU Settings page allows you disable or enable pre-fetch, Hyper-Threading, virtualization, and C-States. That preceding item can enhance performance in the single-threaded program when it is disabled.  
  • The power administration pages are always remarkable on ASUS motherboards; if for no other purpose than the settings and fan profiles.
  • The Case fan header has the selection of Standard, Turbo, and Silent while the CPU has an additional option of setting manually the temperature inceptions and the speeds used when those levels are extended.
  • It took us less time to get the Asus Sabertooth run at 4.3GHz. However, there is some problem that runs over the speed to address before the time.

Setting up Asus Sabertooth from Within BIOS


  • Restart your system.
  • Go to Start 
  • Go to the power icon and click Restart.


  • If your system is locked, press the lock screen, and then click the power icon corner and click Restart.


  • If your system is already off, turn your systems “On”.
  • Wait for the system startup screen to display: Once the startup screen displays, you have a limited window for the setup key.
  1. Press the setup key as soon as the system begins to restart.
  2. If you view “Press key to enter setup” or something identical to flash throughout the bottom of the window screen and then vanish, you have to restart the system again.
  • Press Repeatedly F2 to enter the setup:  
  1. You typically utilize the “F” keys to run the BIOS. These are at the topmost of the keyboard, however, you might have to discover and press the Fn key when pressing the “F” key.
  2. You can look at the system model’s manual or online support page to approve the system BIOS key.
  • Wait for the BIOS to load: After effectively hitting the setup key, the BIOS starts loading. This must take some moments once the loading is finished, the BIOS settings menu appears.
  1. If you cannot access the BIOS due to the locked out password or perform the next step.
  • Find the “Setup Defaults” choice: The location and wording of this choice differ for every diverse BIOS, however, it is typically called as “Factory Default”, “Reset to Default”, “Setup Defaults”, or somewhat alike.
  • Choose the “Load Setup Defaults” choice and press Enter: Make Use of the arrow keys to choose it and by pressing Enter it usually begins resetting the BIOS immediately.
  • Save your modification and authorize your choice: This often combines with the procedure of leaving a BIOS. Your system reboot automatically. If you require to modify your BIOS settings once the BIOS resets complete, you might require to reboot your system again and maintain the BIOS to alter them.

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