Fixing Gmail Not Working on iPhone, Android, S10, Outlook, Chrome, Firefox

Fixing Gmail Not Working on iPhone, Android, S10, Outlook, Chrome, Firefox

As you would know, Gmail is an important email service. When it stops working, it can be a big problem. You may stop receiving notifications for important emails. You may be unable to send or receive emails. You may not be able to view attachments or documents. 

To sort the problem of Gmail not working on iPhone, Android, S10, Outlook, Chrome, and Firefox, we can guide you with highly reliable fixes.

Here, you will be reading the fixes for the following.

Why is My Gmail Not Working?

Gmail may not be working on your computer, browser, or any device as a result of the following.

1. A faulty or slow internet could be the first cause.

2. Your device may not have enough storage space to run Gmail.

3. Your device may not have been enabled for Gmail.

4. IMAP for Gmail may have been turned off.

5. The setup of Gmail on your device may not have been properly done.

6. The date, time or other settings for Gmail may not be correct.

7. You may not have allowed permissions to Gmail on your phone.

How to Fix Gmail Not Working?

Issues like Gmail forwarding not working can arise when the internet is not working properly or your device has run out of storage. To fix such issues, you can try the following measures.

Fix 1: Check Your Internet Connection

There can be instances where Gmail might not work. Issues like Gmail notifications not working or failure in sending or receiving emails may be resulting because of a faulty internet connection. 

In these instances, the best solution will be to check your internet connection. If it is not working properly, then your internet service provider should be able to provide you with the needed assistance.

Fix 2: Ensure that Your Device has Storage Space

“My Gmail is not working. My internet connection is fine. What could be wrong?”

Gmail can be used on different devices. Whichever device you are using it on, you need to check that it has enough storage space for Gmail to function. Even when your internet connection is working, lack of storage space could be coming in its way.

How to Fix Gmail Not Working on iPhone?

iPhone users often report problems like Gmail Spam filter or Gmail SMTP not working. 4 fixes are available for mending such Gmail problems on your iPhone. These fixes include enabling your device, checking the device activity, turning on IMAP, and setting up your Gmail account again.

Fix 1: Enable Your Device Again

“Why is Gmail not working on my iPhone?” The reason for this could be that your device may not have been enabled. Enabling it will be an excellent solution. Learn how to enable your device for Gmail in 5 steps.

1. Run the web browser of your iPhone.

2. Open “” on the browser.

3. Logging into your account is the next step.

Note: If you are unable to sign in, then sign out of all other accounts. Now, try signing into your Gmail account.

4. In the “Address Bar” or “URL Bar” on the browser, open this link.


5. Now, click on “Continue”.

After clicking on “Continue”, you will receive the message “Account access enabled. Please try signing in to your Google account again from your new device or application.” Now, you can open the “Mail” app on your iPhone. Ensure you are signed in. Now, the error of Gmail not working on iPhone will be settled.

Fix 2: Check the Device Activity on Your iPhone

“Why is Gmail not working on My iPhone?” There is a possibility that something is wrong with the device activity on your iPhone. You can check the same and remove any bugs present with it. To learn how to check the device activity on your iPhone, you can take a look at the 10 steps given below.

check activity - gmail no on iphonet working

1. Open the website of “Gmail”.

2. Click on the link for “Go to the Mobile Gmail site”.

3. Next, tap on the link for “View Gmail in Desktop”. Below the “Settings” menu, you will find this link.

4. Click on your “Google Account”.

5. Now, tap on “Device Activity & Security Events”.

6. Scrolling below, you will find the submenu for “Recently Used Devices”. Here, you have to select “Review Devices”.

7. Then select your “iPhone”.

8. You may find information about the login recently made. You may also find the “Enable” button. Tap this button.

9. Now, launch the “Mail” app on your iPhone.

10. Finally, sign in to your account. It will work now.

Fix 3: Enable IMAP on Your iPhone

Here, we will show you how to enable IMAP on your iPhone for resolving any errors with Gmail. This can be done by executing 2 methods. Scroll down to go through these methods.

Method 1: Enable IMAP on Your iPhone with Laptop

If you have a laptop or desktop, then it can be used for enabling IMAP for your Gmail account. When this Gmail account is used on your iPhone, IMAP will be enabled for it. There are 7 steps for doing this.

1. The browser of your laptop or desktop needs to be launched.

2. Using the browser, you have to go to “”.

3. Signing into your account is the next step.

4. In the right corner on the top, select “Settings”. 

5. Then click on “Settings”.

6. Go to the tab for “Forwarding and POP/IMAP”.

7. Below, you will find “IMAP Access”. Here, you have to hit “Enable IMAP”.

Note: Doing so will get the IMAP enabled for Gmail. Then the “Mail” app on your iPhone will start working. You will face no Gmail app not working error.

Method 2: Enable IMAP on Your iPhone without Laptop

In the next method, a laptop or desktop will not be required. You can enable IMAP directly from your device in 9 steps.

1. Visit “” using your iPhone’s browser.

2. Sign in to your Gmail account.

3. Scroll down. Then click on the link for “Go to the Mobile Gmail Site”.

4. Click on “More” on the left.

5. At the page’s bottom, access the submenu for “View Gmail in”.

6. Click on “Desktop”.

7. Now, click on the “Settings” available in the menu bar on the top.

8. Go to the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” tab.

9. You will find “IMAP Access” as you scroll below. Here, you have to tap on “Enable IMAP.

The Gmail IMAP not working issue will now be settled.

Fix 4: Remove Gmail Account and Set up Again on Your iPhone

“My Gmail account is not working on my iPhone. Should I delete my Gmail account permanently or set up my account again to fix it?” 

Yes, set up it again. Removing your Gmail account and then setting it again on your device will be effective. You can take guidance for doing so from these steps. 

1. Open the “Settings” on your iPhone.

2. Click on “Passwords & Accounts”.

3. Click on the “Gmail Account” that belongs to you.

4. Now, select “Delete Account”.

5. Your Gmail account will have been removed now. To set it up once more on your device, click on “Passwords & Accounts”.

6. Now, press “Add Account”.

7. Choose “Google”.

8. Writing your “Gmail Address” is the eighth step.

9. Then click on “Next”.

10. Enter the “Password” for your Gmail account.

11. Press “Next”.

12. Ensure that “Mail”, “Contacts”, “Calendar” as well as “Notes” have been enabled. 

Following these steps, the problem of Gmail notifications not working on iPhone will be sorted. Follow the guide to import your contacts from Gmail account.

How to Fix Gmail Not Working on Android?

Are the Gmail desktop notifications not working on your Android device? Fix it in 4 ways. Scroll ahead to know the exact ways to fix this issue.

Fix 1: Check the Settings of In-app Notifications and System on Android

“Why are Gmail app notifications not working on my Android device?” This problem may have something to do with the settings. Use this 9-step fix to check them now.

1. Go to “Gmail” on your device.

2. Click on “Settings” from the menu.

3. Click on “General Settings”.

4. Select “Manage Notifications”.

gmail notifications not working android

5. See to it that all the options in “Manage Notifications” have been enabled.

6. Now, go to “Mail” on your device.

7. Check that the notifications have been enabled below the “Gmail Address”.

8. Start rebooting your device now. 

9. Lastly, check that the Gmail notifications not working Android error has been fixed.

Fix 2: Ensure Time & Date are Correctly Set on Android

Do you wonder “Why is Gmail not working today?” Did you set the correct date and time on your device? If the date and time are faulty, then the app may not correctly work or send you notifications. Check out these 5 steps to do the needful.

1. Access the “Settings” on your Android device.

2. Click on “System”.

3. Now, select “Date & Time”.

4. “Use Network-provided Time” needs to be enabled.

5. “Use Network-provided Time Zone” also needs to be enabled.

That is it. The moment you correctly set the date and time on your Android device, Gmail will start working as usual.

Fix 3: Ensure Permissions have been Provided for Gmail

For an error like Gmail attachments not working, lack of permissions could be the cause. Enabling the necessary permissions for Gmail is what you should do. Below, you can know how to do it.

1. Begin with opening the “Settings”.

2. Select “Apps”. 

3. Click on the “App Manager”. This option may also be mentioned as “All Apps” or “Manage Apps”.

4. Now, “Gmail” needs to be opened.

5. Click on “Permissions”. Here, you can provide the permissions that are necessary.

6. Return to the list of apps. Press the menu represented by 3 dots. 

7. Then click on “Default Apps”. Here, “Gmail” needs to be set as the email app by default.

Fix 4: Reset Your Gmail Account’s Password

“My Gmail password is not working on my Android.” You may have either forgotten it or you may not be entering it correctly. First, try to correctly write it. If that doesn’t work, then recover your Gmail password or you can reset it in 9 steps.

1. Open the browser.

2. Open the login page of Gmail.

3. Click on the “Need help” link.

4. Fill in your “Gmail ID”.

5. You will be asked to fill in the last password of Gmail which you remember. Fill it in and press “Continue”.

Note: If you do not remember the last password, then provide your alternate email address. Or you can provide your mobile number for recovery. Then press “Continue”.

7. You will receive a code. Write it in the box.

8. Click on “Submit”.

9. On your alternate email address or mobile number, you will get a code for verification. Use it for resetting your password.

How to Fix Gmail Account Not Working on Outlook?

When you run into troubles while using Gmail on Outlook, we will suggest you to execute 2 fixes. Both of these fixes can effectively resolve your problem. 

Fix 1: Enable IMAP for Gmail on Outlook

Do you know how to enable IMAP for troubleshooting Gmail issues on Outlook? This is not tough at all. For the simplest of steps, you can read here.

1. From your browser, access your “Gmail” account.

2. On the top-right, press the “Gear” icon.

3. In “Settings”, click on the tab of “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” tab.

4. You have to select “Enable IMAP”.

5. Check that the status displays “IMAP is Enabled”.

6. The changes made need to be saved.

Check whether the issue of Gmail not working in Outlook persists now.

Fix 2: Enable “Allow Less Secure Apps” Feature

“Why is my Gmail password not working in Outlook?” Any source of trouble from the less secure apps may be resulting in this. You can turn on the feature to allow them and hopefully your problem will be cleared. The steps for this are listed here.

1. Go to your “Google Account”.

2. Tap your “Profile Picture” on the top-right.

3. Pick “My Account”.

4. Then click on “Sign-in & Security”.

5. Next, click on “Connected Apps & Sites”.

6. Find the “Allow Less Secure Apps” feature.

7. The changes you made need to be saved now.

How to Fix Gmail not working in Chrome?

Why Gmail is not working today on Chrome? This may be the concern of many. To make it work on Chrome, you can use Gmail in the private window. You can also delete the cache as well as disable the extensions on your browser. 

Fix 1: Use Gmail in Private Window on Chrome

“Gmail is not working in Chrome. Can you guide me with the best solution?” The best solution for you will be to use Gmail in the private window on your browser. Learn how to use it in this window in a few steps.

1. When your system is on, click-open “Google Chrome”.

2. Tap “More” on the top-right.

3. Press the icon of “More”. This is a three-dot icon.

4. Click on “New Incognito Window”.

5. A new window will open. Use “Gmail” in this window. It should work.

Fix 2: Turn off Browser Extensions on Chrome

The Chrome Gmail not working problem can be removed by turning off the browser extensions. Then you can restart Chrome. Doing so will remove problems like Gmail not loading or loading slowly, not showing notifications, or not working properly.

Fix 3: Remove Cache & Cookies from Chrome

In multiple instances, when Gmail was not working on Chrome, removing the cache and cookies settled the problem. Let’s see if this can settle your problem as well. Below, you can find how to do it.

1. Opening “Google Chrome” is the beginning step.

2. Click on “More”. This will be available on the top-right.

3. Tap on “More Tools”.

4. Then choose the option of “Clear Browsing Data”.

5. Selecting a time range for removing the cache and cookies is the fifth step.

Note: If you wish to remove everything, then you can choose “All Time” in the time range.

6. Click on “Cookies and Other Site Data”.

7. Also, click on “Cached Images and Files”.

8. Now, tap on “Clear Data”.

The cache, as well as cookies, will be removed from Google Chrome. The issue of Gmail desktop notifications not working in Chrome will be fixed now.

How to Fix Apple Mail Gmail Not Working?

For this usual problem, you can apply 3 fixes. These range from changing the security settings to signing in as a test user. How to configure a Gmail on Apple mail?

Fix 1: Change the Security Settings for Gmail on Apple Mail

Changing security settings for Gmail is the best way to fix it. See how this is done.

1. Land on the “My Account” page of Google.

2. A menu will be visible on the left. In the menu, tap on “Security”.

3. A new page will be available for “Security.” Look for “Less Secure App Access”. Turn on the access to this.

4. Ensure the status of the mail. 

5. Now, ensure that Gmail is working on Apple Mail.

Fix 2: Setup Your Gmail Account Again on Apple Mail

In the second fix, we will suggest you remove your Gmail account from Apple Mail. When the account is removed, any account configuration traces will also get removed. Then you can set up your account again. Problems like Gmail forwarding or Gmail filters not working will be cleared.

Fix 3: Try Signing in as Test User for Gmail on Apple Mail

Gmail not working on Mac’s Apple Mail can be fixed by signing in as a test user. Know how this can be attempted below.

1. Go to the “System Preferences”.

2. Find “User and Groups”.

3. Make a new “Test” user now.

4. In this step, you have to sign out of your system.

5. Then sign in to your system again as the new “Test” user.

6. You may be asked to install apps. You can skip that and sign in to Apple Mail. 

How to Fix Gmail Not Working on Firefox?

Gmail not working on computer while using Firefox will be covered in the following sections. These sections will take you through 2 measures along with the steps.

Fix 1: Remove Cache & Cookies from Firefox

Is the Gmail https not working error constantly coming up on Firefox? Deleting the cache of this browser will help you to get rid of this error. This short procedure can be considered for it.

1. Click twice on the “Firefox” browser to open it.

2. In the tab for “URL”, write “about:preferences”.

3. Press “Enter”. The page of “Settings” will be available.

4. Click on “Privacy and Settings”.

5. As you scroll below, you will see “Cookies and Setting”.

6. Click on “Clear All Data”.

Now, the cookies and cache will be deleted. 

Fix 2: Run Firefox in Safe Mode

Gmail will smoothly work if you run it in the safe mode on Mozilla Firefox. If you are not familiar with using this mode, then here is a procedure to help you out. 

1. Open “Mozilla Firefox”.

2. Go to the “Menu” of the browser.

3. Click on “Options”.

4. Click on “General”.

5. In the new window, deselect “Hardware Acceleration”.

6. Now, completely close the browser.

7. Run “Mozilla Firefox” again.

8. Open “Gmail” and see if it smoothly works now.

Responsive email not working in Gmail should not be a problem now.

How to Fix Gmail Not Working on S10?

Learn to fix Gmail not working on S10 by performing the fixes mentioned below. In these fixes, you can learn to force stop it as well as sign in again. For all the steps, you can keep reading.

Fix 1: Force Stop Gmail on S10

When you force stop Gmail on your device, you can quickly troubleshoot various bugs that may be affecting its performance. Thus, Gmail will begin to work normally. See how you have to do it.

1. Tap on “Settings” on your S10.

2. Choose “Apps”.

3. Press the icon of three dots.

4. Now, select “Show System apps”.

5. Here, tap on “Settings”.

6. Now, choose “Force Stop”.

Fix 2: Sign in to Your Gmail Account Again on S10

To solve this error, you can also sign out of your Gmail account on S10. Then you can sign in again. For better clarity of doing this fix, we have mentioned the process here.

1. In the “Settings” of your device, tap “Accounts and Backup”.

2. Then tap on “Accounts”.

3. Now, tap on “Google Account”.

4. Choose your Gmail account and sign out of it. 

5. Sign in to your account again.


We hope this post helped you in fixing the problem and Gmail starts to work flawlessly now. With us, you can also learn how to setup a Gmail Account and how to find archived emails in Gmail. Click now to read.

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