How To Fix Epson Printer Error Code 031008

How To Fix Epson Printer Error Code 031008

Epson Printer Error 031008 is the most common error that you can come across while using the Epson machine. You may never have a second thought while considering a premium quality printer like Epson, in comparison no other printer can match its high standards.  

Epson workforce 4730 is one of the famous printers in the range but has a common error 031008 which is little problematic. Epson error code 031008 usually occurs due to improper insertion of the ink cartridges or the printheads.  Even dust accumulated in any of the printer components can be a cause of the error. You must have observed that this error occurs suddenly in the ongoing printing session. If you are still struggling with the Epson Printer Error Code 031008, then follow the guidelines below to fix the issue.

If in case you don’t amend your ink cartridge immediately when you see a low ink warning, it’ll result in faded printouts. When used with a new cartridge, your printer prepares the print head for the new cartridge, this process is also called as priming. The negative aspect to this is when from time to time the printer pushes too much ink and the surplus ink would spread all over the print head where it ends up jamming the nozzles.

If in case you don’t turn off your printer, and keep it on sleep mode the Ink dry up in the nozzles when you don’t make use of it on a regular basis. Turning off your triggers the machine to run a mini-cleaning cycle and helps the ink flowing all over again. As mentioned beforehand, ink dry up when unused.

Knowing the common causes of clogged printheads can help you take the necessary steps to prevent them from happening. As the old adage goes, prevention is always better than cure.

Steps To Fix Epson Printer Error 031008

1. The first thing that you need to configure is your ink cartridges. Main issues that persist is due to low ink cartridges, which is the major cause of printhead or print quality issues. Replace your ink to a new one or refill the cartridges to run smoothly on your print qualities.

2. After you open your printer grab your printhead and slide it to the left. Make sure you shut off your printer to avoid any shock or physical damage.

3. If you suspect your printhead is blocked, the first thing to do is print a nozzle check pattern to find out which colors are affected. Select Tools and then click on Print Quality report.

4. If there are any error messages that appear on print quality report those error messages are to be resolved. And then select OK.  

5. Next, select Settings in the menu and then click Ok.

6. Now choose tools and click Ok.

7. Now in the tools menu select “Clean Printhead” and then click OK.

It is the printer’s self-cleaning cycle and your printheads are automatically cleaned.  This clears most of the blockage and could be run twice or thrice for better results. This method resolves the issue 95%of the times. If you still cannot fix the printheads and the printer still displays an Epson error 031008 you need to replace the cartridges with a new one.  Or for any other issue call the Epson Support and follow the guidelines.

0 thoughts on “How To Fix Epson Printer Error Code 031008

  • Same here. 🙁

    Printer only weeks old.
    5 to 10 pages a day.
    New cartridges.
    Now 031006 Code with no way to access the menu.

    What a blunder 🙁
    ..even more after obviously so many problems for various people.

    Will never buy Epson again.

  • Cindy Middleton says:

    Has anyone found a solution to this problem> I also have an Epson 4720. Brand new ink cartridges have just been put in. I printed three pages and got error code 031008. Nothing I tried has worked.

  • Jimmy E Youngblood says:

    We bought a workforce pro 4720 2 years ago from best buy for her office . She works from home. It gets the code 031008. We went & bought all new cartridges, changed them out. That didn’t fix the problem. You would think the company would replace the machine or quit selling them. I bought a workforce 545 about 8 years ago & haven’t had any problem with it.

  • heather magnusson says:

    I have epson wf 3720 and it will turn on and immediately need to be turned off with error code 031008. The ink cartridges are new and properly installed.

  • Just got off the phone with the call center support in Manila and when I told them I had the error code, they immediately went to replacement mode. So within 3 to 5 business days, I should have a new printer. One major stipulation: I need to send the broken printer back within 7 days or they will charge me 119.99 dollars. It is now 10/18/2019.

  • Claudette White says:

    I have replaced all cartridges and it still says error code 031008. It will not allow me to go to the menu to do a clean head task.

  • Dean Patterson says:

    I have replaced all cartridges and it still says error code 031008. It will not allow me to go to the menu to do a clean head task.

  • I have replaced all cartridges and it still says error code 031008. It will not allow me to go to the menu to do a clean head task.

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