Solved: QuickBooks Multi-user Mode Not Working Error

Solved: QuickBooks Multi-user Mode Not Working Error

The multi-user mode of QuickBooks is a built-in feature of the software. Using this mode, several users can work on a certain company file of QuickBooks at once. This feature has been acknowledged for improving the productivity of the users. As you can realize, the multi user mode is very important. When it fails to work, the users may not be able to access the company file and their work may get hampered.

For troubleshooting the QuickBooks multi-user mode not working error, you will find great assistance here. We will assist you in learning the causes of and fixes for this problem to completely do away with it. The fixes provided here have been used by several QB users to remove this error. We believe that these fixes will help you as well.

To remove the error of QuickBooks multi-user mode not working on your system, we will be telling you about the main causes and the solutions for the same. To find out what more you will be reading here, you can scroll below.

Main Causes of the QuickBooks Multi-user Mode Not Working Error

There can be multiple causes which can be responsible for the QuickBooks multi-user mode error. The most common causes among these have been provided below.

1. The settings of the hosting may not have been correctly configured.

2. The company file of QuickBooks may not be getting opened by the server of the database.

3. In case your system’s antivirus is running or the firewall has been enabled, then the communication between the computers of the users may be getting prevented.

4. The QuickBooks software may not have been installed on your server.

5. The file permissions of Windows may not have been correctly set.

How to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Multi-user Mode Not Working Error?

It will be helpful to know that the QuickBooks multi-user error has often been experienced by several users of this software. These users relied on the fixes mentioned in this post for getting rid of the problem. Our fixes include checking the proper functioning of the QuickBooks services, accessing the Database Server Manager of the software, enabling QuickBooks to send data, etc. Additionally, we will show you how to use tools like the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool for settling the multi-user mode errors.

Fix 1: Access the Database Server Manager of QuickBooks

As you would know, the firewall can prevent the computers of users from communicating in some cases. This can lead to certain errors with the QB multi-user mode. Therefore, it may not be properly working. QuickBooks Database Server Manager can help you repair the firewall permissions. 

To access the QB Database Server Manager, you can head to the Start Menu and search for it. Once found, you can open it and initiate the scanning process.

1. On your system’s keyboard, hit the “Windows” key for viewing the “Start Menu”.

2. In the “Search Box” of the menu, write “QB Database Server Manager”.

3. The folder location will be visible. In case the folder location is not visible, you can browse it.

4. After locating the folder, press “Ok”.

5. Now, tap “Scan”.

When the scanning process is over, you can check if the multi-user mode is running as usual.

Fix 2: Ensure that QB Services are Functioning

QuickBooks services like the QBCFMonitorService and QuickBooksDBXX (where XX stands for the QB year) are crucial. On the server PC, these services need to be running. In an instance wherein these services stop running, you may face the problem of the QuickBooks multi-user not working. 

To check that these services of the QuickBooks software are running, you can read the 14 steps shown here.

1. Enter the “Start Menu” of your PC.

2. In the “Search Box”, write “services.msc”.

3. Now, press the “Enter” key.

4. The window of “Services” will get launched. In this window, look for the “QuickBooksDBXX” service. 

5. If you cannot view the “QuickBooksDBXX” service, check that the “Database Server Manager” has been installed on your server.

6. Also, check that on the workstation, the Database Server Manager of the year corresponding to that of the QuickBooks Desktop has been installed.

7. In case the program is running on your PC, see to it that, on the server, hosting has been turned on.

8. Next, click two times on the “QuickBooksDBXX” service.

9. Check that the “Startup Type” has been set to “Automatic”.

10. Ensure that the “Service” has been started or is running.

11. Switch to the “Recovery” tab.

12. Now, the ” QuickBooksDBXX” service has to be restarted for the 1st, 2nd, and future failures.

13. For “QBCFMonitorService”, repeat the steps from 1 to 12 in the same order.

14. Once the steps from 1 to 12 have been completed for “QBCFMonitorService”, use the multi-user mode for opening QuickBooks. This has to be done on all the computers of the users. The error should not occur.

Note for You: After performing the last step of the fix shown above, in case the multi-user mode still fails to work, it will be suggested that you check the “QuickBooksDBXX” service’s membership. Also, ensure that the service is included in the administrator group. Lastly, check that the required permissions have been provided.

Fix 3: Ensure QuickBooks is Sending Data

In a situation wherein the QB software fails to send data, the multi-user mode may not work. To check whether this is the cause and to remove it, you can do two things. Firstly, you can make changes to the settings of the antivirus software or firewall. In addition to that, you can run the testing of the file path. Below, you can get the details for performing these options.

Option 1: Change the Settings of the Antivirus Software or Firewall

The QuickBooks multi-user mode not working error may be arising if the software is unable to send data. For resolving this cause, you can prefer to change the firewall or antivirus software’s settings. In case the firewall is contributing to the problem, you can follow the manual approach to create certain exceptions. These exceptions can be made for the ports used by QuickBooks for the transmission of data. Likewise, if your system’s antivirus software is causing problems, then you can configure its settings. 

Option 2: Conduct the File Path’s Testing

For ensuring that the QB software is sending data, you can also conduct the testing of the file path. This will let you know whether the software is able to establish communication with the server. For conducting this test, you can enter the Ping (Servername) in Run. Then with the help of the UNC path, you can open your company file and check if the communication is happening. 

1. Open the “Run” dialog box on your system.

2. In “Run”, fill in the “Ping (Servername)”.

3. Then press “Enter”.

4. Utilize the “UNC” or “Universal Naming Convention” path via the user computer for accessing the server’s shared folder. 

5. With the help of the “Universal Naming Convention” path, head to the company file of QuickBooks.

Now, you will be able to know whether or not QuickBooks is communicating with your server.

Fix 4: Run the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool on Your Computer

The QuickBooks multi-user mode error can be resolved in the best way by utilizing the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool. You can run this tool from the tab of Company File Issues in the QuickBooks Tool Hub. As you run the tool, your company file will be scanned. In case the multi-user mode of the software is not working due to any bugs in the company file, the issues will be resolved.

Note for You: Prior to running the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool, please ensure that the QuickBooks Tool Hub has already been installed on your system. In case it has not been installed, then you can download the latest version of the Tool Hub and install it. 

1. On your PC, open the QuickBooks Tool Hub.

2. Go to the tab named “Company File Issues”.

3. Click on the “Run QuickBooks File Doctor” option.

Note for You: QuickBooks File Doctor tool may take a minute or so to open. You can wait till then. Due to some reason, if the tool doesn’t open at all, then you can look for the “QuickBooks Desktop File Doc” on your PC. You can manually open it.

4. Click on the dropdown option and choose the company file.

Note for You: In case you cannot find the company file, click on “Browse” and then locate it. 

5. Click on “Check Your File”.

6. Tap the “Continue” button.

7. You will be required to type in the admin password of QuickBooks.

8. After typing the password, press “Next”.

The QuickBooks File Doctor tool will take some time to scan the company file. Depending upon the size of the file, the time needed to scan it will vary. When the scanning process is over, access the QB software. Then open the company file. Ensure that the multi-user mode is working without any errors.

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Fix 5: Check the Host Mode on All the Computers

On the user computers, if the host mode is on, then the multi-user mode may not be working. You can turn off this mode for using the multi-user mode without any problems or interruptions. To turn off the mode, you can open Utilities from the File menu of QB. You will have to turn off this mode on every user computer for resolving the problem.

Now, let us go through the following 5 steps for correctly executing this solution.

1. Launch “QuickBooks” on any user computer.

2. Enter the “File” menu.

3. Tap the “Utilities” option.

4. Ensure whether you can see “Host Multi-user Access” on the visible list. If this option can be seen, then that means the company file is not being hosted by this PC.

5. Now, on the next user computer, check if you can see “Stop Host Multi-user Access” on the list. If it is seen, choose it for disabling the hosting. Doing so will also turn on the single-user mode of QuickBooks. 

You need to perform the steps given above on all the user computers. Make sure that the hosting mode has been turned off on each one of them. After the same is done, you can check whether the QuickBooks multi-user error is persisting.

Fix 6: Make a New Folder for the QuickBooks Company File

The users of QuickBooks can also choose to make a new folder for the QuickBooks company file on their hosting PC. Doing so can help in removing the QuickBooks multi-user mode error. Also, it should be ensured that the new folder has been provided with the necessary access permissions of Windows. These permissions will be necessary for the sharing of the QB company files. 

The users also need to place a copy of the file in the newly made folder. If this file is getting opened in the multi-user mode, then the error will have been repaired.

Final Words

The multi-user mode of the QB software is used by many for making their work easier. Causes like problems with the configuration settings of the hosting can often cause the multi-user mode to not work or work with glitches. We hope that every piece of information mentioned in this blog has helped you in understanding and settling the multi-user mode error. By now, you would have been able to get rid of this error on your system.

We have also prepared additional helpful readings for you. Explore with us different ways to eliminate QuickBooks display issues if at all they are affecting your computer. Also, go through the fixes for quickly troubleshooting the QuickBooks web connector error.

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