Asus Laptop Bios Keys For Different Models

Asus Laptop Bios Keys For Different Models

It does not matter whether you are using a computer or a laptop, the BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) is the very first thing that launches as soon as the OS starts. 

It is responsible for the smooth functioning of the rest of the things and lets your computer know which operating system has to be started. It is because of the Laptop BIOS that it becomes challenging for hackers to hack your system as it acts as the last level of defence. 

Different Asus Bios Keys With Their Use –

In case you are looking for Asus bios key then you are on the right page. Here you will get easy and step by step guide for this. The below-mentioned solutions are quick. 

Tabulation of USB Flash Drive Boot References are listed below for an easier use:


AsuslaptopVivoBook f200ca, f202e, q200e, s200e, s400ca, s500ca, u38n, v500ca, v550ca, v551, x200ca, x202e, x550ca, z202eEsc

AsuslaptopN550JV, N750JV, N550LF, Rog g750jh, Rog g750jw, Rog g750jxEscDisable “Secure Boot Control” and “Fast Boot” to boot from MBR formatted media
AsuslaptopZenbook Infinity ux301, Infinity ux301la, Prime ux31a, Prime ux32vd, R509C, Taichi 21, Touch u500vz, Transformer Book TX30EscDisable “Secure Boot Control” and “Fast Boot” to boot from MBR formatted media.
Asusnotebookk25f, k35e, k34u, k35u, k43u, k46cb, k52f, k53e, k55a, k60ij, k70ab, k72f, k73e, k73s, k84l, k93sm, k93sv, k95vb, k501, k601, R503C, x32a, x35u, x54c, x61g, x64c, x64v, x75a, x83v, x83vb, x90, x93sv, x95gl, x101ch, x102ba, x200ca, x202e, x301a, x401a, x401u, x501a, x502c, x750ja, x551ca, a320m, x551ca, x553m, x55uF8

AsusnetbookEee PC 1015, 1025cEsc
Boot Tab, Boot Device Priority, 1st Boot Device, Removable Device, F10F2

How to enter the Asus Laptop Setup Bios Key?

  • Press the Shift key
  • Switch off the computer
  • Press the F2 button
  • Click on the power button
  • Press the F2 key until the BIOS screen appears
  • You will be able to witness the BIOS configuration

How to Get Asus UEFI Boot from USB in Windows 10? 

Follow the steps mentioned below for Asus bios key windows 10:

Asus UEFI Boot from USB - Asus laptop bios key
  • Start the Windows 10 Asus Computer 
  • Now press F2 key after the boot screen appears
  • Once you enter the BIOS interface you will have to make a selection on the option of Boot Menu or you may also press the F8 key 
  • You will have to select the option of your USB 
  • After executing these steps you will have to press the F10 key to save the changes otherwise it all be lost

Asus Laptop Bios Key For Windows 7:

  • To begin with, you will have to enter the BIOS configuration of your Asus laptop
  • You must press the F2 key for a while and press the power button along with that. Keep in mind that you do not have to release the F2 key until you witness the BIOS screen
pressing the F2 key -asus laptop bios key
  • Make a selection on the option of Boot 
  • Now select the “Boot option 1” and select the exact device along 
Boot Option - asus laptop bios setup key
  • Now go to the configuration “Boot option 2” while selecting the proper device along 
Boot option 2 - asus laptop bios menu key
  • Make a selection on the option “Save changes and exit” 
Save Changes and Exit -asus laptop bios setup key
  • After this, your system will be able to boot automatically
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