How To Boot Asus Laptop From USB

How To Boot Asus Laptop From USB

The Asus laptops are the most acclaimed laptops in the market by the customers. Once you have your hands on it you will experience a smooth functioning device. Just like any other machinery or device, users find some of the other processes challenging to execute. The same goes for the Asus laptop. Some of the users do not know how to boot Asus from USB. In this article, you will learn to boot Asus from USB. 

Guide for Asus Laptop Boot From USB:

Solution 1. -Boot Asus Laptop by using the USB drive:

  • Firstly, start by turning ON your Asus laptop
  • Login to your Asus laptop as normal
  • Once you have turned your laptop On, you may connect the bootable USB to the laptop
USB drive- Asus boot from usb
  • Now you have to press the ESC key on your keyboard for approximately 5 to 10 times
  • Executing the aforementioned step will open the boot menu
  • In the boot menu option, you will be able to spot another option that says “Enter Setup” 
  • Make a selection on “Enter Setup”
  • Press “Enter”
  • After hitting the Enter key you will be in the ASUS Bios Setup 
  • Now click on the right arrow key as this will take you Advanced tab
  • Once you are in the Advanced tab you have to make a selection on the “USB Configuration” 
  • Now make a selection on “XHCI Pre-Boot Mode”
  • After hitting the “XHCI Pre-Boot Mode” just disable it
Bios setup- Asus laptop boot from usb
  • Next, you have to make a selection on the Security Tab
  • In the Security tab, select the “Secure Boot Control” and disable it
  • After disabling the Secure Boot Control you will have to enable the option of “Launch CSM” in the boot tab itself
Secure Boot Control- Asus bios boot from usb
  • In order to enable the Launch CSM, you need to press the F10 key
  • After this, save the configuration by hitting on the “YES” option 
  • Now exit 
  • You will have to enter the Bios setup for which you must press the ESC key for at least five to ten times
  • Once you are in the Boot tab, you will see that the Launch CSM option is available. 
  • Enable the Launch CSM option once more 
  • To save the procedure, press F10 and exit afterwards
  • Open the Boot menu once again and to do so press the F10 key for 5 to 10 times
Please select boot device- asus e402s boot from usb
  • After the execution of the aforementioned steps, you will unlock the Boot option for your Asus laptop. 
  • Just install the Windows by using the Bootable USB drive
  • You can also use the internal DVD drive

Solution No. 2 – Asus Bios Boot From USB By using the Ninjastik:

In case you are using the Ninjastik USB for booting the Asus laptop then you can do the following steps:

  • Firstly turn off the Operation System 
  • Now just unplug the Ninjatik from the system 
  • After this, turn ON your system 
  • Once the system starts, you will be able to witness a black screen. 
  • On the black screen observe the message that says “Press _ for setup” or “Press _ to enter the setup”
  • When you are using the Asus laptop, it will be DEL or F2 
  • Now click on the option of BOOT by using the cursor key
  • Make sure that the UEFL settings have been switched to Disabled
  • It can also be switched to Bios or Legacy mode
Legacy mode- Asus boot from usb windows 10
  • Now you just have to update the option of Boot 
  • This step will help you include the USB
  • Now make sure to Save before exiting
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