How To Fix HP Printer Fuser Error

hp 50.2 fuser error

Before making you aware of the HP 50.2 fuser error, let’s understand what is a fuser unit on a printer? Fuser unit or fuser assembly is one of the critical components in any laser printer. With the exposure of enough heat and pressure, it helps blend the toner or ink powder onto the page that creates a print. With the frequent printing, it causes the wear and tear of the fuser unit. Any HP laser printer will indicate via the control panel’s display that it is time to change the fuser.

While encountering this HP printer fuser error, any user could encounter different types of error codes. The below mentioned error codes are all related to fuser issues. Let’s understand what these error codes signify:

HP 50.1 fuser error – Low fuser temperature of thermistor (TH1)

HP 50.2 fuser error – Fuser warm-up service

HP 50.3 fuser error – High fuser temperature of thermistor (TH1)

HP 50.4 fuser error – Drive circuit failure

HP 50.6 fuser error – Low fuser temperature of thermistor (TH2)

HP 50.8 fuser error – High fuser temperature of thermistor (TH2)

HP 50.9 fuser error – Wrong model fuser installed in the printer

Why does 50.3 fuser error on HP printers occur?

Any page inside the printer passes by the fuser unit. In layman’s terms, a fuser is a pair of heated rollers. When the paper passes through the rollers, it creates enough heat that melts the ink powder on the paper. The fuser rolls out the paper to the output tray. You must have noticed that the pages that come out of the printer are always hot. The temperature of the fuser always remains high but it is the thermostat built that prevents the paper from burning. Depending on the design of the printer, the life of the fuser unit is between 50,000 to 200,000 pages. 

The following cause HP 50.2 fuser error:

  • Sudden rise in the temperature of the printer that damages the fuser assembly.
  • While printing a file that is not supported by your printer or not compatible.
  • When something went wrong with the power circuit of the printer.
  • When your operating system is reeling with a corrupt registry.

What are the solutions to fix HP printer fuser error?

To deal with the HP 50.2 fuser error or any fuser error, you can do the following without burning a hole in your pocket.

Solution 1

Restart the Printer 

Restarting the printer is one of the best solutions to get rid of HP 50.2 Fuser Error, which occurs when a heat issue occurs inside the printer. It affects the functionality of the printer. In such a case, do the following :

hp 50.2 fuser error
  • Turn off the printer and unplug all the cable associated with it.
  • Wait for at least five minutes and then attach all the cables
  • Turn on the printer now.

Rebooting your printing device actually helps normalise the temperature and allows the fuser to reset itself. After that, if your printer’s screen still displays ‘HP 50.2 fuser error’ message, it is time to replace the printer’s fuser.

Solution 2

Reset the Fuser

At times, resetting the fuser also solves the problem of HP printer fuser error. Try out these steps:

  • Turn off your printer and detach all the cords attached to it.
  •  Wait for at least a minute and open the exterior lid of the printer.
  • Slide-out the fuser to take out from the printer. Wait for the fuser to cool down before taking it out. 
  • Check to confirm if any paper is stuck inside the fuser. If it is, eliminate it.
  • Also, clean any clogged ink around the fuser unit area to ensure better functionality of the printer.
  • Insert the fuser back to the printer. Gently rock the fuser and forth to see if it is placed correctly to its slot.
  • Close the door and attach all the cables with the system.
  • Turn on the printer and wait for the printer to remain idle and silent.

If your printer still continues to experience HP 50.2 fuser error, then try to alter with a new fuser assembly to avoid any further damage to your HP printer.

Solution 3

Check to see the Power Source

One of the reasons when HP printer fuser error occurs is due to a broken or loose power cord that makes the unsteady transmission of power that could result in power circuit failure. In addition, any plug associated with the printer is different from any other device’s plug. It is because the printer’s plug transmits a high range of power to the device. 

If the above-mentioned solution would not work, to buy a new fuser kit. Check to see if one of your HP printing models falls in this list, which is facing HP printer fuser error. Here are some models for your reference, where we help you with all the assistance.

HP Color Laserjet 2840HP Color Laserjet 3600nHP Color Laserjet 3600HP Color Laserjet 3600dnHP Officejet Pro 8100
HP Laserjet P3015HP Laserjet 4100HP Laserjet 4250HP Laserjet 4350HP Laserjet Pro M402dn
HP Laserjet Enterprise 600 M601HP Laserjet Pro M402dneHP Laserjet 5100tnHP Laserjet 5200HP Laserjet M1005
HP Laserjet 8150HP Laserjet 8150dnHP Laserjet Pro 400HP Laserjet Pro 200HP Laserjet Pro 400

Also, before making any replacement with a fuser assembly, always consult with us and the chances are we might provide you with an alternate solution that may not require you to purchase a new kit. You can approach them over the phone. Also, our chat helpline is also another platform where you can consult with our technical team. There are chances that your printer may be facing a different error than the fuser issue. For instance, it could be HP printer says out of paper or HP printer cartridge error.

Give us a chance to serve you, as our job is not just about saving your every penny but also empowering you while providing all relevant information about all the printer related issues.

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